Mar 21, 2010


Warning! This post's content may not be suitable for those under 18.

"He is uncircumcised. Ooo too much skin. It is abnormal."
"Uncut man are the best."

Dialogs above was heard in Sex and the City 2.

Even though there is female cicrumcision too, but usually circumcision is all about man. Cut! Cut! Or should I say, peel! Peel! Peel!

Circumcision is best illustrated in wiki. Not all men are circumcised. Usually those who circumcised for the purpose of hygiene or religion. Here is another link about peel! Peel! Circumcision is about removing the foreskin of penis.

Once a guy asked me about circumcision, I told him that circumcision is like peeling a banana skin. Maybe the guy thought I know much about circumcision is because I come from Malaysia, a muslim country. I can't deny that I did some research about circumcision long time ago. I also know that modern circumcision tool looks like champagne cork opener.

Circumcision tool 
Circumcision tool

Champagne cork opener
Circumcision tool Versus champagne opener. Do you see the similarity? So you can relax yourself If you planing to go for circumcision. Just think that it is only a champagne opener. What big harm can it do to your 'precious'? Or you prefer a tool shown below?

Circumcision knife
Here is the part your imagination is running wild. 
One hand is holding circumcision knife, another hand is holding your penis. Ah Chooooo!! A sneeze and all will be too late. It is all gone. The song 'It is all coming back to me now' won't be able to bring it back. No matter how professional a doctor is, the doctor is still a human.

So that champagne opener look alike tool is a magical circumcision tool. No need to worry much about sneezing doctor.

You guys don't go check out each other penis in peeing cubicle, looking for circumcised and uncircumcised penis. Just care about your own 'elephant.'

Mar 17, 2010

Condolences to you, my friend

Hearing that my friend just lost his mother is making me sad too.

Didn't know how to comfort him. As frankly as I can be, I told him I do not how how to comfort him.

The only thing I can do is by not asking about the details.

If something bad happen to me, the last thing that I want is having thousands of question shoot towards me. 

Letting him know I am here if he wants to talk is the best thing I can do as a friend.

I won't say I understand how he felt, because I am not a liar. Only someone who lost their parents will understand how my friend is feeling now.

My friend, you can be sad, but don't be sad for too long. Your mother would want you to be happy.

Take care, my friend.

It is all coming back to me now!

It is all coming back to me now!

Recently, I keep hearing this phrase.. in tv. I know tv kills brain cells. But I still like to watch tv.

The song 'It is all coming back to me now' by Celine Dion was my favorite song. I almost cried everytime I watched its MTV. It is all coming back to me now. Now I remember I was a fan of Celine Dion.

Typical me, I am not a fan of any singer or any kind of music. As long as the song sound pleasant to my ears, I don't mind it to be hear by me. I won't bother to check out who is the singer. Now I can say I like Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.. Oh oh touch my body.

When I was asked to sing  karaoke, even it is a familiar song to me, I sang it as if I was reading it. Next time, bring your own earplug if you want to invite me to sing. Because I won't reject any invitation to sing. Even when I know I can't sing with the proper tune.

I remember around 6 years ago, my senior taught me how to sing a hymn. I tried my best in learning it and I thought I learned it well. I didn't expect that my senior scolded me and asked me be serious in singing it. I was stunned and I told her I was serious and didn't make fun of the hymn. I guess I just can't excel in singing.

Mar 16, 2010

LDR with mind block

Relating to my last post, let's talk about LDR. LDR is quite popular recently. It is not easy to have LDR, but people still have LDR. It is not only about those who are not married, I found out that some married couple also have LDR. Wondering what is LDR? LDR is long distant relationship.

MIND BLOCK!!! Stay tune!!!!!!!!

