Nov 29, 2015

Memory Eraser

Erasing a memory is very easy.

When the memory came to your mind, try imagine that you are holding a big eraser of whiteboard duster. Then wipe off the memory as if you are cleaning  a whiteboard or blackboard.

If it is in your heart, wipe your heart with the imaginary eraser,

Isn't it easy? 


Note: why the blackboard is called blackboard when it is actually dark green?

Nov 14, 2015

kuch kuch Hota hai

Kuch kuch Hota hai means something happens.

Whenever I watch the movie, it never fail from touching my heart. Is it real that this thing can happen in reality?
3 best friend, 2 girls love the guy together. The guy loves one girl. Another have to give up. The guy and the girl gets married. His wife passed away leaving the guy and their daughter. Years late, the daughter try to reunion her father with the girl. And something happens to their heart.

Kuch kuch Hota hai.

So sweet. So bullshit

Nov 1, 2015

October Horror Month

Yesterday is Halloween. Naturally many horror movie is on air.

Last night, I switch on the tv and tuned to HBO channel. HBO is playing Annabelle. I managed to watch the end part of it. Then followed by The Conjuring.

2 horror movies continuosly. Oh my.... By the time I finished watching it, it was almost 1 am.

2 horror movies continuously is too much.

When I closing the window, I imagined a hand will suddenly appeared and grab my hand. I dare not look at any mirror.

I closed my eyes tightly no keep both of my hands by my side. I imagining that a hand suddenly appeared from my bedside and grab my hand. The room is too dark.

It is too much to endure. Then I opened my eyes, the room is bright. It is not that dark at all. Silly me.

Then I slept soundly till daybreak.

No more horror movies continuosly.....