Nov 29, 2012

What I need is RM60

God does not give what you want, but He give what you need.

On one fine morning, no rain, no hot sunshine, the weather is just good enough.

Breeze of wind blowing through me, I am feeling good and feeling pretty, and sexy as well.

Suddenly a drop of water fell from the sky, raining?

Swap the water with my palm. Yuck! It is not transparent drop of water, it is whitish with yellow stuff. It is a drop of poo poo from the bird. Get a jackpot early morning. And no tissue in my bag. Grab any receipt paper from my bag to clean up my fringe. I don't want to go for breakfast with bird poo on my fringe.

Back to office, someone told me I should buy a lottery. But I don't know how to buy lottery, and too lazy to buy. Luckily I know someone selling underground lottery. I message the someone & bought the number which have been in my mind for the whole weekend.

Around 7pm, I get a message... toing toing... "you won RM60." so few yet it is enough to cover the lottery fee. I bought RM24 lottery, and I spent RM36 during last weekend. Total up is RM60. Ngam ngam. Just enough.

So you don't even think of asking me to give you a treat!

Nov 28, 2012

Putian sept 2012 -a

On 30 sept 2012 to 8 oct 2012, we went to Putian, China again. This time the group is composed of 12 person, including my parent, my bro, 3 pair of big uncles n aunties, 1 pair of younger uncle and auntie, old auntie gugu and I. I was in charge of them at airport. Deporting them from Malaysia to China. Hahaha sound like Malaysia gov's wish.

Fyi, i went with my parent there 2012 chinese new year. My grandpa came to Malaysia from Putian years ago by ship. The ship reached Sibu, Sarawak and that was how my hometown is Sibu. Our clan is HengHua, but in putian, Henghua people does not call themselves Henghua, they are Putian people. Seems like only older generation knows the term of Henghua.

So from kota kinabalu international airport, we flew to shenzhen. We chose shenzhen because my father's cousins mostly are working in shenzhen. They are boss. They rent metal for scaldfold. With blooming construction in shenzhen, they earn much money just from renting out scalfolds. However 2012 sound like a bad year for them.

They stay in an area specially for scalfolders rent. They stay in containers. They even renovate their containers and it is not cheap. The rent also expensive. The owner of the rent is rich and loan money to businessman. Most of them loan money from personal to do business. It is hard to loan money from bank.

Windy and cold at night.

Nov 26, 2012

Sincerity counts!

It is a somehow miraculous that you can know different type of people by a simple compliment or a  sincere 'how is your day today?'

During lunch time, I went out with a young colleague. When we went to pay for someone's parking coupon, she compliment the lady's eyelashes. Somehow, the lady revealed that she also makeup for brides. How would you know that the lady who work at parking coupon booth also work as a makeup artist.

It is much better to throw all unhappiness away and focus on something goods going around. you may be doing someone's chore but you can gain something when doing it.

My mum always have good aura. When she wanted to buy a smartphone, she won Samsung Advance from Petronas oil station.

smile and be happy SINCERELY!

Nov 22, 2012

Stir fry vege

I cook this for my dinner today, of course i also cook rice using rice cooker. Seems like i have master the art of stir fry vegetable. I wechat the photo to my mother, and she complimented it saying it looks beautiful. Beautiful indeed.

The secret in stir fry is use fresh oil, and add some water while stir fry. 1st stir fry garlic till you can smell the smell, fire is important so it wont be burnt.

Because i have more neighbors now. And they can saw me cooking. No longer i cook in lingerie and singlet. I am now cook in office attire. Blouse and skirt.

The best meal ever.

Nov 16, 2012

Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall.... Mirror mirror on someone's car window...

I am very envy of most ladies hair that always look so neat. No wind can move a single strand of their hair. My hairstyle is always a war zone, a chaos. My hairstyle, just-out-of-bed hairstyle. It is a mistake to think it is sexy, most likely it is messy. A single breathe of air can make a bird nest of of my hair.

So I always check my hair whenever i walk. Especially walking at carpark, i will look at the carseat. I am not actually try to look at the cushion or looking for any valuables in the car seat. I am just checking my hair status.

What if when i was staring into the window, only then i realised the car engine is on, and there is someone sitting at the carseat which i was staring at.... Just pretend it was accident to stare at his car n look somewhere else. It spells a.w.k.w.a.r.d.

Nov 14, 2012

Kuch kuch hota hai

Kuch kuch hota hai

Watching kuch kuch hota hai at this age, making me remember those crushes during uni life. So stupid are those crushes.

Why does a girl tend to have crush on their best male friend? I mean when at young age. And boy does not really going to like their best female friend. Such a tragic combination of nature.

Watching old Shah Rukh Khan acting as a teenager is so yucky. It is like watching that indiana jones guy pretend to be 30s years old man. So awkward.

Actually thinking to watch Langoliers. But it is just too eerie to watch it at night. Especially with all those high pitch scream. Really making me nervous. Screeching aahhhhhhh. It is coming. We have to run run.

Porn is better then.

Nov 13, 2012

Whip or trust

Personally i feel that he is holding them with a whip.

How to gain trust and loyalty with a whip? Fear would dominate their emotion. Once they overcome the fear and dare to stand for themselves, anything can happen.

Do we respect our teacher when our teacher is waiting for the right time to whip us? We will only fear the teacher. If there is any chance, naughty ones would perform tricks on the teacher.

What about teacher who gained your trust and you can trust the teacher to be there for you when something happen? Naturally and spontaneously you would be loyal and defense the teacher when someone badmouthed your trusted teacher.

I do not like to live in fear and be threatened everyday.

I will get older faster..... That is why next doors looks older than their real age.