Apr 29, 2010

sex education

For those who are not familiar with Asian culture, sex is actually a very taboo topic, despite of many involved in sex activities at a very young age nowadays. 10 years ago, you can say that not all ladies dare to explore their sexuality, and some even have the concept that sex is dirty. However this mindset had changed, with the proof that many are involving in the market of sanitary pads.

I had a chat with someone, the conversation is related about ladies embracing our sexuality.
Last month, A jokingly asked me to wear bikini to an formal event, so I said, "I will wear bikini, only if you go there naked, in your birthday suit." 
Today, she jokingly told me that I can register for a dance performance of 15 person. I told her that the sum of my close friends are not even 15. So she jokingly suggested that I join the performance with my brother's team of taekwondo, I dance while the kids perform martial arts. So I said, "So you will perform nakedly?"

Then suddenly, A related me to a 'pervert', saying I keep talking x-rated stuff. So I turned speechless....... Did I said anything x-rated? Being naked can be a art, if your intention of being naked is to be an art.
After reading Cyril's post about sex education in school, I remembered a health talk which our doctor on board gave us every week.

About the health talk, it was about STD, sex transmitted diseases. Before the talk, a safety officer warned me that there are some pictures which can be obscene. I thought the doc is going to show us penis and vagina, and he did show some pictures of penis and vagina. But all those pictures of penis and vagina are very gruesome, full of cauliflowers. One of the STD is also called as cauliflower. Some of the organs are beyond recognitions. 

After that talk, we have to have cauliflower as our lunch. 

If sex education in schools started with STD lessons, I think the students won't involved in sex activities so easily.

Apr 28, 2010


ermm... Do I really have to blog about this?



Did you sense my truthfulness and sincerity? If you say YES, you must be lying.

How can someone sense that from a blog post.

ALLUNIQUE is about beauty - facial, slimming and hairy. Hairy at the right place -head.

Who says facial is only for ladies? Nowadays so many men talk about beauty tips with me. If you doubt their straightness, I assure  you that they are 100% straight, because they have girlfriend each.

Frankly I think they are more ladylike than me. Once I was lectured by my guy friend, saying I don't look like a lady. I may not have botox or fan of lamb collagen, I am still a lady! huh..... you must be blind if you say I am not a lady!!!
Ooppsss.. I should not shout because I am a lady. I should not laugh loud. I should cover my mouth when I giggle. Huhuhuhu.... Am I a lady now?

 I like to go for facial. Usually even before the facial started, I will fell asleep. Have you see a goldfish's mouth? That's how I look like when I am asleep on facial bed. But after all the pimple and black head squeezing, my face may be swollen like a round sponge cake. So the expert have to make sure my face resides to its original round size after all the squeezing. If not, people may think it is 15th day of Chinese lunar calendar. It is full moon again.

Do you go for facial?

Apr 27, 2010

Do you tweet?

I don't really tweet.

Twitter seems to be very popular nowadays. If you see someone keep smiling at his mobile phone, either that person is:
a. reading sms from that person's heartthrob or mistress.
b. reading sms fom that person's wife/husband, only if that person is newly wed.
c. updating Facebook.
d. tweeting.

I don't know why did I sign up for twitter in the first place. I don't have much to report. I hardly wrote anything on my Facebook wall, so I don't really tweet.

If I tweet, "I am at Miri Airport." Then someone knows I am at Miri airport and curious how do I look like in real life, curious to see am I as cute as I claimed? Then suddenly a person approach me saying, "I know you, you are that ghost who wrote ghostynana." My appropriate answer will be, "If I am a ghost, then you are a stalker. How do you know I am here?' Then that person will probably said, "I am your friend in twitter." Then my face will probably turn into *o*.

Or perhaps I should be very personal when I tweet. 
'I just farted.'
'Today, I spend my whole day sitting on a couch.'
'Tweeting from toilet. Can you smell my tweet?'

Or should I pretend I am very intelligent.
'The moon is there on the sky during daytime. It is there but we can't see due to the bright sunshine.'
'1 kilogram equivalent to 1000 gram.'
'I am very intelligent.'

