Dec 9, 2015

phone book

Anyone still remember the thick phone book or yellow pages?

It is considered as extinct nowadays. Who still find phone number from phone book or yellow page nowadasys anyway.

 In those days, 80-90s era, whenever you want to hire a plumber, you can always refer to yellow pages. It is full of useful advertisement and contacts. When you lost your cousin's phone number, go ahead and flip the thick phone book. While flipping, you can have refreshment course in memorizing alphabet order. A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.

Phone number were not that private at all. 

Phone book was made popular by Hong Kong movie when they use it to hit someone without a bruise.

Please do not try at home.

Nov 29, 2015

Memory Eraser

Erasing a memory is very easy.

When the memory came to your mind, try imagine that you are holding a big eraser of whiteboard duster. Then wipe off the memory as if you are cleaning  a whiteboard or blackboard.

If it is in your heart, wipe your heart with the imaginary eraser,

Isn't it easy? 


Note: why the blackboard is called blackboard when it is actually dark green?

Nov 14, 2015

kuch kuch Hota hai

Kuch kuch Hota hai means something happens.

Whenever I watch the movie, it never fail from touching my heart. Is it real that this thing can happen in reality?
3 best friend, 2 girls love the guy together. The guy loves one girl. Another have to give up. The guy and the girl gets married. His wife passed away leaving the guy and their daughter. Years late, the daughter try to reunion her father with the girl. And something happens to their heart.

Kuch kuch Hota hai.

So sweet. So bullshit

Nov 1, 2015

October Horror Month

Yesterday is Halloween. Naturally many horror movie is on air.

Last night, I switch on the tv and tuned to HBO channel. HBO is playing Annabelle. I managed to watch the end part of it. Then followed by The Conjuring.

2 horror movies continuosly. Oh my.... By the time I finished watching it, it was almost 1 am.

2 horror movies continuously is too much.

When I closing the window, I imagined a hand will suddenly appeared and grab my hand. I dare not look at any mirror.

I closed my eyes tightly no keep both of my hands by my side. I imagining that a hand suddenly appeared from my bedside and grab my hand. The room is too dark.

It is too much to endure. Then I opened my eyes, the room is bright. It is not that dark at all. Silly me.

Then I slept soundly till daybreak.

No more horror movies continuosly.....

Oct 16, 2015

Palliative Charity Run - 5 km 11 October 2015

Year 2015, there are many running event. Many of my friend's friends join the events.
Making me have a sudden resolution of my life. I decided to join this kind of event at least once in the lifetime. Normally, there is a registration fee for it. It is kind of way for the organizer to collect funds or charity. As you had known, I am cheapskate.

I am very lucky. The moment I share my intention with an acquintance, I was told that the association is sponsoring people who is going to join the run or walk. Yahoo! Without further ado, I find my friend to join because I do not want to go alone. Then another friend also joined.

On the event day, as early as 6 am, we arrived the place. The surrounding is very remote, among the trees. Just like back to village. Oh ya I fogot yo mention the event. It is palliative charity run, at Piasau Boat Club Miri.

For the warming up, we had a Zumba session. Shake Shake move move. 

Then we start the run. Actually is speeding walking.... Suddenly we saw a 2 km sign on the road, it means 500 m more before turning back. We were so excited. Our legs are getting ready to do the u turn... 

Why is it so far away? Our legs start to complain. Our mouths also start to complain. And we saw a 3 km sign on the road. Does it means 5km to and 5 km back? We only registered for 5 km run..  Or walk. Oh my, can we survive from 10 km journey? Will we die from exhaustion?  We are a bunch of spoiled ladies.

Some people start to come from our opposite direction. That is a good news. It means the turning point is near. So we increase our speed and our legs are very ready to speed for the turning point. Finally I can have a sip of water and get a bright bracelet.

Going back to the starting point is faster than ever. Our legs start to complaining again and start to sleep. It is the Indocafe truck keep us motivated. We want to drink the free coffee.

Finally, we survived and get our cold coffee and it is free. Additional to that, each of us received a medal and instant coffee packs. At our age, getting medal is huge. Hahaha.

Oct 3, 2015

goodies day

Last Sunday was free goodies day. I collected Clarins 7 days samples. My face is brighter and firmer after using it. I learned about applying method pat pat for applying, pat with pressure to make sure it is absorb the the skin. It is not oily at all. Dryness on my check had reduced.

I also collected Shiseido samples. Originally we only aim to get the eye concentration. But we get more when we ask for other samples. The promoter is very nice and explained on how to use them.

Yesterday I just receive a free gift from hado labo.

