Jan 8, 2017


Happy New Year! It is 2017.

2016 was full of unexpected event.

In 2015, I told myself I am not going to travel in 2017 because I need to save money. 


I travelled.... to.... Seoul and Jeju, Korea &

Mulu, Sarawak and Johor Bahru, Johor, and of course Singapore.

Then I met many new friends. Some of them had become close friends. Most of them has wide social connection. I mean they can make anyone popular if the want to.

2016 started with happines and ended with sadness. 2017 started with stress from work and realised that I cannot be greedy. I might be more relax and happier without being too greedy.

I just realised my real age this week. I stop at my 2 years ago age for 2 years. Meaning I was same age for 2 years. Fillling up forms with wrong age for 1 year. Sad.... My age is but I do not feel like my age.

I cannot have everything and I need to accept the fact. ♡

At a point, I wanted to spend all of my money and not planning for my future. Perhaps it is my 2017 plans.

In 2018, I will be broke and happy.

Joke aside, these are my 2017 resolutions:
1. start Exercise routine
2. Reduce eating ice
3. Quit dressing up like auntie after Chinese New Year.
4. do not be greedy

Nov 20, 2016


Adede mari saya mula tulid blog dengan bahasa melayu. Lama dah tak tulis karangan. Agaknya berapa patah perkataan yand diperlukan untuk satu blog. 

Ingat lagi masa SPM, setiap perkataan dikira supaya cukup perkataan. 10 minit sebelum masa tamat, mesti kena mula kira kira perkataan. 

Kalau tak cukup perkataan, mulalah tambah perkatan pakai arrow dan masukkan perkataan sambungan atau bahasa bunga bunga. Kalau terlalu banyak perkataan, muncullah editor terhebat sedunia - singkat kan ayat yang panjang atau melarut. Atau ganti perkataan 'atau' dengan koma. Pandai pandailah masa exam. 

Kalau tak pandai pun jadi pandai.

Aug 28, 2016

Manual versus Automation

You are lazy for wanting to use a function to make life easy........

It sounds like we are buying the system because we do not want you to use it. Your life will be the same miserable life after spending tons of money. Manual is much better than automation. Please do not make any improvement in life because you are destined to live like that forever and ever. The new system is only a system which should not be useful. Yes, do not change.

Jul 9, 2016


Keep material possesion at minimum level and value yourself more.

One of it is keep your wardrobe simple.

My wardrobe is simple in term of formal clothes. 2 dresses for formal event. A dress for wedding dinner. So please expect to see me wearing same dress for similar occasions.

My colleagues are very observant of my wardrobe until it create unnecessary stress in the beginning. I think I should preach about minimalism concept to them. So they will stop asking why do you wear the dress again to the same occasion. Then I can stop answer their question with my sarcastic answer (I am waiting for you to buy me a new dress / because I am poor). 

I think I am a bad person. 

I cannot believe that peer pressure still exist when I am no longer adolescent...