For those who add me in twitter, you will be disappointed with me because I will only log in my twitter when someone add me in twitter. I just updated my twitter because someone just added me.

Do you tweet? Here is mine.

Apr 25, 2010


Getting emo? Looking for listener? Are you a good listener?

Everyone need someone to talk to when we feel emo and down. A good listener is very crucial to handle an emo person.

Even in searching for listener, principle of opposite attracts is influencing the preference of listener. For example, son tells everything to mother, guys prefer to talk to ladies about their feeling and trouble. It is hard to see son talks about emotional stuff with the DAD.

Maybe some ladies don't agree with me, because they said lady friends are a better listener and better adviser. But guy friend will have more convincing force than lady friends. A lady can get advices from 3 ladies, but still feeling sad. However when A guy friend gave her advice, she will felt much better than getting advices from 3 ladies. 1 : 3, 1 man =  3 ladies.

Being a good listener is not an easy job, you have to be neutral and not too much advice because you only know about the problem from one perspective. Dealing with guy is different with lady. Usually ladies like the listener to hate person they hate, because ladies may complain for the sake of complaining. After complain, it makes us feel lighter and happier. Not sure what guy likes...

People usually said that I am a good listener. But who can be my good listener. It is like photographer only gets to take others photo, but no photo of the photographer. Once I have a guy friend who treats me as his listener, but when I treat him as my listener, he just accusing me for thinking too much and being too emo. I am very choosy in choosing my listener. Not easy to find a good listener among my friends, as they all too busy with their life. Sometimes people can give too much advise until it is annoying, because I already know most of the advices. Please just listen and give some response, and not diverting the attention to yourself.

That was when I started my 'emo' blog. Another blog which I wish no one will find it. If you found it, just keep it a secret. I feel happy with my life, because I can throw all rubbish negative feeling to that blog. After all negative things are gone, there will only positive things and life will be very promising to everyone. Even when something bad happen, it is easier to feel it is blessing in disguise. That is why I have so many rubbish bin photos in my hard disk.

P.S: I am not emo, I am just under the spell - dizzy spell.

Earth Day in Miri

Today, it is Earth Day in Miri. Anyway, I didn't go. I saw some photos of it in Facebook.

What exactly Earth Day is trying to tell us? I guess it is trying to create the awareness of practicing 3R, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce, resuse and recycle plastic! why plastic? Because plastic is not biodegradable.


It is fashion show today, with models wearing newspaper, plastic, laundry basket, cans, straws...

Are they really using used laundry basket, used plastic in designing those clothes in the fashion show?
There is one model wearing newspaper and the dress is really nice. It really convery the message. To save the earth, we have to wear newspaper and magazine as hat.

What about the straw dress? Are those straws really used straws?? It is the straws people use to sip water. Did they really collect used straws from hawkers to make the dress?

I hope they really re-use used stuff. If not, they will be creating new rubbish instead of reducing rubbish.

It is just some thoughts from a couch potato.

Apr 24, 2010

One of the solutions for public urination.

Let's continue the discussion of public urination.

After I told my dad about the scene of people urinate in public, my dad said some men at certain age will have problem controlling their bladder. As [SK] commented in my last post, sometimes the force of nature call can be too strong to reject. Hence the act of public urination is unavoidable. This came a realisation to me. Most of the time, even a small matter can have many speculation from different view. I guess no one will choose to urinate in public if they are not force to.

This problem can actually be solved by having more mobile toilet.
 The photo above is mobile toilet in Taiwan. It is a good way to overcome the problem of public urination. Seems like we have to accept the fact that middle age men in Miri is increasing and the problem of public urination is become more obvious. I believe that there is always have people urinate publicly since years ago. It is just that it is not as obvious as now, because Miri was not as developed as now. There were more trees and bush around the town before it is a city. Mobile toilet is more financially wise and it is be located anywhere. Hence we really need mobile toilet!

