May 22, 2012

Round round or not?

So round......

Any change?

This is what i call late blossom

May 20, 2012


I wrote something

I offended someone

I am sorry

I would like to turn back the time.

Sorry because I said you are cute.

May 19, 2012


Sad to know that old blogger interface would be gone forever.

Why would I prefer the old one and refused embrace the new one?

  • Old one have distinctive colour and it make it easy to find each tab. New interface borders are not very clearly because of its colour. 
  • Too comfortable with the old interface. Changing is making me uncomfortable.
Uncomfortable invites fear. Fear of changing!

Heart would beat extremely faster than usual and can almost felt it throbbing on my head.
Throbbing on my head because I would have headache.

To let go, we have to face it.

To let down a bottle, we need to pick it up. Only then we can let it down.