Sep 30, 2015



Last Saturday and Sunday (26 & 27 September 2015) were SCATfair, also known as career fair. I love career fair.

The main reason is because I can get many free gifts. I went on Sunday and realized most of the booths ran out of free gifts. Next time have to go early to grab more free goodies.

The second reason is I know more about industries available and developments which offer job opportunities. The most popular now is SCORE.

The third reason is still free gifts. Hahaha

Aug 31, 2015



'Amoi' is a  way of calling female Chinese descendent in Malaysia. It is a very casual way of calling someone. Sometimes it is too casual to the extent of becoming rude.

You may try google for the word 'Amoi'.
Most of the Google results are related to female as sexual object.

How to tell everyone that I do not like to be called 'Amoi'?

I just changed my Facebook status.

Simple and yet dangerous. How would people take my rejection of the casual way of calling me?

I will see it in near future.

Aug 9, 2015


Idea idea idea 


It is raining day. 

Had a nice noon nap and left me emotional unstable.

Perhaps I am hungry. Hungry always make me emotional unstable.

When I am showing bad or weird temper, just feed me with delicious food. It is just that simple to solve my grumpiness....

Jul 26, 2015

Cake Decoration Competition - Spongebob

Each of the team is given 2 layer of sponge cake. It is big and square. The team is consists of 3 ladies and 1 man. Obviously only one of us have experience with baking or decorating cake. She is the team leader.

We were given 10 minutes for planning and job delegation. We have to decorate the cake based on cartoon character. When we look at the square cake, one of us thought of spongebob immediately. Jobs delegated to each one of us: creaming the cake, colouring the cream, drawing and pinching the cream (if it makes sense). I am in charge of drawing.

As a start, put a layer of cream between the sponge cake. Cover the outer part of the whole cake with yellow cream. Draw the outline by using chopstick. Re-draw because it is not nice. Then draw with black cream. Cover the cake with coloured cream.

Ta da!

Our spongebob get no 1!!!

No 2 is spiderman

No 3 is very special. I cannot guess what is the cartoon character. It looks like there are 2 cakes on the cake.

Another 2 are:

Cartoon's mother...

The competition is just for fun. Many people from Chinese Clan association join the competition. It is fun. All of us get gifts. 

I still cannot believe we won.

Jul 12, 2015

Typical Solution might not be the Solution

My facial skin is a confusing case. It is oily but I have dried skin on my nose. It can be dry but I have visible pores. Usually it is called Combination Skin. Usually it is recommended to go for Combination Skin range of skin product. 

However my skin gets drier. II need to get rid of the oil and this makes my face dry and wrinkled.

So I changed the tactic. I changed my facial product to dried skin ranges. It may sounds too oily to my face. Bear in mind it is only sounds. The fact is my skin gets mosturised and stop producing additional oil. I am sure I do not want my face to be main oil producer like Miri.

Typical does not means it is the best. Every case is unique. Hence solutions need to be customised according to the situation.

Sunday Freebies

Today is Sunday. I just finished my window shopping. Get some freebies.

See below for the freebies: 

BB cushion Laneige. You may get it too. Try visit this page for the link:

 It looks interesting. 

Will try it tomorrow. If it works, I am buying it.

Almost ran out of mosturiser. I requested samples for Clinique Mosturize +. Hope it is suitable for my skin. I am a fan of Clinique.

I love freebies.....

Jun 15, 2015

Weird Friendship

Weird friendship.

At the end of each year, the day before school holiday, we will always 'break up'. We will said to each other that we do not like each other and do not want to be friends anymore.

When the new year start, we will still sit together again. 

It is the bond that we still need each other. 

Jun 2, 2015

Wedding Dinner in Brunei

This is my first time attending wedding dinner in Brunei.

According to the invitation card, the dinner event will start at 6 pm. So we entered the restaurant and sat comfortably on our chair at 6 pm. 


8.15 pm, the newly couple enter grandly.
8.20 pm, the first dish is out with big lobster shell.
8.40 pm, 2nd dish.
9.00 pm, 3rd dish.
9.20 pm, 4th dish.
9.40 pm, 5th dish.
10.00 pm, 6th dish.
10.20 pm, 7th and the last dish.

It feels like eternity while waiting for the dish to come out.

The table have 12 chairs and the food portion is for 8 person.

From hungry and cold guest.....

May 30, 2015

Heng hwa noodle

Tata noodle / heng Hwa mee sua

It is my mother's version of the cuisine. 

During our trip to Putian, China. We had this noodle everyday and almost every meal. 