However will mobile toilet be appreciated by public? Are we able to keep it as clean as possible? hmnnn...... If we still want to see people urinate in public, we can continue vandalise our public toilet. Here is an interest post about vandalism of an office's toilet.

Apr 23, 2010

Is urination in public a new trend?

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk on a hill. That hill is actually an old road and not longer use as main road. So it is tar road with bush and trees along the road, with good view of sea, however recently the scenery is covered with big houses.

When I was walking, suddenly an old man in 50s, around 50 meters in front of me suddenly stop and facing bush. I think he was peeing. It is obvious because after he finished his business, he adjusted his pants. Maybe the uncle thought no one can see his 'elephant' because it is small he is facing the bush, that was why he urinated so boldly in front of so many people.

Few days ago, my friend just told me that there are many people urinate in public recently. I never saw anyone urinate public before, And I get to witness public urination on Thursday. It can be a trend...

OK! Let's divert the attention to ME.

In 2007, when our crew was setting up our basecamp, at Gemsa, Red Sea, Egypt, the toilet was not set up yet. As ladies, we can't just squat and pee in an open space.

Hence we need a big cardboard to cover our action. Below is the photo of my friend carrying the cardboard. It can also used as sun shield.

Then we chose a location, where not easy to be detected from high. Just in case someone look down from the hill. So we decided this corner is the best. Learned from the cat, cover your own shit.

What a nice scene... But beware of human waste!

Apr 21, 2010





Adakah ini hidup saya?
Saya harap perjalanan hidup saya tanpa gangguan ini.
Wahai kanda yang tidak disayangi, kanda harus meninggalkan dunia ini.
Sila penuhilah hasrat hamba.
Tanpa kanda, hidup ini akan lebih aman.

Amboi seamboi allahyarham Din Beramboi.
Walaupun hamba tahu keamboian hamba, tapi keamboian hamba tetap dihantui dengan bayangan kanda.

Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, sepandai pandai hamba berdiri, hamba tahu yang bayangan tidak dapat dibunuh.
Hanyalah masa yang dapat menutupi bayangan.

Apr 20, 2010

Personal stuff

Let's get personal!
I just poo.

Oopsss! I guess no one wants to know this kind of personal stuff.

Someone just said I am choosy in choosing boyfriend.
I am open to criticism, but I laughed when I heard that I am choosy.

Let's analyse this choosy matter.

To be choosy, I have to have some choice to choose. Let's list down all my options..
1. An Nigerian man, whom I met in Dubai International Airport, asked for my email address, but refused by me.
2. An African who thinks I am interesting because I listen to Bob Marley songs.
3. Few Egyptian men who proposed to me.
4. A bus driver who wanted me to be his third wife.
5. A South African man who invited me to join him on his Bali vacation, He is around 55 years old. We met on plane.
6. A good guy (Malaysian), but we have nothing much in common, kind of ran out of topic after a while.

Will you make a choice out of the list?

Now you can tell me, am I really choosy?

Apr 19, 2010


Interrogation began...

Do you talk to him?!

How often did you talk to him?!

Where did you two go to?!

Why do you ask me about him?!!

Aahhhh!! Help me!
I am innocent! I never think of seducing him! We are just normal friends!!!

That's why I wise up. I have to check every guy's marital status or relationship status when I befriend him.
If the guy is in relationship with someone, is better not to be too close.
Even if we were best friend, our friendship have to be loosened and be just friend. From a friend who can talk about anything to a friend who will say hi and bye.

I don't want to be responsible to any broken relationship due to misunderstanding.

Apr 18, 2010

Horror Genre

It is night. It is time for horror story.

According to myth, ladies like to watch horror movies. Maybe ladies like to watch horror movies with male homosapien. It will be a good chance to take advantage of that male homosapien. Are you wondering why I think ladies only like to watch horror movie with male homosapien?

So far not many of my lady friends would suggest to watch horror movies with me. I seldom go to watch movies in cinema due to bad condition of the cinema in my town. Mouse may run over my foot when I am in the cinema.

