Dec 31, 2013

The Most Memorable Day of 2013 - 22 Dec 13

Every day is good day in year 2013. But this is the most memorable day of 2013.

In my previous post, it was predicted that December will be a romantic month for me. And of course it is romantic.

On 22.12.2013, it is my friend’s wedding and I am one on the ‘sisters’ guarding the bride. It was a special wedding.

Soon it will be flower tossing event by the bride. I chatted with my friends about how effective is the flower tossing. A friend gets married following year after she gets the flower tossed by the bride.

Now it is flower tossing event, suddenly I realized I am standing at a strategic location. Potentially my head will get hit by the flower. I am preparing emotionally and physically protect my head from getting hit.


In just a sec, the flower fell at my side and I extended my arm to grab the flower. My grip was not tight and the flower flew straight to the lady behind me. Straight to her arm.

As I touched the flower 1st, so the flower is consider mine.

What can be happier than getting the flower?

Dec 26, 2013

Flying with Hamsap uncle

He is an uncle because he is almost my dad's age, around 50.

Once I sat on my sit on a MASWing, he started talk to me and screening me with his eyes.

Asked about my marital status.

Complementing my fair skin. Even asked how I get my fair skin.
I just said I showered in mud (lumpur) at Pulau Sapi.
Not at Kuala Lumpur.

He even kept saying I must be good in lying to man.

I did lied to him by claiming to be married.

Dec 7, 2013

Office atmosphere

I missed my job in university. In a dept we have many divisions, but all are very helpful. You can consult anyone of them when you need help. They will be willing to help or suggest where to find help. If there is any attack from outside, we will stand together to defend our dept together.

Now in present job, i can only say it is ......................... Nothing to say.
Atmosphere of office is not healthy. It is like going to a field full of mines trap daily. Be careful of your steps or you will be bomb to pisces. It will be a gruesome scene. When someone in trouble, another one will cry in joy. Be careful of your back. It is like wearing a bullet proof and steel net vest to office. 'semua main sendiri' quoted from someone.

If one day boss want someone to be sacrifice item for the company benefit. Company will prosper with the sacrifice.
In uni, all will stand defending each other and not let anyone to be sacrifice.
In current office, everyone will start pushing each other into the sacrifice pot.

Nov 30, 2013

Piggy in Year Snake. What about year Horse?

Let's be superstitious!

As usual, at the end of the year, we all will be looking forward what to expect in the next year. The question is how do we know which prediction is accurate? By scratching my logical thinking, if prediction of current year is quite accurate, logically prediction for coming year will be quite accurate as well.

So I found a prediction which is quite accurate for me in year 2013.
Words marked in red are related to my life in 2013.

Career: Pig and Snake have fighting relationship. This is the sign of disagreement or argument. That means the career path is not smooth and stable. There is a Travel Star appearing in the year of Snake. The Travel Star implies the busy schedule of your job position. So Pig people might have more workload than before. They might have to work extra hours or have to work out of town. A new job assignment required traveling or relocation are  possible. If you complain it, then you won't be happy during working hours or someone else will take over your responsibility. Either you change a new boss or new company, the new position still keep you busy. The most important is that you need to be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, the poor people relationship in the office will become an obstacle in your career development. Keeping a low profile is the key to have a peaceful career in 2013.

Ghostynana's comment:
I changed job which required me to move to another town. Relationship in office is tough. Almost try to disappear in profile to avoid conflict.

Money: Snake contains Fire, which is related to money to Pig people. Since Pig and Snake have fighting relationship. Pig people need to fight to earn the money into the pocket. Therefore, the money opportunity is there. It required the brain power, energy and time to win the money. In order to earn money easily, Pig people might ask friends to help. As a result, either Pig People need to share income with friends or most of money go to friend's pocket. if Pig people have dispute over the money with their friends. then they will ruin the good friendship. Pig people have better looking for well-known financial advice to do financial plan and money investment. As long as you are not greedy and not invest on risky business, you will bring in a satisfied income in 2013.

Ghostynana's comment:
Money does not comes easy and asked for a bank for help. hahaha

Love: There is no Romantic Star appearing in this Snake year. The social relationship is poor this year. Pig people shouldn't expect a good result in love relationship. The Travel Star in 2013 sometimes create a chance to trigger a good relationship. If you are single and looking for love, then you should spend more time for social activities. You might meet someone you like far away from your town. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can reserve more time for dating. If you are married, then you can plan for travel to enjoy your love relationship. In April, October and December, Pig people have better luck in love relationship.

