Apr 27, 2010

Do you tweet?

I don't really tweet.

Twitter seems to be very popular nowadays. If you see someone keep smiling at his mobile phone, either that person is:
a. reading sms from that person's heartthrob or mistress.
b. reading sms fom that person's wife/husband, only if that person is newly wed.
c. updating Facebook.
d. tweeting.

I don't know why did I sign up for twitter in the first place. I don't have much to report. I hardly wrote anything on my Facebook wall, so I don't really tweet.

If I tweet, "I am at Miri Airport." Then someone knows I am at Miri airport and curious how do I look like in real life, curious to see am I as cute as I claimed? Then suddenly a person approach me saying, "I know you, you are that ghost who wrote ghostynana." My appropriate answer will be, "If I am a ghost, then you are a stalker. How do you know I am here?' Then that person will probably said, "I am your friend in twitter." Then my face will probably turn into *o*.

Or perhaps I should be very personal when I tweet. 
'I just farted.'
'Today, I spend my whole day sitting on a couch.'
'Tweeting from toilet. Can you smell my tweet?'

Or should I pretend I am very intelligent.
'The moon is there on the sky during daytime. It is there but we can't see due to the bright sunshine.'
'1 kilogram equivalent to 1000 gram.'
'I am very intelligent.'

For those who add me in twitter, you will be disappointed with me because I will only log in my twitter when someone add me in twitter. I just updated my twitter because someone just added me.

Do you tweet? Here is mine.


the happy go lucky one said...

hmmm i actually very outdated and dunno what twitter is at all, though always heard frens and blogs mention abt it. :P

Ghosty Nana said...

hehehe. Twitter is something like facebook status. Many people use tweet or something similar to let everyone know about their movement.

manglish said...

i oso dont twit leh hahahha i dont know wat to put...recently i put on my facebook " i have just farted and you dont want to be anywhere near me" just to test water and show really what is the significance of putting up like "burp i just ate durian"? hahahha ohhh thanks for dropping by lately

Ghosty Nana said...

hahahaha, your facebook smell of fart....
Yeah, nothing much to report. However it can be used for publicity.

Kenzo said...

do u got your own tweeter? let's follow each other

Kenzo said...

haha! funny! i tweetin in toilet now yeah!!=P

Ghosty Nana said...

Nothing is impossible in the world. Click the word 'mine' in the last line of my post.

Rodz Nocturne said...

Hehehe funny la, i will surely not tweet "i just fart". I don't tweet so much but twitter become like something to update me on any news as i follow news portal like nst and staronline and even from some of the fellow bloggers

Ghosty Nana said...

oo so you are like me too, not a tweety bird. It can be useful for that purpose if we always log on twitter and monitor the update, because the update is quite fast updating.