Dec 13, 2010

Who are you?" or "what are you?"

Who are you?" or "what are you?"

2 young kids walking around in the small space of my room. What are these 2 kids doing on the vessel? One is still standing while one is relaxing on the chair. Talking about creepy, this is more creepy than the guy who kept staring at ladies with the creepy stare and jump out of nowhere just to surprise us.

I am just looking at them while laying on the bed, as if I am awake.

Suddenly the kid came near me. Too near that I started to shout! Aaaahhhhhhh!
Supposedly 2 of my sleeping room mates woke up and open the curtain of my bed.

Eyes open, blinking... I am facing the wall. IT was all dream. A nightmare.
I hope I did not really shout just now.

It did seems real, I just kept calling the name of the Lord silently. Climbing out of my bed while looking around.

I always have creepy nightmares, when sleeping through my sickness.


Bananazą®‡ said...

All my life have this nitemare only once just like yours but not a kid but unseen being and I shouted out very loud and woke my friend who was sleeping in my living room. Gee what a dream never before.

Small Kucing said...

creepy dream

[SK] said...

oooh, this is very creepy.. sometimes when you think it's a dream it might be real, when you think it's real it might just be a dream~~ :p

foongpc said...

I seldom have nightmares but I used to have them when I was small : )

Ghosty Nana said...

Bananaz.... I used to have many dreams like yours, but I can't shout even in my dream.

Small Kucing, yes very.

[SK] very teruk this dream, hard to separate it from reality.

foongpc, maybe we get bold when as we get older. foongpc, sorry can't access your blog now for 6 week.

Kelvin said...

Is this a omen?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The Traditional Chinese Sin Seh would say that when one's liver is over heated one would have nightmares and get a poor night's sleep with lots of sweating....Recommendations : lots of chrysanthemum tea...and other cooling drinks like Kan Chow. Avoid alcohol and spicy food. If your tongue continues to be furry and white (bitter) you will need to get more cooling drinks or a packet of Chinese Medicine....

Eat lots of fruits. No fried food.
In Miri when I have nightmares I go to my Sinseh and he will give me two packets of an incredible powder....hehehehehhe
Hope you get better....