Recently, we went to Kuching and bought some Heng Hwa noodles. 

When you are boiling the noodles, you have to have patience. It is not delicious unless it is as thick as shown in the picture. I prefer it to be thick and soggy.

For the soup, it is important to have pork, preferable pork with bit of fat.

May 29, 2015


Magician performs magic, able to pull out rabbits from a black hat. In those days, foods are scarce, many was hoping the rabbit is their dinner. They were very disappointed when the rabbit disappeared. There goes their best meal since a while. Where does the rabbit goes? To the magician's hot pot?

Magician usually travel in a horse cart. Now everyone can fly, including magician. Travelling from asia to Europe, the magician performs his best magic show and disappeared in a poof. Alas, the plane disappeared along with the magician. *poof*

May 9, 2015

Cheapest Haircut

Cheapest best haircut ever. Only cost me RM 7....

I perm my hair on new year 2015. Last week, I had my 1st haircut after the perm.
Just cut, no perm, my hair turned out to have more curl.

My hair just bounce whole day without using any chemical.

Just loving it.

Apr 1, 2015

Black chicken soup. It is a rare soup to have at a Chinese wedding dinner. Black chicken soup is considered as very nutrition soup. If you drank a lots, everything comes out from your bowel is black in color.

The chicken is black. It has black skin, black flesh, black bones and black fur. The chicken usually rear as free running chicken and fed with corns.

My uncle said this chicken was fed with chicken food, not with corns. I think the chicken is now commercially rear. The nutrition is much less than traditional reared chicken.

The wedding was in Sibu. I just love Sibu.

Mar 30, 2015

Chinese New Year eve

Chinese New Year midnight, spa lagi... Of course firecracker time!,

Please look at the car below, does it looks like ordinary car? It is Lexus with lots of boom boom baboon effect. I believe we were the loudest on the night. Lucky for us because there are only 2 families who do not celebrate Chinese New Year in the neighborhood. They were out of town that time. superb! We boom boom as loud!

The sky was filled with beautiful lights and birds hide in our house.

And dogs hide under the couch....

Mar 29, 2015

Kampung Style Wedding

It has been a long time since the family have wedding ceremony in the village. 

This is my cousin's wedding. My uncle is Sino-Kadazan. My grandfather is Kadazan (Sabah native) and married a Malaysian chinese. 

Although my grandfather is Kadazan, he practices Chinese traditions.

The wedding was held in Takuli, Beaufort, around two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. The house has big compound. Lucky there was no rain on the day. 

Tents are setup. Foods are prepared by catering. In the old days, food were prepared together by families and villagers. Work is simpler now with catering.

Room is decorated.

 Firecrackers are ready to crack!

After the bridegroom and bride arrived, they show respect to ancestor and tea ceremony to parents and older relative.

Time to burn firecrackers and fire some shots from the gun.

Not to forget karaoke and dancing Sumazau - traditional dance.

This wedding is considered as conservative Kadazan wedding, because there is not much booze!
Everyone was very careful with alcohol drink because they have to drive.

The bride's families from Johor are very sporting. When they were invited to dance, they just dance. They enjoyed themselves and only go back to Kota Kinabalu at 5pm. Two hours drive to Kota Kinabalu.

Mar 17, 2015

Showing off beloved ones

When a group of ladies gathered together, they will start to show off their beloved ones.

At age 20-30s, they will show off pictures of their boyfriend, fiancé, husband and children.

At age 30-40s, they will show off pictures of their children and children's achievement.

At age 50-60s, they will show off pictures of their grandchildren.

When others are showing off their beloved human, I am showing off my per.... :) 

Mar 15, 2015

Stucked Somewhere

At some point of our life, we will find ourselves stuck in our past.

Having same hairstyle since 10 years ago? Feeling good wearing clothes which we dig out from the closet?

First question: When did we first had it?

If the answer is 5 years ago, most likely we are too proud to let go of our past.

Let it go.. Let it go..... Let it go.......


Income of CNY 2015

Age: 32
Level of Maturity: considered matured
Total: RM125
Eligibility: Eligible

Mar 9, 2015


I believe no one intended to be a backstabber. It is always happen accidentally. Most probably the source is female. 

Female have the tendency to grumble for the sake of venting off tension. The grumbling often misunderstood as fact, and ended up to be bad news. 

I like to grumble just for the sake of grumbling. When i grumbling, everything i said is just rubbish and not logic at all. After grumbling, I will not remember anything i said. 

I have a friend who has a short memory. I like to complain to her because she will not remember after a short while. I refrain myself from grumbling at work place, considering that anything I said might be evidence. Haha sound like police warning.