Ghostynana's comment:
Better luck. looking forward to December.

Health: Pig people might need to consume lots of brain power for their work or people relationship. That's a sign for Pig people to lose their focus when they are alone. They should should pay attention the safety while driving on the road. They should reserve more time for enough rest and relax after work. If Pig people are too busy for their job, money or love, then they have to learn how to manage their schedule well. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career, wealth and relationship. 2013 is not a good year for Pig people. The simple way to have a better luck is to stay alert to prevent from accident and argument in the year of Snake.

Ghostynana's comment:
Self explained.

So I guess this website is quite accurate for me.

What about you?

Nov 15, 2013

November 2013

Oopss It is November.

November started nicely and with lots of rain.

Office still same.

People still same.

Let's start a plan with life and new life.

And start budget budget.

It is the end of year and budget seems to be very very tight.

Work life is also tight with work work work work.

November is a month when salary day seems to be very far far.

Hope no one send any big red bomb in next month.

Because I do not have enough money to fund the wedding dinner.

Oct 28, 2013

Life like candy crush

it is november

raining season

life is like playing candy crush

think and look around for exploding bomb before take any move

constantly stay in comfort zone (exploding candies) and forgot about exploding bomb

end up not passing the stage

stuck at stage 147 for couple of months now

are you addictive to me and forgot about your real life?

almost succumb into the addiction
 avoided the addiction by not requesting life from Facebook friends.

5 life is all I need to make me fall asleep. Anything more than 5 keep me awake.

It will be bad for working hours. Eyes will beg for a nap and mind will stop working.

It is life.

Oct 7, 2013

Romantic Bullshit

In Judith Mcnaught's novel, he always potrayed her heroin as educated lady which was very rare in old days. Hero will find ordinary ladies as boring subject. When he met her, who is different from other ladies, that is what attracted him to her. She is never a boring subject and always has some ideas in her mind.

I spent my 20s believing in this rubbish. What a rubbish!

Man actually prefer weak and simple ladies with no opinion or ambition. Or ladies who knows how to hide their cleverness, and pretend to be stupid.

Oct 3, 2013

Love is in the air

For some time now, I was too too busy till I did not update my news on my friends (a.k.a. stalking FB).

Suddenly so many get married, found boyfriend or girlfriend, getting engage, etc.

It is love in the air!

So happy that many found someone who love them. So romantic.

Congratulations to all!

Careful, it is contagious. Be prepared!

Oct 2, 2013

In forest reserve

Recently being in forest reserve for many many days, legs bitten by mos mos, badly scratched by me.

Being in the forest reserve does not mean I am staying in the forest. I stay in staff houses. The staff houses used to be logging house for logging contractors, so it is not in very nice condition and the company also built  some nice staff quarters.

There are phone line and internet service, but have limited coverage.

such a boring post.

Sep 9, 2013

Raining Memories

8 sept 2013, kk.

Raining since 1pm, it gets heavy at 6pm.

The rain reminds me of:
A. Biawak watching at corridor. The place we used to stay in sibu always flood. Now i think that place still always flood. When it floods, we kids will be standing in the corridor, watching out to dark looking for any movement in the water. We were looking for biawak. Big biawak. The bigger kids saw it. I didnt. I was 6 yrs old.

B. my mother driving through flooded Miri town. Miri town used to flood whenever rain. That day, we hung out at our new house during the day. We have not moved to the new house. I went the house with tv and legos. In the evening, we will carry the tv and legos to the car and start our journey back the the place we stay. The sound of water rushing at the bottom of the car as if it will make a hole at the bottom. We kept quiet at the back seat so mama can concentrate in driving, we of course were quiet because we are scare. Quietly i prayed that our car not broken down in the middle of the flooded road. I was around 11 years old.

C. Weird phenomena of rain only above a house.

Sep 6, 2013


oink oink krokh krokh.

A pig snort. the snort does not sound like oink oink. It sound like krohk krohk.

Jul 27, 2013

War in office 2

Now in the company, too many women in the office.

most women make decision based on emotion and feeling.
If you offended a woman, it is dead penalty for you.
you will go down no matter how nice you are.

