Mar 28, 2011





I am not scratching my brain for blogging ideas.



Why is it so itchy when there is no mosquito?
Scratch... my back...


Fifi's grass lice is at my seat, behind me!!!!

Oh my.... Don't ask how it looks like. It is as flat as pancake and flushed down into sewage by now. It is BLACK and full of blood... It is round with invisible legs, unless you have microscopic eyes.

Now I am so itchy psychologically.


Mar 18, 2011

Bugs or handome Korean?

When you are choosing a place for holiday, how do you choose? 

Do you choose by numbers of handsome hunks or beautiful ladies at certain place?
Do you choose based on list of shopping malls available on the spot?
Do you choose based on its nature beauty?
by their food?

While stalking a friend on Facebook, I saw the beauty of Korea through the eye of her lense. I was attracted and tempted to visit Korea. I was so excited and even calculated money in my wallet, my mother's wallet. Lucky that money in our wallets was not enough to buy any ticket to Korea. From my friend's photo album, I also saw that all she eat during the tour is just cabbages, cabbages, cabbages. I think I am going to turn into rabbit after eating so much cabbages. rbit rbit rbit rbit rbit. It is such a turn off~~~

April would be an exciting month for me... I am going backpacking to IndoChina!! woohooo. I like Indochina because I get to eat a lot of fried bugs!!! Food excites me!!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!!

shhhhhh.... actually I plan to keep it quiet. Lucky not many of my friends read my blog.

Bangkok-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia in 18 days. We are going to travel like a poor mouse. I am going to grow whiskers, just to make myself look more like a poor mouse with no cheese.  It is not a big problem because I am not a fan of cheese.

We are a group of trio. On our way, hopefully hook up with number 4 to make the number even. Hopefully is a cute hunk, with a sweet smile, and strong hands. The strong hands is to help carry our luggage.

Yes, I chose Indochina because of the bugs.

Mar 15, 2011

Thief is in the house

Last week, on one same night, two house in my housing area were broken into by thief, around 11 pm and 1.30 am.

The question is who is the thief?!! It is a solved mystery!

It is a a close-knitted community. Any movement within the buffer can be detected. Actually it is not hard to know who is the thief. Especially after the thief left a lot of his fingerprints and footprints from his house to one of the victims' house.

Yes, from his house to the house! He is a neighbour! He is a weird thief. He drinks and enjoy himself in the house, stealing rings, opening charity red packets for orphans. There are many red packets, but he only took only money which he had taken out from those red packtes. He left unopened red packets there. He also left a small knife as souvenir....

Everyone knows about him and his family, and he did in the neighbourhood.
Only the police does not know because none of them make report.

Mar 13, 2011

Happy belated birthday to me!

Happy belated birthday to me!

Happy belated Women's day!

Never too late to wish myself Happy Birthday because everyday seem like birthday to me.


My birthday is just like every other day~~~~

I actually don't mind it.

I actually don't mind it because....  I get free meal for almost one week. Starting on Sunday until Thursday. My birthday is on Tuesday (8 March).

And I get 3 cakes instead of one. Thanks, Jennifer!

Happy Everyday to everyone!!

Hi people, no need to wish me Hapy Birthday, because I had enough from Facebook.
But you girls and guys can send present to me ( tak tau malu / shameless )

Mar 9, 2011

Waiting is a Journey

Have you read my previous post?
Last Sunday, a friend of mine organised a photoshoot. Originally there was only 2 of us as photographer. However, I succeeded in dragging my brother away from his iPhone and join the photoshoot. Coincidentally, the theme is matching with my previous post. Hope you like it!

Waiting is a journey

Life is full of waiting. This is just one wait beside a deserted road.

It can be painful

During the period, many emotions came by and it is quite disturbing.

So may doubts while waiting

All doubts came into the head and doubt the worthiness of the wait.

Is it going to come?

What she can do is hope...


Nothing to do while waiting, she thinks....

Sweet memories lightened up the waiting

Occasionally sweet memories cheer her up. No harm of reminiscing sweet memories.

Bye, I am moving on

Guess it is time to move on. Bye, I am moving on.....

Mar 4, 2011

The lady at the bus stop

This post inspired by Beng's post: Falling in love and marriage is like boarding a bus?


As a single and unattached lady, the journey of looking for a soulmate is like waiting at the bus stop. Bear in mind, it is not like waiting at the bus station. Not all buses pass by bus stop I am waiting at, but all buses go to bus station. That's the difference. I don't have the leisure to check out all kind of buses and there is no time to understand anatomy of every bus.

At the bus stop, I have to start to check out its destination, its colour, its size, its style when a bus came in view. If you have perfect vision and can see clearly at 5 km distance, you better start checking out this bus when it came in view at 5 km away.

I believe most ladies started to wait with a small clutch bag. Can't wait to climb on the bus.
Then as time goes by, the destined or chosen bus have not arrived. She start to bring along a luggage and started to make herself comfortable by buying a coffeemaker. Then build a small hut behind the bus stop. She is not waiting anymore, she is just there. If come a nice bus, it is consider in luck.

While waiting there are many kind of buses.
Bus that does not even bother to stop, even there is no passenger.
Bus that is full of ladies passengers, but still stop.
Bus that already have a loyal passenger, but still stop.
Bus that is very old, with white hair, (can even doubt functionality of its elephant), but still stop for young ladies.

During the waiting period, ladies can be choosy and end up with nothing.
Along came a budget bus, but have very cosy chair. The lady rejected it because it is budget. She felt comfortable but still it is budget. Rejected. Even if she love the bus, she would still reject the bus.
Along came a nice luxury bus, but she just does not find it comfortable. According to her, no feeling. Full stop. Then a flood broke the road, made it inaccessible by bus. Thus bus never come again.....

The worst thing is waiting at wrong bus stop, a bus stop along a deserted old road! No bus!!!

Now you can start ponder, where is love???

Love is not practical. Love is deceiving. Love makes you blind. Love hurts. So why love?

Oh my! I am also wondering where is love? Where is loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? 

*checking my right pocket, checking my left pocket*

I can't find love in my pockets!!!

No wonder I am still single and unattached, because there is no love in my pockets.

At midnight, if you see a lady at a bus stop, dressed in white linen, she may not be a human.

Mar 2, 2011

Special thumbprint

Last year, I tried to re-activate a bank account, but I was told that my Identity Card (I.C) does not have my fingerprint. I was told to redo my I.C.

Ok then, so after so many months, finally I went to re-make my I.C.

Ding Dong! 3047! Aha! It is my turn. Not many people around because everyone is busy working (10 AM). Although everyone is busy working, still there are 2 couples trying to register for marriage.

The officer asked me to scan my thumb. "Right thumb, please. Left one, please..... Right thumb again, please.... Left again, please. Right again,... left again... Do you always have fingerprint problem?"

"Err... yes. I was told that there is no fingerprint in my I.C. And also I can't use that automatic Passport scanning machine at Malaysia immigration counter, because the machine always had hard time recognising my thumbprint."

The officer explained that my right thumbprint does not match with my left thumbprint. I guess that supposed 2 thumbs must have some matching design with each other. Too lazy to google about this.

She said I am the one in 1000 people with this special thumbprint.

So I am actually 2 person in the record. If I kill a man with my right hand, and then I kill a woman with my left hand. According to criminal investigation, there are 2 killers because fingerprint found on the killed man is not same with fingerprint found on the killed woman.

Now you can't say I am not special. hehehehehe