For a period of time, I always went to cinema with my lady friends. I always don't get a chance to watch any horror movies, and I always end up watching romance or family movies which is better to watch at home. I don't think crying scenes need a good sound effect (as if the cinema have a good one). It is no fun to watch with someone who prefer to close her/his eyes when the person is 'watching' a movie. So I don't think many ladies like to watch horror movies. The statement of ladies like to watch horror movies is only true if 'Notebook' is consider horror.

I am a fan of Stephen King's story. The story line in the movie usually does not have too much difference from the book. It is great because it will match up with my imagination when I read the book. Stephen King's way of writing is very captivating. Every small details was written that I can feel I am in the scene itself. His stories usually evolved around children and more like urban legend.

My favorite horror movie is IT. After watched IT, I was scared of drainage hole in bathroom and clown. Any doll made from hard material with movable eyelids does not appeal to me. Try to imagine a clown's hand suddenly come out from the under of bed and hold your legs. It is freaking enough just to see a clown doll, sitting on a chair and keep smiling to you. I still can't figure out why kids like clown.

Once I read a compilation of Stephen King's short stories, I can't continue reading after reading it for a week straight. During that period, I was staying in hostel of UTM KL. The hostel's toilets were very scary because the big pipe above our head always produced sound due to pressure or water. I was so scared that whenever I was in need, I ran to the toilet and finish the business as fast as possible. I didn't even dare to look into any mirror. I didn't wish to see anything in the mirror. It was only after few weeks, I forced myself to finish reading it because I had to return it to the library.

From time to time, I like to scare myself. Who want to watch horror movie with me?

Apr 16, 2010

B&W experiment

What do you see? This photo is a just an experiment.
I always love colour photo. I changed it to greyscale. From my point of view, wet stains on the stairs had become clearer and the condition of the bike is clearer now.
I figured out it shows many detail in B&W. 
Every photo is a taste of the photographer and fulfillment of client's requirement.
My client is me myself.

Do you think it is nice too?

Apr 14, 2010

Campaigning Go Bald! Please pledge for me!

A: Why are you so happy today?
Numi: When I was shopping, so many men look at me today . :)

As someone who looks normal with no defects, it is normal to feel happy when we get attention from people, especially opposite sex or someone you are attracted to.

However, for those who does not have normal (according to society's standard) physique, it is very hard to endure all the attention that they received. Maybe we would wish we are an ostrich, shoving our head into a hole and away from the eyes.

Many cancer patients lost their hair, side effect from chemotherapy. It is not easy to accept the fact of going bald especially women and children. It is not a norm for women and children to have bald head in Malaysia. suddenly, there will be so much unwanted attention and questions towards them.

Few years ago when I cut my hair as short as 1 inch, eventhough I look good with the haircut, I still get many negative comments from people around me. 

Hard to imagine the feeling of being bald. That is why I decided to go bald for Go Bald Campaign. The goal of the campaign is:

beyond raising awareness of childhood cancer, and offering moral support – is to raise RM1,000,000 for a brand new SCCS centre that will offer an unprecedented level of care and support for child cancer patients in Sarawak:
  • Specially-designed accommodation for visiting patients and their families. Some of these families have to travel for 7 hours just to treat their children!
  • Improved amenities, facilities and resources for the treatment of cancer patients. We want to make their stay in Kuching as productive as it is positive.

Please kindly pledge for me and you can donate at here

Or you can also go bald with me. You can send your inquiry to admin@gobald.my or fill in the form here.
Please visit http://gobald.my/ and http://www.sarawak-bloggers.org/ for more information.

Apr 13, 2010

Egypt 2006

Reminiscing my first year of working abroad. By looking at the picture below, can you guess where it is? I actually wrote about this place in my first blog, in msn spaces.

The river is one of the branches of Nile river, Damietta. The other side of the river is a small town or village called El Burg. At the position where I took this photo is Ras El Bar. Ras El Bar and El Burg are totally different. 

Ras El bar is more developed, because it is also a summer runaway town. It will be very crowded especially during summer. Most of the building have architecture taste from many countries. However in El Burg, it is more like a village, in bad condition, not as luxurious as Ras El Bar.