I can only describe the office is like a high school class.
In high school, everyone formed their own group.
Everyone in the group will say yes to the group leader, will laugh at their leader's not funny joke.

A newcomer will become a hate target and not welcome in the class. There is an exception for boss' daughter.

I was so depressed when i first work here. They may smile in front of you, but stabbed you from behind.

but now it is much better.

Jul 26, 2013

War in office 1

Today discussion topic on Radio myfm is about war in office.

War in office is very scary, especially in big company. Internal war is not very healthy because we are colleagues, not enemies.

In my previous job with and international university, it is like war via email everyday. Even lecturers behave the same way. Out of nowhere, you will be accused of doing something.

There is one email I remember clearly. My HOD is on leave for few days, and one lecturer emailed my HOD asking from some information, which can be obtained from me. then the lecturer email me asking information for another thing, then give her and explain something. then suddenly she accused me of being inefficient because i didn't give information for the 1st email. Err, i did not get her 1st email. How to give the information when I have no idea.

Lecturer = Snobbish.

Not all lecturers behaved the same way. So far only her. I have no idea who is she.

There are many lecturers who help me when I have questions regarding the enrolment. It is important to reach understanding in working, because it involves all.

Even by reading emails, it is very depressed.

Jul 25, 2013

People related to forestry

Recently I attended an inception workshop organised by Sabah Forestry.  The agenda was related to a project by Sabah Forestry, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Before the meeting, I have no idea about the project and I do not know anyone who is going to attend the workshop. I assumed there will be many people with blazer and very international feel.

When I reached there, I chose a seat in the middle row and 2nd table from behind.I am lucky because a lady joined me.

I introduced myself to a lady from Irrigation System, and another one from HUTAN. so many people related to forest is there. Even have someone from sunbear conservation and WWF. Wow....

The workshop is not that formal. everyone seems to know everyone.

I make friends with people from Sabah Foresty.

notes to myself, I think I scared SM with my intensed eye to eye contact with him.
While he was walking to the stage, I handed out my hand for a hand shake. He stopped for a while and look at me. Then shake my hand. Oh my, if he refused my hand shake, will be very malu. hahaha

Sunbear very cute.

Jul 22, 2013

Free Hugs

I get this from 9GAG Singapore

In 2011, my big bro and youngest bro went to Taiwan for a holiday. My youngest brother is 18 years old back then, and my big bro is 13 years older. With an age gap of 13 years, of course they have different view and attitude of life. One is more conservative, and another is fun and carefree.

With different views, it is not fun if the two go to holiday together. So they went their separate ways for shopping in Taiwan. One go upper level, one go average level.
Then they go for coffee together. Suddenly my youngest bro excuse himself from the table.

.....and back with pictures of him hugging Japanese girls, and many girls. He received free hugs from the huggers.

He sure not typical shy boy.

Jul 11, 2013

Crochet Cat

My new finished project.

Crochet cat

The ear is my own creation.

I started this project when I know my friend is coming from KL.
It is for her cute daughter.

It is colourful but it is a bit different from usual cat.

Jul 5, 2013

Cookies Road

I can only described the road to my house is like cookies.

Once soak in water for more than 1 hour, it will softened and dissolved.

After water subdued, big round holes will appear.

When someone filled the hole with what I believed is hardened cream. Because it will once again dissolved when it is soak in water.

My car is suffering after bumping into the holes because the driver (me) did not see the hole.

Jun 25, 2013

Reporter - interviewee

In the news, the reporter always ask opinion from the public.

Very often, the public will thanks the government for providing the thing. Many times thanks the Prime Minister for having such plan.

Words which they used usually are very bombastic, which common people will only used in composing essay.

Last night, there is one interviewee make it is hard to believe the her sincerity. The topic is about online education. The student is very sad that she cannot go to the school due to haze. And she can still study from home by using this online study.

I do not know is it possible for a student to be sad because no school.
For me, I will be super happy because no school.

I believe you have to prepare before being interview. Or else you will be arr err eee hmmnnn.

If you received something from the government, tax payers won't mind you thanking tax payer as well. hehehe..

Jun 18, 2013

By Race or By Nation?

When you see few person from your neighborhood is helping your neighbor pushing his car, what is running in your mind?

A typical Malaysian will say, "people from different race come to help him, really 1Malaysia."

I will say this ignite the concept of racism.