At workplace, be mindful of colleagues venting off. It is rubbish without concrete evidence.

Careful not become accidental backstabber.

Feb 17, 2015

Chinese New Year Lantern

Out of the blue, I wanted to make a Chinese New Year lantern with angpow.
When I started my project, everyone is asking where are you going to hang it. I said I do not know.

I googled DIY lantern and found an easy lantern and use the less angpow. Not enough resources 'kononnya' (as if). 

My dad found the best place (the only place) to hang my lantern. He grabs the ladder and start to climb, along with tape and my handmade lantern.

*stick stick to make sure it will not fell down*

Switch on the fan and it start to spin slowly.
I am referring to the lantern, my lantern started to spin.

It will be very interesting because visitors have something to talk about when they come for Chinese New Year visiting.

You are invited to visit my home too.

Feb 8, 2015

Hing Hua Chinese Wedding Tradition

My 2nd cousin gets married today.

My father's cousin, auntie told me when a bride is fetched from her home to her hubby home, everyone will hide or out of the house. It is heard that a bride has strong aura. Strong aura can easily offended anyone in the house.

In order that mother in law and daughter in law have a peaceful life of living together, it is best mother in law avoid meeting the new bride when entering the house. 

It is just a tradition I heard today. True or not true, it is you to prove.

Jan 24, 2015

Laugh Out Loud LOL

Since a while that I am able to laugh freely. Without feeling fear that my laugh may offend someone. I just do not care anymore.

It is so relaxing....!! Free like a bird!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 
He he he he he he he

Jan 17, 2015


You saw it as a chance. Then realised you end up in an abusive condition. Should you release yourself from the situation or bear up with it?

Surrounding people had accepted it for so long. Very long till it is becoming part of their life. Should you do the same?

Like many abused victim, you start to think 'is it your fault? Yes, it should be my fault and I deserve it.' When a kid break a plate, the kid deserve a hard beating and a good hard scold. The kid deserved to be embarrased in front of crowd. It is not abuse.

Do you think it can be considered as abused?

What about being ignored and treated as invisible? You may thought it is normal. Is it abusive when the victim feels neglected? You may thought it only happen in high school and domestic household, but is it so?

Where is the channel to express your feeling and protect yourself in adult world? It is too embarassing. Who will believe it? You may tell someone and it may become a joke among your peers. Or being ignored because you are a small potato and does not deserve any corrective action. It is proved because many abused victim complained about it before and no action taken. Is it because they are small potato? And the abuser is big potato?

Aha! Now you might understand the meaning of politic! OIC! Oh I See!

Jan 5, 2015

New Year Inspiration


The title of the movie is not interesting at all. The content is unbelievable!!

There are many famous actor and actress in the movie. It is realistic and practical. 

Everyone has the same tool and ability. Why is that some people can excel by using the same medium? It is the Chance. When you are facing downhill of your life, it can be blessing in disguise. The Chance may be there and it is waiting for you to be brave to take it. Sometimes situation will force you to take the chance because you do not have any other choice. It can be the best thing happen in your life.

He never complains... 

Jan 4, 2015

2014 overview

It is 2015.

2014 was a mysterious year with dissapearing of plane (MH370), plane shot down at Ukraine (MH17), and plane crashed into java sea (QZ8501).

Personally, 2014 was a roller coaster year again. Quite similar with year 2012.

My grandfather was very sick. I found a good doctor for him. He recovered fast under much caring of family and from the medicines. I have to mention Tan Kok Sui Clinic (Kota Kinabalu) who is good in curing old age illness and cheap. It is very hard to find a good and patient doctor nowadays. Occasionally bring my grandpa for breakfast.

Birthday and company annual coincides in 2014. Experienced excited atmosphere due to fire breaking out near our hotel in Tawau. Was the emcee during annual dinner, and had great time talking and joking with the microphone. Received a teddy bear as present and get rice cooker for lucky draw. Loving it.

Tried a different investment this year. 

Chances keep coming without me asking. It is like elevator opening the door the moment you step in front of it. Even when i pressed close, it still open.

I had decided to sit there and gave up trying, then the call. Then i said No. Then i cried. Then i call. I waited waited for a month before i get a yes. This was around May-June.

Emotional and not easy to start a change. Learned a new skill - taichi. Soft is the best move to counter a hard attack. Speaking of taichi, drove over an safety island on my way to taichi less and my car survived it.

Then moved back in Aug. A big change........................... Then..... Then........

I become my best friend's bridesmaid, a last minute bridesmaid. I removed a mole. 

I am still cute :)