Jun 29, 2012

Horror story

On a dark night, moon as the only source of light.

Driving on a deserted road. Shadow of trees covering me. Not a single car is on the road. Only the sound of crickets and owl accompany me.

Suddenly my sight become pitch black!
As if i am blindfolded!!!!



I realised that i forgot to turn on the headlights....

Jun 19, 2012


Do you still wonder why i am ghostynana?

Jun 9, 2012

another beautiful comment

You are not beautiful, and you won't be beautiful no matter what you do to look beautiful. But you are cute.

Coming out from mouth of a friend.

oklaaa, I understand why you are not so smart, because you are too 'beautiful'.

Still angry mode. So you can ignore this post.


Jun 4, 2012

Pls dont tell me

Was I that invisible?

I was behind you......

And i understand your language......

And I... Am... Your.. Supervisor....

As u going to quit, I won't say anything.

Not suppose to do your business here.
Selling shoes online should be don at home......