Jan 23, 2014

Cold and Rains

These few days have been raining and extremely cold days.

Water level of drains is high.

some place even have cases of crocodile crawling out from drain and lay on wall of house.


Jan 22, 2014

Rolling Stone

Rolling stone grow no moss.

Rolling stone only have rock and roll!!

Jan 2, 2014

Face to face or Virtual?

Nowadays people becomes lazy to chit chat face to face. People prefer chat via online. Even with people who is just beside you.

People do not like to talk with mouth, prefer to talk via chatting online.

What did you do yesterday?
Answer: please refer to my facebook.

What did you see in the zoo?
Answer: please refer to my facebook

What is your result?
Answer: please refer to my facebook

Lets talk to your facebook.