An advertisement on the radio
When I was a young boy, I have Chinese friends, Malay friends, Indian friends.

I will say this young man was raised with elements of racism.

Some comment I read
I want to have many Chinese friends!

I will say We are MALAYSIAN, not Chinese!
Do you classified people around you by their race or skin colour?
As a young boy, do you remember your friends by their race or skin colour?
So you will not befriend someone which are from an unknown race or unknown skin colour?

The more emphasis on the race, the more racism we sound like.

May 18, 2013

UTM Mosque - Disneyland

This is the legendary mosque in UTM.

Stop and ponder about its legend.

It is our Disneyland.

At night time, the lights and its pointy tower is giving the ambiance of Disneyland.

I can say I saw Disneyland before.

May 17, 2013


Continuing from last post.

UTM also have many fruit trees around the campus.
One said that when you ran out of money, do not worry. Because you will not go hungry in UTM.

A long joyful walk around campus. 
When you are thirsty, just pick a coconut and try open it with your head.
and you can quench your thirst.

You might find coconut is hard to break,
No worry. 
As another option, you can find Chambu (Jambu) at your doorsteps.
Try throw a stone and use your umbrealla (upside down) to catch felling Chambus.

Thirst is now quench, but you may be malnourished.
At the backyard, you can pick some sawit fruit and boil it.
It have lots of vitamins, and keep you alive and healthy.

How can such a marvelous university does not have king of fruits!

Just have a walk up the slope towards the legendary mosque and helipad.
Be careful of falling durians!

May 15, 2013

Pig in UTM

Referring to the picture above, this scenario happen in the university I used to study for my degree.

University Technology Malaysia is a technology university but also have many livestock. I don't remember UTM offer any course related to animals or fruits.

In front of the main gate, there is a small hazardous roundabout. the roundabout caused many vehicle accident. I believe on of the accident involved a pig.

Talking about pig, you have to understand that Malaysia is a Muslim country. UTM is in Peninsular Malaysia, not easy to find pork, even harder to see a pig. Back in hometown in Sarawak (Malaysia state on Borneo Island), it is easy to find pork sold openly, and people have pigs in village. However, you can find pigs in UTM.

One afternoon, My friend and I was on our way home. When we near the roundabout, we saw a dead pig beside the road. My friend had a sudden urge to stop by the road to pick up the dead pig, and have a feast of pork at home.

I just laughed. HAHAHAHAHA. And it remained a sweet memory.

May 11, 2013

Exercise in Office

Due to recent election PRU13, the air is too tense.

Time to stretch stretch, and relax.... 

May 10, 2013

Eyeless Wingless Owl

Try to guess what is this...

I call this eyeless wingless owl.
Even without wings, the owl still can fly in my car.

My mum will say it is a fish.

I made this.

I trying to make that actually
( please refer below)

Apr 26, 2013

GE13 Malaysia

GE 13
13 is so inauspicious. The question is for whom? 

Which government is the most effective? 
The answer is temporary government, after Parliament dissolved on 3 April 2013. 

Why ler? 

Whenever after Parliament dissolved, the construction to improve road infrastructure will start and progressing smoothly. 
Villagers will get blue water tank. 
 Malaysian will get free gifts. Big people will come to visit you and smile to you. 
Police will caught many people who hit someone who try to remove flags. 
 All HOT news will be transparent, usually will be covered. 
 All have the freedom to voice out their hatred and love. 

 So who will you vote? 

 Don't try to answer. This question is a trap. 

 Conversation with an old man: 
 I : Datuk (granddad), later datuk will vote for which party? 
Datuk: I do not know. I will only know the moment I vote. 
 Wise as an old ginger.

Apr 22, 2013


My mirror dropped to the floor and broke itself.
My hairband broke.

Bad omen.

For a moment, I am superstitious.

Then I prayed for everyone I love.

Then I dropped my jade bracelet, it split into two.
My jade bracelet broke for all misfortune event.

It is a superstitious that whenever something bad happen, jade bracelet will broke to reduce the impact of the misfortune event.

Apr 15, 2013


I am a paranoid ghostynana.
I detest anyone who makes me scare by making louder noises than me.
I detest anyone who makes myself scare myself.

Quite weird right?

I like to watch horror movie but can be easily frightened over some little noise.
Tiny winy cupboard cracking sound can scare my heart out of my throat.

