Jul 27, 2013

War in office 2

Now in the company, too many women in the office.

most women make decision based on emotion and feeling.
If you offended a woman, it is dead penalty for you.
you will go down no matter how nice you are.

I can only describe the office is like a high school class.
In high school, everyone formed their own group.
Everyone in the group will say yes to the group leader, will laugh at their leader's not funny joke.

A newcomer will become a hate target and not welcome in the class. There is an exception for boss' daughter.

I was so depressed when i first work here. They may smile in front of you, but stabbed you from behind.

but now it is much better.

Jul 26, 2013

War in office 1

Today discussion topic on Radio myfm is about war in office.

War in office is very scary, especially in big company. Internal war is not very healthy because we are colleagues, not enemies.

In my previous job with and international university, it is like war via email everyday. Even lecturers behave the same way. Out of nowhere, you will be accused of doing something.

There is one email I remember clearly. My HOD is on leave for few days, and one lecturer emailed my HOD asking from some information, which can be obtained from me. then the lecturer email me asking information for another thing, then give her and explain something. then suddenly she accused me of being inefficient because i didn't give information for the 1st email. Err, i did not get her 1st email. How to give the information when I have no idea.

Lecturer = Snobbish.

Not all lecturers behaved the same way. So far only her. I have no idea who is she.

There are many lecturers who help me when I have questions regarding the enrolment. It is important to reach understanding in working, because it involves all.

Even by reading emails, it is very depressed.

Jul 25, 2013

People related to forestry

Recently I attended an inception workshop organised by Sabah Forestry.  The agenda was related to a project by Sabah Forestry, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Before the meeting, I have no idea about the project and I do not know anyone who is going to attend the workshop. I assumed there will be many people with blazer and very international feel.

When I reached there, I chose a seat in the middle row and 2nd table from behind.I am lucky because a lady joined me.

I introduced myself to a lady from Irrigation System, and another one from HUTAN. so many people related to forest is there. Even have someone from sunbear conservation and WWF. Wow....

The workshop is not that formal. everyone seems to know everyone.

I make friends with people from Sabah Foresty.

notes to myself, I think I scared SM with my intensed eye to eye contact with him.
While he was walking to the stage, I handed out my hand for a hand shake. He stopped for a while and look at me. Then shake my hand. Oh my, if he refused my hand shake, will be very malu. hahaha


Sunbear very cute.

Jul 22, 2013

Free Hugs

I get this from 9GAG Singapore

In 2011, my big bro and youngest bro went to Taiwan for a holiday. My youngest brother is 18 years old back then, and my big bro is 13 years older. With an age gap of 13 years, of course they have different view and attitude of life. One is more conservative, and another is fun and carefree.

With different views, it is not fun if the two go to holiday together. So they went their separate ways for shopping in Taiwan. One go upper level, one go average level.
Then they go for coffee together. Suddenly my youngest bro excuse himself from the table.

.....and back with pictures of him hugging Japanese girls, and many girls. He received free hugs from the huggers.

He sure not typical shy boy.

Jul 11, 2013

Crochet Cat

My new finished project.

Crochet cat

The ear is my own creation.

I started this project when I know my friend is coming from KL.
It is for her cute daughter.

It is colourful but it is a bit different from usual cat.

Jul 5, 2013

Cookies Road

I can only described the road to my house is like cookies.

Once soak in water for more than 1 hour, it will softened and dissolved.

After water subdued, big round holes will appear.

When someone filled the hole with what I believed is hardened cream. Because it will once again dissolved when it is soak in water.

My car is suffering after bumping into the holes because the driver (me) did not see the hole.