Nov 1, 2015

October Horror Month

Yesterday is Halloween. Naturally many horror movie is on air.

Last night, I switch on the tv and tuned to HBO channel. HBO is playing Annabelle. I managed to watch the end part of it. Then followed by The Conjuring.

2 horror movies continuosly. Oh my.... By the time I finished watching it, it was almost 1 am.

2 horror movies continuously is too much.

When I closing the window, I imagined a hand will suddenly appeared and grab my hand. I dare not look at any mirror.

I closed my eyes tightly no keep both of my hands by my side. I imagining that a hand suddenly appeared from my bedside and grab my hand. The room is too dark.

It is too much to endure. Then I opened my eyes, the room is bright. It is not that dark at all. Silly me.

Then I slept soundly till daybreak.

No more horror movies continuosly.....

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