Dec 31, 2010

31st day of December. See you next year!

Started my 31st Dec with reports reports.. offline reports....

In the mid of my 31st Dec, I start to call my mum... that was after I saw my colleague called his mum. I have not been calling my mum for a long time. Last working hitch, I didn't even called her. :P
A good start for the mid of the day, my mum kept me laughing for the rest of the day! Hopefully! Now it is now 2pm.

New year is coming.... Surprises kept coming.... 

I am going to countdown my new year by counting down seconds to slumberland.


I love greennnnnnn.....

Dec 26, 2010

On 24 Dec, I was planning to hang my worn sock at the window frame. The idea is to hope someone with big gut and hairy face to drop some gifts into my smelly sock. 

Yes, it is a sock. Singular. ONE sock.

Objective was not achieved. 

I lost my sock! 

No gifts... No sock..... 

It is believed that old guy with big gut and hairy face like worn sock.

Fact: I lost my sock somewhere between my room or laundry...

Dec 13, 2010

Who are you?" or "what are you?"

Who are you?" or "what are you?"

2 young kids walking around in the small space of my room. What are these 2 kids doing on the vessel? One is still standing while one is relaxing on the chair. Talking about creepy, this is more creepy than the guy who kept staring at ladies with the creepy stare and jump out of nowhere just to surprise us.

I am just looking at them while laying on the bed, as if I am awake.

Suddenly the kid came near me. Too near that I started to shout! Aaaahhhhhhh!
Supposedly 2 of my sleeping room mates woke up and open the curtain of my bed.

Eyes open, blinking... I am facing the wall. IT was all dream. A nightmare.
I hope I did not really shout just now.

It did seems real, I just kept calling the name of the Lord silently. Climbing out of my bed while looking around.

I always have creepy nightmares, when sleeping through my sickness.

Dec 10, 2010

Truly Sarawak on MAS

While I was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta, a couple sat besides me. After giving my fruit cake and Ferrero Roche chocolates to them, the hubby start to chit chat with me. While trying to focus on my Häagen-Dazs Vanilla ice cream compliment from MAS, one part of my brain is thinking where is the melting part, one part trying to continue the conversation with my neighbour. Not an easy task because I ended up talking with him with one sentence each time mostly. I always wanted to eat Häagen-Dazs ice cream, but always think McD ice cream is a better option due to tight budget. My dream comes true on a plane... 

Ok back to the conversation.

He was asking where am I from? As usual, not many people knows about Sarawak. So I told him above Kalimantan, near Brunei. His Malaysian wife suddenly said there is no need for her to use passport when entering Sarawak. I corrected her and told her it is needed. Even for non-Sarawakian (Malaysian) to get a job in Sarawak, they have to get something like job permit.

The husband is in a confuse mode but his Malaysian wife definitely out of the topic. She kept talking about location of Sarawak, when the husband already knows where is Sarawak. The husband is confused because Malaysia have 1 prime minister and Sarawak is part of Malaysia, but Sarawak have this law which sound like Sarawak is a country itself.

Yes, Sarawak have this law to protect Sarawakian. The more I talk about Sarawak, the more I understand about Sarawak. Sarawak is almost a country itself.

Sarawak can be a country, if only there is no old guy, with white hair, betraying Sarawak.

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi (“A wolf in sheep’s skin”.)

Dec 2, 2010

Truly Sarawak

Introduction to the country, Malaysia. 
Malaysia Map
This is Malaysia, with 2 parts, mainland/peninsular and island.  There is nothing much to talk about about Peninsular Malaysia because they don't live on tree. Sarawak and Sabah are 2 states of Malaysia which is located on Borneo.

Borneo is shared by three countries, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. That small area between Sarawak and Sabah is Brunei. Let's zoom zoom...

Brunei Map

Sabah and Sarawak surrounding Brunei
Brown area in the map belong to Sabah, while green green is Sarawak.

Do you know that even for Malaysians (non-Sarawakian) entering into Sarawak, have to get an entry stamp, valid only for 3 months?

Example of entry stamp
For non-Sarawakian, when passing through immigration checkpoint between Sipitang and Lawas, remember to stamp out of Sabah once. Then continue to the next booth to get a stamp entering into Sarawak.

At this point, you can truly really experience that Sarawak is special. As if Sarawak is its own country, with its own privilege.