Long Distance Relationship guidance

Read an article regarding long distance relationship, there are some guidance to a successful LDR. I think all the guidance are practical and useful. Here are the guidance taken from here.
  1. Yap it Up. This might be the only time in life when being a chatter box is a virtue.  When your significant other is far away the best way to feel close is to paint them a little picture of your world as often as possible.  Tell them about the bum you stopped to give a buck to or the baby in line at the bank who wouldn’t stop screaming profanities at his mother (true story).  When space and time is set between you, there’s no detail that’s too mundane to share.
  2. Ground Rules. Don’t be shy about it…tell it how you see it.  If you think monogamy is too much to ask for, say so.  If you want a phone call every morning, let it be known.  Having a routine is the best way to have constant and unspoken reassurance that you’re flying at the same altitude.  And the only way to obtain a routine is to agree on all points of the relationship.
  3. The Honey Fund. Let me be the first to state…long distance relationships are not for those with thin wallets.  If you want it to work, you’re going to have to work that frequent flyer program for all its worth.  Mutually putting aside funds to help with travel plans is a good way to keep the load balanced.
  4. Computer Love. OK, how do I put this…?  There are some areas that will be…lacking, in a long distance relationship.  And the best way to fill in the gap (pardon the pun) is to get to know your computer.  REALLY WELL.  Install a camera and get some good lighting, because the best relationship saver when it comes to long distance is good ole fashioned cyber “relations”.
  5. Timelines.  Finally, but not least importantly, is creating a timeline.  If he thinks the long distance is for good and she’s waiting for him to move to her city, things will quickly go from bad to ugly.  One thing is for sure, it HAS to end at some point.  There has to be a point set where the long distance part of the relationship comes to an end.  If this isn’t something that’s possible, I’m afraid you’ll just be swimming in an endless circle.
What do you think of these guidance?

Mar 15, 2010

Flower from Taiwan

Inspired by my new layout.
Flowers taken by Nomi in Yang Min Shan, Taiwan.



 Sakura (Cherry Blossom) or..??


The most beautiful flower in the world. This is mature version of ME. No need to wonder about my future appearance, because I can see myself in my mother.

Mar 14, 2010

The moment of truth

Few days ago, I watched 'The moment of truth.' It is a game show, daring the contestant in answering questions about their personal and intimate lives. Usually after joining this game show, contestant's relationship with family and friends will be different. As they will know his/her darkest secret and his/her true feeling in many matters. On of the questions was, "Since you are married, did you have sex with other man other than your husband?" Then the answer is yes. Can you imagine how dreadful is her husband's expression after hearing that answer?

Everyone have their own reason in willing to risk their family for the money. I guess no one will want to destroy their family just for fame. Only those desperate for financial aid will risk it in a game show.

I think the game show have high rate of viewers, because there are many busybody like me in the whole world. 

Will you go to that kind of game show, if you have a chance?


I want to write, so I lalalala
I want to sing, so I lalala
I want to think, so I shake my foot.
I want to eat, so I go to sleep.
Because no late supper for me.

Good night!

Mar 13, 2010

Kong Min Teng Video

Ladies and gentlemen,

The video of Kong Min Teng has arrived. Please see related post here.

Did you hear that sharp voice? She is Jennifer.

Changes in the past 10 years

This post is inspired by Muarica's post.

10 years will be from age 17 to 27.
I guess my life start to change at the age of 17, after finished my high school.
Almost all my ex high school friend who met me again after 10 years, said I had changed 180 degree.

Changes are good. Changes mean we are growing up.
My 1st presentation in Toastmaster was about 'My Past, Present and Future'.

My past was about my shyness, my journey toward confident life, challenges I set up for myself, realizing my dream and my Uni life.
My present is quite boring, does not have much changes. My present just filled with people comes and go, full of lazy bugs.
People may think my future is good. But I think my future still ahead of me. Thinking my future is my present will only make my life stagnant and with no changes. This is what happen to me now. I want a better future. I am not greedy, but I am ambitious.... hopefully...... 

Recently, I met up with ex highschool mate. After 10 years, many of them had changed. Most of them had became pretty ladies and handsome guys. Comparing to them, my physical appearance is still around the same circumference. hmnnn. I think I want to skip this discussion.

In the last 10 years, I did many stupid things which are not worthy to be recorded in writings. Some are better off be forgotten. Some can be forgotten after a good laugh. However, never regret of my past. At least I get a taste of everything.

You can take this test to know how much you have change in the last 10 years.

Mine is 48%.

You've Changed 48% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.
You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but time hasn't changed you.

Mar 12, 2010


Let's talk about toilet.

Let's talk about this toilet. First encounter in Taiwan. This toilet bowl is also known as Japanese toilet.
It is easy to flush the toilet. You only need to step on that iron pedal beside the toilet bowl. Careful that you may misplaced your foot into the toilet bowl, which will create unpleasant moment for you.

