Mar 2, 2011

Special thumbprint

Last year, I tried to re-activate a bank account, but I was told that my Identity Card (I.C) does not have my fingerprint. I was told to redo my I.C.

Ok then, so after so many months, finally I went to re-make my I.C.

Ding Dong! 3047! Aha! It is my turn. Not many people around because everyone is busy working (10 AM). Although everyone is busy working, still there are 2 couples trying to register for marriage.

The officer asked me to scan my thumb. "Right thumb, please. Left one, please..... Right thumb again, please.... Left again, please. Right again,... left again... Do you always have fingerprint problem?"

"Err... yes. I was told that there is no fingerprint in my I.C. And also I can't use that automatic Passport scanning machine at Malaysia immigration counter, because the machine always had hard time recognising my thumbprint."

The officer explained that my right thumbprint does not match with my left thumbprint. I guess that supposed 2 thumbs must have some matching design with each other. Too lazy to google about this.

She said I am the one in 1000 people with this special thumbprint.

So I am actually 2 person in the record. If I kill a man with my right hand, and then I kill a woman with my left hand. According to criminal investigation, there are 2 killers because fingerprint found on the killed man is not same with fingerprint found on the killed woman.

Now you can't say I am not special. hehehehehe


foongpc said...

Huh? Really? Gosh! I didn't know that my right thumb's fingerprint matches my left thumbs! I thought they are different, no?

So you are 1 in 1000! Then you are special indeed! : )

AmirFX said...

Wasehhh... Now I can say u are a wonder girl.. haha..

CWMartin said...

That is hilarious! Surprised they didn't scan you for retina prints.
I never knew people could have 2 different thumb prints. As they used to say a LOOONG time ago on a kids TV show called Make A Wish, "Imagine ALL the possibilities..."

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I never knew that we have identical thumbprints....I must find out more about this...Then why should we give both our thumbprints in Malaysia at certain times?

thanks for letting us know about your case.

You are special then!

[SK] said...

huh?? both thumbprints are matching meh?? i really don't know this.. but then being so special brings you lots of inconvenience leh, i rather not be that special then.. :p