I need to relax
I have to start pleasuring myself
by writing
by swimming
by holiday
by having a hobby of knitting, baking, ....  ermmmmm

Mar 26, 2013

Meet me at age 5

1. Meet me, at age 5.
At 5, I am in kindergarden. My friend and i always talked about small people living in holes in wall. My cousins and I always talk about small people staying in the small shed at their backyard. ( My parents told me there was a dwarf staying inside the road, no wonder my cousins keep saying hv small people staying there) 

I have a friend (boy) who is my dancing partner for school performance. He is fair like me. Whenever we go to public swimming pool, always bump into him and his mother at swimming pool entrance.

My sibling always shower at front yard when my mother washing car or washing front yard. This is in Sibu. We have very bad boys as neighbor, now I heard have become bad man.

We always ride bicycle on the road. one time, many dogs chased after me when I was riding my 4 wheel bicycle. Then I quickly jump down from my bicycle. All the dogs quickly ran and jump onto my bicycle. (Keep your imagination wild and have a laugh)

Have a big drainage nearby, my grandpa used to throw dead chicken into the big drain.

My mother have a friend, and we always go to her house to have fun. The house is eerie. The house is from Japanese occupation. At the backyard, there is a house which is not completed. her house is wooden  and big. She have a small portable TV. In the kitchen, it is the most eerie place because the kitchen have a big smoke suction and always produced sound. When i am big girl, my mother told me the house is actually haunted.

that is what I still remember...

Mar 25, 2013

Gaya Street 2013

Last weekend, a group of Heng Hua Clan Association (Sing An Clan Association) came to KK from Miri. Of course my parents were of the group as well.

On last Sunday morning, we visited Gaya Street Open Market. Last time I been there was in March 2012, and took a photo of frog wallet. After a year, I am here again. The market is much bigger than last year. It is very crowded and taking photo seem to be an impossible task.

There are many stall selling big corals. I am interested in this starfish. Do you think it is real? I am sure the colour is fake, but not sure whether it is real or not. It is quite hard like hardened soil.

This is a handmade clock, covered with sand. One is with smooth sand, another one covered with rough sand. It looks like an interesting souvenir for a local guest. If your guest is a Chinese descendant, better not give a clock. It means funeral.... Song Zhong

Have a break, have a kit kat or a foot massage!

this is another fusion of handmade and factory made. Sure you cannot made a watch with your hand.

Is Sabah coffee is famous?
A maiden is only qualified to be a wife if she is good in making coffee. I do not mean by using a coffee maker.

I only know Tenom coffee is famous. Tenom coffee is nice because it is stir fry with dried coconut inside.

This is the fragrance section~~ Smell nice.

fui yooo... knife.


something eerie to end the post. This is dried lizard. It is crawling up your pants.

Mar 21, 2013


It is rare to be able to see an analog clock.
It is even rare to see an analog clock in a car driven by a pretty young lady.

tick tick tick...
movement of the second arm in an analog clock
as if beating with the rhythm of heartbeat
wonder when will it stop
how many will miss you when you stop moving your arm
tick tick tick

Mar 20, 2013

Nice Smell Part 2

I like nice smell but not too strong.

Perfume is like a wild cat, uncontrollable. Due to its unexpected nature of changes, it is not so pleasant for my delicate nose.

When I visited my friend in KL, 2011, I saw her using this, see below. But I didn't smell her.

2012, I meet the bottle at Singapore Changi airport. I get to try it. Fabulous! bought some bottles. My mother paid for them, so she gave me one. It is nice and certainly good for skin. my mum claim that her dark spot faded after she used it.

Now I am such a flirt.....

Mar 19, 2013

Nice smell Part 1

I have a sensitive nose. But not that sensitive until l can smell narcotic products in luggage or shoes.

If I smell a strong smell, my reaction is sneeze sneeze, headache, flowing nose, sneeze sneeze, unstoppable sneezing. I can only apply one product with fragrance at one time on my body. For example, if i apply leave-on hair conditioner, I cannot use perfume. Or else I would be having sneezing fit. So I am not really into perfume, I always go around perfume-less which is quite unladylike. this post is the journey of discovering the sensuality of nice smell.

I was inspire to buy my first perfume by a male ex-colleague. The discovery was quite weird. I was walking with him and suddenly I smell a nice smell which comes from him. So i asked him directly, you are wearing a nice perfume, what is the brand?

