Sep 27, 2011

when you drive

When you drive.....

  1. You know you have not turn on car headlamp, when the road is unusually dark at night.
  2. You know you are not driving straight on your lane/ driving zig zag, when car at behind does not overtake you, even when you are driving as slow as 30 km/hour.
  3. .. errrr maybe should just avoid female drivers with big car.

Sep 22, 2011

Not to talk about someone, someone bad may happen to the person.

Taboo told by my mother: Not to talk about someone, someone bad may happen to the person.

Now I really take this seriously.

In one morning, we were talking about our colleagues' wedding. Chatting away how special is their wedding, while looking at their photos. The moment we stop talking about them and back to our work, someone came to our office and told us the bad news. An accident happened in Mexico Gulf, and he is in the missing liferaft. It was a shock to us. One moment we were talking about him, one moment he might be forever gone.

A friend said perhaps the moment we were talking about him, he was not around anymore. It is a remembrance of him, when we were talking about him

Then I really get it. Nowadays I don't really talk about someone who is alive, not going to talk about his favourite food, his hobby. Keeping to myself is enough.

There were many times when I mentioned someone, that person would appear or contacted me.

There is a chinese saying:
Don't talk about someone during day time, don't talk about ghost during night time.

Sep 17, 2011

another poo poo dream

Another dream...

Am in a toilet, a mobile toilet. this toilet will open its door in 20 minutes.
Once I am in the toilet, it started to shower water on me. Showering??
Looking at the toilet bowl. It disgust me. Typical Malaysia public toilet.
Showering water, but I am not wet.
Basket beside the bowl is full of  used toilet paper.. yuck...

Suddenly water stop showering. Just before I start to take off my pants, the door open.
20 minutes is up!

I really need to poo poo!!!!

I really wanted to do big business when I woke up!

Sep 6, 2011

Wedding spree as a Sister

Attended 2 wedding dinner in a week, 1 & 4 Sept 2011.

Wedding dinner on 1st Sept, it is my neighbour's wedding. It is special because I know many new friends that night.

4 Sept is bit tough because I was bride's sisters during the day. As sisters, our responsibility is to torture brothers of bridegroom when they came to fetch the bride. This is typical modern day chinese wedding. Brothers have to go through phrases of test before they bridegroom can get to the bride.

  1.  When they reach the gate which is locked, they are required to write vows on a paper given by us. They have to read out loud for the bride. When the bride heard the vows, she gave signals to us and proceed to 2nd phase.
  2. The door is locked. Keys are hidden in ice blocks. They break the ice and open the gate. The brothers are barbarian, it is easy for them.
  3. Happy hour! They have to drink beers and burp! We have a sound measurement device to measure it. The one who can't burp have to wear coconut bra and hula dress, and start hula~~ 
  4. Best Model of the day! Pick a lot and the lucky two become the model, and makeup by the brothers according to given photo. It was so funny, because they had fun and creative in using the makeup tool. Rambo eyes and clowns lip! Never expect same guy who dance hula get to be the lucky one.
  5. Balloon within balloon. Another door to pass through, door into the house. Arch of balloons, with key hidden within one of them. One angpow can only pop 5 balloons. This is so funny, because after the pop all the balloons, the right key has disappear. Lucky the groom have a spare key! Almost have to call for a locksmith~~~
  6. Next is yoga. One of the brothers want to do the corpse pose, laying on the floor. And they have to keep the pose while the others have to sing nobody nobody but you. They didn't know the lyric. Instead of singing the original lyric, they just sang ' I don't know, I don't know how to sing~~'
  7. Going up the stairs with question, 3 steps up with correct answer, 2 steps down or an angpow with a wrong answer.
  8. 10 commandment!! One of them is play less angry bird!  Signed!
Tiring but it was fun!

You may find it is quite easy. Most of the brothers' girlfriend or wife are sisters.
We have to be considerate and not make they suffer from stomachache or physical pain.
Looking for the missing key~~