You may wonder which direction should you face when you squat. According to Nomi fengshui master, it is more auspicious if you face east, where you ass will face west toward the cover like side. The cover may prevent your shit from flying around the toilet cubicle. This guide is according master's logical mind and also master's sexuality.

Apparently it is different in the proper guide..... 

Taken from someone's flickr.

Obviously it is at the different direction. However what you do in the toilet is your own business. Whichever direction you face, as long as you are comfortable and happy, it is fine.

This Japanese toilet bowl is more pleasant than Turkish toilet bowl which I encounter in Egypt and Romania.

Mar 11, 2010

..bla bla.. about my roundness...

I miss my old writing style... more humourous... but old style more naive...
How to write a good post?
I think self confidence can influence how I write.

Recently I went to Taiwan and gain few kilos.. and I don't dare to post my photo.
Should I show my round and chubby face again on my blog?

Why didn't the earthquake shake some of my fat off me?
Why didn't the cold weather burn some of my fat?

Mama, Taiwan bully me!! wua wua wua wua wua wua...

My face is as round as the bun..................


Last night or few hours earlier, I went out for a 'Starbuck'ing session with some friends.

While chit chatting, we talked about why some people have affair or one night stand. Then our guy friend said maybe it is the curiousity. If curiousity is the reason, does this mean that a guy who had one night stand before will be more loyal after married, comparing to guys who never tried it before? Still make no sense.

Talking about curiosity, it reminded me of an incident. I was in working in Egypt. In the basecamp, we had a bar. I usually do not go to bar. I guess that time was a special occasion, because I went there that night. I didn't drink, so I sat at the back part of the bar talking to colleagues. 

Then an Egyptian cook let me listened to Arabic songs on his mobile phone. While I was listening, I accidentally click into a folder full of porn (even have porn with animals). I quickly close the panel and returned it to the cook. I never expect that he showed me the porn to me. Being 23 years old, I was curious about the porn. But I rejected his offer, when I sense that it is dangerous to accept it. Accepting it may mean I am inviting him to my room. Then he offered to let me see another porn again, I rejected him again with a NO in a strong tone. I left the bar not long after that.

On the next day, the cook was fired. He was caught stalking two ladies, two big ladies (non Asian)!! If I accepted his offer to look at his porn out of curiousity, I think I won't be that lucky. As curiousity killed the cat. I don't want to be the cat.

Mar 10, 2010

Birthday in Taipei

18 years old, a flower.
22 years old, a grass.
27 years old, a tree?
8 March was Women's Day, it was also my birthday.
This year's birthday is as special as every year.

I think I experience small tremor of earthquake that early morning. I was in toilet, have much water just in case something happen... :P
I had a chance to witness a rare incident at Martyrs Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan.
"Worth mentioning are the military police officers who guard the main gate, and who have been rigidly trained to stand like expressionless statues and to remain unmoved by the teasing of crowds."

Yes. Yess... At first I thought of trying to make the guard smile by calling him 'handsome', but I changed my mind when the tour guide said the guard will be punish if he smile. After finished taking photo with the guard, while standing aside watching the handsome guard, the guard almost smiled!!! He tried his best to prevent from smiling. Lucky he did not smile, or else his butt will be in trouble. Men in army uniform are so cool!!!!

Miss Chan, our Malaysian tour guide surprised us with a birthday cake. The cake was also for Women's Day. Thanks, Miss Chan!!

We were brought to a Feng shui master. For fun, I let the master see my birth date, the small master said I am ambitious. Yeah, I am ambitious alright. My ambition is to become prettier inside out every year.

Happy belated birthday to me!

Mar 1, 2010

My Chap Goh Meh night, with lantern

On Chap Goh Meh night, few of us went to do an illegal event. It is very dangerous, yet so fun. It is playing Gong Min Deng. It is so called flying lantern, ancient flying balloon. I have a video of it, but will only post it after it successful loaded on youtube. Stay tune for the video. In the meanwhile, I will exposed photos of our illegal activity. It was banned after one of it hit a flying plane around 4 years ago. Now it can only be play, with a permit. RM 500 if get caught without permit.

Did you see something on the picture above? Someone wrote a wish for me... if you can guess which one.
On the lantern, we wrote our wish. If the so called 'heaven' get it, our wishes will be granted.

 Start to burn the candle.

Start to float. And it flew flew flew....