It sound like flirting, but I was not flirting. 
It does sound like spooky stalker, but I was not.

He said it is Hugo boss. That was how I made the first move to embrace to the perfume (please refer to the image below).

Believe it or not, I bought the perfume around 2008 and it is not finished by 2013. this shows how I not really using it.

There was a magical moment at the end of 2012. I sprayed some perfume at my neckline. Somehow it produce a very sensual smell when it mixed with my sweat. I almost fell in love with my smell.


Mar 14, 2013

Loving myself at 30

Have you notice my lack of appearance in blogsphere since last year?

Last year, there were so many changes and I had hard time settle down with so many changes.
I was terminated from my job in March, looking for job since March.
But I went to Singapore & Kota Kinabalu when i was unemployed.

Then I get a have a life in Miri. Go swimming, church meetings..

Then i moved to Kota Kinabalu. Truly alone but not forever alone. 1st time stay alone outside.... Big big girl in a big big world. i regretted the decision immediately that time because i am a mummy girl.

Now after 6 months only I am used to the living. the sign of I am used to it is I started to exercise on 12 March 2013. I start to go to church meetings. I am back in blogging.

Loving myself more at the age of 30. :)
That was the reason I glow in the picture i took yesterday, and of course with the help of effect from instagram....

14 March 2013
30 years and 6 days old

Mar 13, 2013

Don't I look cute?

Don't I look cute?

It is quite hard to deny that I get prettier as I get older.

Do you want to start vomit?

ahh.. guys.. always hard to accept the fact.

Joke aside, a friend of mine said I look like I am in love.
I am certainly in love.
I am in love with myself.

Every time I fell out of love, I love myself more.
As the result, I get prettier.

Hiek hiek hiek...(evil laugh)

Do you love my watch?
I don't really buy good watch for myself, because I always end up losing it.
But if it is a free gift, I don't lose it.
Weird theory, but it is a fact.
I got the watch with credit card points.

Mar 12, 2013

4 Ficus Tree on Bukit 50

Look at those ficus (pokok ara, usually related to paranormal activity a.k.a. ghost)....
Standing firm on a cleared land.

You would never thought that are story behind these four ficus.

The story begins with..

Once upon a time, there were 4 close friend in Sapulut. These 4 person is very witty and cunning. Whatever they do, there were always 4 of them together. One of their favourite hobby is stealing diesel from the camp.

Sepandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga....

One day, they were caught red redhanded.

The chief was so angry and put a curse on them. They shall be the supermarket for birds for as long as they are standing. They shall be the guardian of the forest which soon to be a rubber plantation. They shall be standing on bukit 50 and be the fear of people.


Now they are still standing tall on bukit 50 for people are afraid to chop them down. Because they are the legendary 4 ficus tree.

Mar 11, 2013

Sabah and Bakassi seems familiar

Recent war in Sabah remind me of an experience of mine in a far far away land.

I was in Cameroon, Africa, working in a siesmic survey company, a.k.a. oil exploration company.

Out location of work is Bakassi, near Nigeria. Peninsular Bakassi is known for their fight for independence from Cameroon. Before we left for Bakassi, we were warned that it is war zone, and we were not allowed to enter the area. US embassy even came to the jetty to persuade our HSE officer not to go to the area.

But due to our ignorance and our so called commitment to work, our barge tugged by 2 tugboat started the journey to Bakassi. Before we left the jetty, our barge and tugboats were equipped with soldiers.

Soldiers on board

Heading to Bakassi
Peaceful Sea
 When we arrived the location, it was so peaceful that we believed nothing will happen. but there are suspicious boat claimed to be fisherman approached us and ask question.

Sun start to set and we wished each other good night.

I stay alone in a big room. As the only lady on board, I was very cautious as usual, alert to any sounds and footsteps along the alley. Luggage in front of the door. I was woke up around 3am by footsteps walking fast on the alley and radio.

During the toolbox, only I now our tugboat was attacked by the rebels. Lucky no one was hurt. the moment I heart the news, I was so shocked. Then I go up to room, tears started to pour out like waterfall. After the cry, pull myself together and start to pack everything into my backpack, ready to evacuate from the barge.


