Mar 30, 2015

Chinese New Year eve

Chinese New Year midnight, spa lagi... Of course firecracker time!,

Please look at the car below, does it looks like ordinary car? It is Lexus with lots of boom boom baboon effect. I believe we were the loudest on the night. Lucky for us because there are only 2 families who do not celebrate Chinese New Year in the neighborhood. They were out of town that time. superb! We boom boom as loud!

The sky was filled with beautiful lights and birds hide in our house.

And dogs hide under the couch....

Mar 29, 2015

Kampung Style Wedding

It has been a long time since the family have wedding ceremony in the village. 

This is my cousin's wedding. My uncle is Sino-Kadazan. My grandfather is Kadazan (Sabah native) and married a Malaysian chinese. 

Although my grandfather is Kadazan, he practices Chinese traditions.

The wedding was held in Takuli, Beaufort, around two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. The house has big compound. Lucky there was no rain on the day. 

Tents are setup. Foods are prepared by catering. In the old days, food were prepared together by families and villagers. Work is simpler now with catering.

Room is decorated.

 Firecrackers are ready to crack!

After the bridegroom and bride arrived, they show respect to ancestor and tea ceremony to parents and older relative.

Time to burn firecrackers and fire some shots from the gun.

Not to forget karaoke and dancing Sumazau - traditional dance.

This wedding is considered as conservative Kadazan wedding, because there is not much booze!
Everyone was very careful with alcohol drink because they have to drive.

The bride's families from Johor are very sporting. When they were invited to dance, they just dance. They enjoyed themselves and only go back to Kota Kinabalu at 5pm. Two hours drive to Kota Kinabalu.

Mar 17, 2015

Showing off beloved ones

When a group of ladies gathered together, they will start to show off their beloved ones.

At age 20-30s, they will show off pictures of their boyfriend, fiancé, husband and children.

At age 30-40s, they will show off pictures of their children and children's achievement.

At age 50-60s, they will show off pictures of their grandchildren.

When others are showing off their beloved human, I am showing off my per.... :) 

Mar 15, 2015

Stucked Somewhere

At some point of our life, we will find ourselves stuck in our past.

Having same hairstyle since 10 years ago? Feeling good wearing clothes which we dig out from the closet?

First question: When did we first had it?

If the answer is 5 years ago, most likely we are too proud to let go of our past.

Let it go.. Let it go..... Let it go.......


Income of CNY 2015

Age: 32
Level of Maturity: considered matured
Total: RM125
Eligibility: Eligible

Mar 9, 2015


I believe no one intended to be a backstabber. It is always happen accidentally. Most probably the source is female. 

Female have the tendency to grumble for the sake of venting off tension. The grumbling often misunderstood as fact, and ended up to be bad news. 

I like to grumble just for the sake of grumbling. When i grumbling, everything i said is just rubbish and not logic at all. After grumbling, I will not remember anything i said. 

I have a friend who has a short memory. I like to complain to her because she will not remember after a short while. I refrain myself from grumbling at work place, considering that anything I said might be evidence. Haha sound like police warning.

At workplace, be mindful of colleagues venting off. It is rubbish without concrete evidence.

Careful not become accidental backstabber.