When I went wandering with some friends (Malays Malaysian) in Ras El Bar, many eyes kept staring at me. My friend told me that I had attracted much attention, because no one pay attention of them when they went there before. It is not a normal scene of  Asian lady in the small town and moreover an Asian lady walking with so many men. Some local Egyptian tried to earn some money by offering to be our tour guide. It freaks me out when that guy touched my shoulder when I ignored him. Lucky, we met some Egyptian colleagues, who gave the guy an earful and shooed the guy away for us.

Therefore, I prefer to walk in El Burg. People in El Burg are not very materialistic. They did not see us as 'money'. The villages are friendly and not over friendly. Hardly get any weird stare from the villagers. Although the road I walked is soil ground, not a nice pavement, I actually felt safer there. No big threat from the villagers, but there is a big threat from bird's dropping. BIRD FLU!!

Bird seems to be very popular there. The name of our local boat's driver is 'Hamama', which means bird, not sure what kind of bird. He said my voice is nice, and gave me a name, Asfura, a small bird with a beautiful voice. A compliment indeed. I am a bird who can't sing.

This is a usual scene in most of the rivers in Egypt. Slippers and shoes at the riverside. If you decided to start a shoes business, you can start collecting all the shoes from the riverside. I am sure they have the Gandhi's spirit.

As Gandhi stepped aboard a train one day, one of his shoes slipped off and landed on the track. He was unable to retrieve it as the train was moving. To the amazement of his companions, Gandhi calmly took off his other shoe and threw it back along the track to land close to the first. Asked by a fellow passenger why he did so, Gandhi smiled. "The poor man who finds the shoes lying on the track," he replied, "will now have a pair he can use."  

Wish you all the best in your shoes business!

2 faces

Law of attraction, the more you think of it, it will come to you.

Believe or not, it did came back.
However I don't like it.
Side effect from the trauma perhaps.
I wish it only stay in my dream.
Because reality hardly as sweet as dream.

A coin will always has two face, head or tail.
When there is bad, there is good too.
I have a chance to meet the changing corner of my life.
My prayer is answered.
I hope it will be the reality, and not a dream.

Life is as sweet as you want it to be. Just be positive.

Apr 11, 2010


Attended SPA (Suruhanjaya Perhidmatan Awam) or Public Services Commission Malaysia exam for grade 41.
Spending almost whole day, 9am-4pm taking exams is actually very tiring.
Blurring my eyes with so many A B C D, making it tougher for me to write essays in Malaysian language and English.

One of the English essay questions is about dangers from social networking sites such as Facebook, Tweet, Myspace, and bla bla bla.
One of the points that I wrote is that revealing too much personal information on those sites will make it easy for stalkers and criminal to attack the user.

If you cheat on your ex before, if she found out about who your current girlfriend, if she is still hates you, if you and your current girlfriend likes to write where you go everyday on Facebook, she can get revenge easily because your track is not covered.

Perhaps she will get the circumcision knife to cut cut cut while you are having a nap in a hotel.

It is quite easy to answer the questions for general knowledge paper. Most of the answers are actually can be guessed by reading the questions carefully.

Malaysia language essay is the toughest one. I believe most of us who had been working for some time, will have the difficulty in writing a proper essay. As I was a good student and my teacher in high school was a good teacher, I still remember the typical essay marking scheme. It can't be wrong if stick to the marking scheme. 

Tips to write an essay:
Has an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.
In the introduction, some of the sentences in the question have to be written in the introduction paragraph.
Has 3-5 main points.
In each paragraph, the point must be written clearly, with 2-3 sentences of elaboration, and 1 sentence of example.
So generally each paragraph will have 5 scores. You can figure it out how many paragraph you need to write based on the marks and amount of words you are required to write.

Hope this is an useful tips and not yet outdated..

Apr 6, 2010

Be bold, Go BALDER!!

Hair is always known as the precious crown and also precious commodity of every lady.
I am a lady, and I am thinking of going bald for a reason.

I always change my hairstyle, and had a wish to go bald before. Will I go bald now?