Waiting for evacuation
 The evacuation process is a scary one. As most of the colleague is not experienced working on marine project, boat to boat transfer can be dangerous. Going down with a ladder and jump onto a small TZ boat, with the wave up and down , up and down. We evacuated to a chalet nearby after a long journey on a small boat.

The feeling of terror is back again. I can run away from Cameroon. But i cannot run away from Sabah. How I wish I can run away.....

Mar 9, 2013


I am officially 30 on 8 March 2013.

Happy birthday to me!

Happy Women's day!

This birthday is very memorable. Lahad datu attacked by Suluk terrorist. I ran away from KK to Miri. I cannot stand mind torment from all the news. Mind and emotional tormented.

Spend time with my friend in Miri with a nice cake.


Mar 8, 2013

Terrorist in Sabah

My current location is Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

As we know now Lahad Datu was attacked by Sulu Sultan. Now they are known as terrorist.

When i first know their existence in Lahad datu, i only know the photo of them posing with guns in Facebook. They were not that threatening, they were just some people with Malaysian Identity Card but are philipine descendent. They were a bunch of people who did not get land promised to them. And try to threatened our prime minister, ah jib kor. That was what i thought of them around late Jan and early Feb. The thought of them firing at us can be funny actually.

On 1st March, i was on a car traveling to Tawau from Sapulut camp, my colleague received a call informing him that the Sulu gang attacked Malaysia police force. 2 policemen was killed. Is it scary enough? Not that scary actually, because of our ignorance.

On 2 March, i was attending the company annual dinner in Tawau, enjoying the view of cute guys. Our police force was attacked in Semporna while they were checking a philipinos water village. 2 policemen was killed. Is it scary enough? No, we were not scared because we didnt know semporna is just 1 hour from Tawau, it is like Johor Bahru to Skudai. That night, we went to a karaoke, police came and told them to close. Then we went to another karaoke, they closed at midnight, which is early for karaoke. Then we went to eat supper. That was how brave we were. Today, 7 march i saw a news that 2 policemen who was killed at Semporna was found mutilated.

4 march, in KK. Received rumour that there were shooting at Sepanggar and 1Borneo. It is 30 mins from KK. Ppl in Kk were panic and moved away from that area. Ppl start to buy rice and stock. I was not panic because i sensed it is false rumour.

5 march. Cannot sleep well last night. Read news that malaysia drop bomb from the air but did not hit Sulu gang. This meant it hit somewhere have civilian... This news kind of freaked me up. My younger brother called me, asking me any war in KK, ask me fast fast go back to Miri if there is war. Why not!! I don't have to run only when war happen, i can run before war happen. I dont want to be alone when 'darurat' happen. I can go to auntie house in KK, but darurat means o cannot go out of my house or i will get shot. It means i will stuck alone. That was how i bought my ticket to Miri for the weekend. I bought return ticket, but i am not coming back if KK is in chaos. Anyway i can go back because Friday is my birthday and i dont hv to apply for leave to go home. Went to buy some canned food with auntie, enough for a week.

6 march, mind and emotional unstable. Mind is very disturb due to country and personal issue. Emotional unstable due to ovulation period. Forensic team in Lahad datu was attacked. No one was injured. My uncle is forensic team in lahad datu. Cant imagine how my auntie is feeling. Ask my mum to call her. I scare i will be in panic mode if i hear any more news. Also received a reliable news regarding something happen in KK.

7 march, my collegue who stay at Kinarut, told us that soldier told his family to stay inside the house. And there were some shooting happen near their area. News confirmed. Now only accept reliable news to avoid panic mode. Hope no more news.

Tomorrow i will turn 30. Another memorable birthday with so many thing happen. See you in Miri tomorrow night.

Feb 13, 2013

Chicken soup

Happy Chinese New Year!

Funny things happen during Chinese New Year.

As usual my mum is the chief cook in the kitchen. My role in the kitchen are to beat garlic, move around heavy wok and pots, stir stir whatever my mum put into the wok, obeying the law which is one kitchen one woman.

When my mum was going to cook 2nd pot of chicken soup, she went to the living room for a while, left me standing at the stove. It was so tempting to cook by myself. My hand get itchy and start to pour sesame oil into the hot wok. Put ginger and start to stir. In my memory I remember there is another ingredient. I saw there are garlic in a small plate near the sink, then I grab the plate and pour all the garlic into the wok, and start to stir. That moment my mum come into the kitchen. To her horror, she saw there are garlic in the wok. It was too late. So we proceed to put chicken pieces into the work, and stir stir. Pour some hot water around the chicken, let it boil for a while. then put all those ingredient into big pot of hot water.

