Dec 20, 2014

Talk for the memory

Nice experience of life May slips out of the memory unnoticed when we stop talking about it. I always wonder why people can have such good memories at old age. They can even remember every details of the event from name of each person, clothing and time. It is because they talked about it very frequently... I mean always talk about it like new year stories.

 Talking is not my favorite hobby. All my memories stucked in my mind and slips away very fast. It is a bad bad bad bad sign.......

That night when I started to talk about backpacking experience in 2011. All memory is coming to me now.  Sound like Celine Dion song. I just cannot stop talking in my mind. Only in my mind because the topic changed too fast and no room for me to finish my talking.

Master the art of talking and print your memories at the back of your mind :)

Nov 9, 2014

Face it now

Sometimes i will procrastinate about something because i am too scare to face the matter. The thought of perform such high level task is so scary that make me tend to avoid or run away. When i face it, it is actually not that hard and it is much simpler than i thought. Feeling of relieved is so overwhelming after facing it. I realised it is only me who makes it complicated.

Next time when i want to run away, i will face it because it is only me who thinks too much.


Email becomes big chunk of my work now. It feels like i am back to early 2000. Back to the days when email was very popular because i just started to learn how to online. When the sound of modem 'diiii duuuu dooo diiii duuuu' excites me because the length of each tone plays great role in getting connection. Checking emails and forward chain mails becomes lifw routine. Nowadays no one ever get chain mail anymore. The one i miss is the beautiful and funny animated birthday card. 

Now email is not that fun. Email means have work to do. Bombard by emails can be stressful. Better just hire someone to guard the emails. Emails can be very distracting
and decrease level of effectiveness.

Life goes on in real life and virtual life.

Aug 24, 2014

Facebook's friend

Most of the people now are so attached to Facebook. Only friends who are in their facebook's friend list are considered as real friends. If a friend is unfriended from facebook friend list, it means this friend is no more a friend.....

Facebook is that powerful!

Eventhough you are not my friends in my facebook, you still can be my friends in reality.

Facebok can destroy human relationship easily.

Jul 21, 2014

Photobook and Babies

Last few month, photobook was very popular among my ex university mates.

Everyone (not me) was talking about free photobook. I not a fan of photobook because I am not a mother yet.

Those who huha about photobooks are mother and want to keep their babies frozen in photobook. hahaha. I am so sarcastic.

I actually get a free photobook from groupon. But I totally forgot bout it.

It takes time to compile all the photos and limit it to 20 pages. Duh! I have too many photos. I wonder how to limit it to 20 pages....

And now seems like it had become unpopular because all mothers are too busy with potty train their bb.

Jul 2, 2014

Raining Morning and Umbrella

On a raining morning, I sheltered a lady with my umbrella without her asking.

Small deed lead to friendship.

The friendship may not last but it is a comfort to the lady who is new in town.

I guess she is new in town because she is not familiar with KK.

Jun 6, 2014


Whenever we hv a goal and it is hard to achive it. because we only think the journey is hard.

Keep giving excuse to ourself of not achieving the goal.

Maybe we should think the positive side of our goal.


IT is really scary when you have the goal but do not know how to make the plan.

It is even more scary that I might get fired from my ignorance.

Maybe there are better sky for me out there.


Jun 3, 2014


A child will always is a baby in the eyes of parents.

When I was a kid, my mum will always asked "did you go to toilet? Have you finish your big business? Already have your lunch?"

When I go to university far away from home, my mum will call and said "remember to cover yourself with your banket." As a typical youth, I find it is very annoying because when I am sleeping, how to know whether my blanket is covering me or not. Only when I am an adult, I realised I always kicked my blanket and end up "masuk angin / sick from wind". Mum is just caring and nag for my own good.

At my early 30s, my mum still always ask about my location in wechat.
"Nomi aaa, where are you aaa?
I am never embarrass even she did it in public.

I love you, mum.

I love you, dad. Thank you for loving my mum.

Happy Parent's day!

May 26, 2014

Mount Kinabalu

Sayang gunung kinabalu.. sayang sayang ooo

sorry totally out of tune and lyric.

It a beautiful scene of Mount Kinabalu.

View from Kota Marudu is different of from view in Kota Kinabalu.

I have a dream. The dream of climbing this mountain.
I need to work out to build my stamina and lost much weight.

My objective of 2015!

Love you, Mount Kinabalu!

May 22, 2014

Open Doors

Passing by elevators..

Few elevators' door opens after another opens...

It felt like opportunities opening up to you and which one will you take.

At many points of your life, opportunity appeared in front of you and we do not see it.

We just walked pass by and regret it when we found out later.

Scolding ourselves for not noticing it and regret much.

When we are given another opportunity, we still cannot see it and walk pass it again.

Are we blind to opportunity?
Are we too scare to take the chance?
Are we scare to change?

Every opportunity comes with a sacrifice. do some risk assessment and make a decision.

Take it and die not regretting the decision.

A. not to enter into any door
B. enter into all of them and die not regretting.

May 21, 2014


When comes to choices, it is tough.

What will you do?

I will msg everyone I think I would want to talk about it.

And collect as much as opinion and suggestion from them.

Finally, make my own table of pro and con.

Then blindly make a decision.

I can always find other choices if I want.

Egoistic Nomi

Feb 6, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 was on 31 Jan 2014.

I did not manage to go have a haircut and I ended having bad hair day for the whole cny.

Flew back to Miri on 29 Jan 2014 night, flight was delayed but was very excited.

30 Jan 2014 was a very busy, tiring and happy day.
I was very happy playing water for the whole morning. washing car porch, windows and spraying water on my dad and myself.

Then moved to kitchen to help my mum cook. My brother was in-charge in smashing garlic and ginger with cleaver.

When we start to cook chicken soup, my mum quickly hide garlic from our sight. Because there is no garlic in chicken soup recipe. There is ginger but not garlic.

Finally we had a New Year eve dinner.

Even I was very tired, have to drag myself up at midnight to play fire crackers.
Competition of fire crackers.
My neighbour has a very long one, 3999 pcs cracker.
The night exploded!

Then we eat long life noodle with chicken soup as our breakfast the next morning.

Then we go out visiting and eat.

Jan 23, 2014

Cold and Rains

These few days have been raining and extremely cold days.

Water level of drains is high.

some place even have cases of crocodile crawling out from drain and lay on wall of house.


Jan 22, 2014

Jan 2, 2014

Face to face or Virtual?

Nowadays people becomes lazy to chit chat face to face. People prefer chat via online. Even with people who is just beside you.

People do not like to talk with mouth, prefer to talk via chatting online.

What did you do yesterday?
Answer: please refer to my facebook.

What did you see in the zoo?
Answer: please refer to my facebook

What is your result?
Answer: please refer to my facebook

Lets talk to your facebook.