If I want to go bald, why not go bald for a reason.

'The Go Bald Campaign is organized by the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society and it's aim is not only to collect funds, but also help raise awareness for childhood cancer. This year, Sarawak Bloggers with SHiOK magazine is proud to be handing a hand to help in promoting this goodwill campaign among the online community.
The Go Bald! Campaign this year aims to target RM1million to help them run the center, as well as use the money to fund their new halfway home which is estimated to cost RM2.5mil. Currently, SCCS is using a century old semi-D house as their halfway home, and they are currently maxed out in terms of space, and hence the need for a new place with more space, and better facilities.' Taken from Sarawak Bloggers.

'For bolder steps, interested individuals can sign up with the Go Bald organizers to get their head bald in front of the public on 16 May 2010 at the Spring, Kuching. You are also very much welcomed to get a pledge card and collect donations for SCCS. To get more info on how you can help,contact the Go Bald Project Coordinator, Allen Ang at 013-8115966 or e-mail him at admin@gobald.my. You can also visit their website (to be launch on 9 April) for more information. Other than that, SCCS can also be contacted at 012-8073131.'

Anyone want me to go bold? I will go bold if there are enough generous people who want to donate and me shaving my head.

The campaign will be held in Kuching, on 16 May 2010. This is like testing my courage.  I would have to fly to Kuching for the shaving session. Am I willing to give up my crown?

I am willing to be bald for RM 10 000! Want to see me bald? Please contact the Go Bald Project Coordinator, Allen Ang at +6013-8115966 or e-mail him at admin@gobald.my

Sepilok Orang Utan (Men of the Forest) Rehabilitation

Last month, we drove from Miri (Sarawak) to Sabah, passing through Brunei twice. The farthest we went was Sandakan. One of many destination we went in Sandakan is Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Although we only saw two Orang Utan during the feeding time, it was still a meaningful visit. This centre adopt Orang Utan orphans and rehabilitate them, so they can go back to the forest again.

Sepilok Orang Utan Centre is sponsored by Travellers worldwide.
Read this post written by Airasia blog for some information.

Sepilok have adoption programme, and many programmes, chances for us to help the centre and Orang Utan. I didn't get to catch the details of adoption, and I were in rush to go back to Sandakan town. Hence, I helped the centre by buying their T-shirts. Their shirts have cute designs.
Aren't they cute? All those designs are located at hip's area. The Orang Utan dance while you move you hip.

For more detailed and accurate informations, Please contact:

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
W.D.T. 200,  90009*
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone : +6089-531180
Fax : +6089-531189
Email : soutan@po.jaring.my

*Zip code

Apr 5, 2010


Are you looking at me?
Why are you taking photo of me?
At least get a better light exposure before shoot me?
Do you need to make me so scary?
This is my territory. I don't pee to mark my territory, because I am not a dog.


Apr 2, 2010

Lame excuse

'sorry i can't go to your wedding because I have to watch my favorite drama series on that night.'

'oh the drama will be starting in 10 mins, I have to go home now'

Do you still get that kind of excuse from someone you know? If you say yes, it is easy to apprehend if you are still kids or you are aunties. For someone like me, who is half past mid twenties, it is weird to still get that kind of excuse from someone around my age.

I still remember around age 10, my siblings and I used to walk home from home. We will walked faster to catch the series of 'Art Attack.' It is normal for kids to set tv as first priority of their life. They can skip meals just to watch their favorite cartoon.

Drama and telenova series had always been able to memerize aunties or housewives at home. That is what they talk about when they meet at market or neighbourhood. They talk about how unfaithful is the guy, or how they wish they can slap the bitch, or how pitiful is the wife with the cheating husband. 'I need to rush home now to cook and then watch drama', is their usual ending to end a never ending gosiping conversation.

Now you know the reason I said the excuses are usually from kids or housewives. Even a tv lover like me won't use tv as excuse to any activity. What drama can be more important than life? Maybe it is only a courtesy excuse for rejecting the invitation. Perhaps.... the person learned it from his or her mother.