During the dinner, I asked my brother in law, is it nice? He said nice. In my heart, I was thinking, he must have not taste the best. Putting in the garlic neutralise the taste of ginger, and it taste weird.

Dear all, you can try to cook chicken soup with ginger only and sesame oil.

all the best!

Feb 4, 2013

The fear for 30

I have full set of Friends series in my external hard disk, which I got from my friend.
Yesterday I was watching the episode where all girls reached their 30 and how they face it.
Rachel very frustrated, Monica get herself drunk and realised there is a secret party at her home, and Phoebe realised she lost a year because she found out that she is actually 31.

Is 30 that horrible? It can be horrible and not that horrible. 30 can be scary when you will think you will be a spinster forever. However 30 marked the line where I am fully qualified as a grown up. So funny as if I was not grown up. Officially grown up.

Stay not with family. stay with spiderman, cicakman, cockroachman.
cook for myself... 
Troubleshoot home appliances by myself.

Only one thing which I am worried from living by myself. It is that if I get used to be alone, I will fall in love to loneliness and alone forever. When you get used to silent environment and alone, somehow you can be annoy with any human presence in same house in future. 

Will i know how to bake at the age of 30? Now i have a stand mixer. It would be useful if I learn how to make carrot cake. My favorite.

Feb 3, 2013

Luck in Feb love month

2013 1st Day of Feb started great!

The company have annual dinner that night at Harbour Front Golf Club. The food was delicious. Especially sald and desert. It was buffet and no need to shy in eating. Can eat as much as you want, as long as your stomach can take. 1st time i eat a nice bread pudding.

Food is not the focus of the dinner. The lucky draw is. At the entrance, we were given 2 cards with number. One is for angpow draw, another is for lucky draw. Everyone gets angpow, the difference is how much you get. 1st round of angpow is rm350. Then 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 900, 1000. I got rm 600, above rm 500. So it is good.

2nd round is lucky draw. There are 40 gifts sponsored by various company. A mechanic shop even sponsored 2 car engine lubricant oil,cost rm 140 each. The most expensive gift is Eu Yan Sang hamper cost rm 950. And many many blenders. Beware that only 40 person are lucky to get the gifts. Yours truly is only of the lucky one! Hehe i got a stand mixer. Now i have to learn how to bake cake. Or i will use it to beat eggs when i want to cook omellete!

Feb is also Month of love. So much luck in the start of Feb, perhaps it is a sign i will have luck in my love life. Heheh

Jan 23, 2013


I am going to disclose something ugly of my life. Peace..

During elementary and high school, library is an eerie place full of molester. Library always have haunted toilet. Scary librarian because i always return the book after overdue. This is public library in Miri.

Then a new library open for education staff beside my school. I always go there through a small gate. The 1st book i read from that library is an iban book, buaya putih (white crocodile). Very interesting story book. From the book, i knew that crocodile make nest at riverbank. Very interesting Iban story.

Miri Public Library was very huge when i was in high school. When i went to UTM, i saw a large large huge huge library. Now Miri library seems like very small room.

UTM library does not allow people sleep in the library and no water bottle But whenever i go to library, i will start sleeping, drool and snore. Most of my books have stain of my saliva. For water bottle, never ever put water bottle on table. Put it on floor. Just in case librarian saw the water bottle, just made blank face and never claim you know your bottle.

Library is such a memory

Upside down house

Last weekend, my friend from miri came to visit me.

We went to Rumah terbalik (Upside down house) at Tamparuli, KK, Sabah.

I went there last year, 2012, and I went there again in 2013.
They renovated the house. Floor not slanted and does not feel like in an upside down house.

And they moved the car inside the gate, so no more free view of upside down house.
The house have big window pane, making the house brighter inside.

Quality of service have decreased greatly.

When I went there last year, there was a friendly guide introduced the house to us. There is a gong in front of the house. She explained if we hit it once, we are datuk, twice would be tan sri, bla bla. And she was with a smile.

This year, the guide is not smiling. She did not explained about the gong. She was not friendly at all.

Feb 2012 Vs Jan 2013. Any difference?