Dec 20, 2014

Talk for the memory

Nice experience of life May slips out of the memory unnoticed when we stop talking about it. I always wonder why people can have such good memories at old age. They can even remember every details of the event from name of each person, clothing and time. It is because they talked about it very frequently... I mean always talk about it like new year stories.

 Talking is not my favorite hobby. All my memories stucked in my mind and slips away very fast. It is a bad bad bad bad sign.......

That night when I started to talk about backpacking experience in 2011. All memory is coming to me now.  Sound like Celine Dion song. I just cannot stop talking in my mind. Only in my mind because the topic changed too fast and no room for me to finish my talking.

Master the art of talking and print your memories at the back of your mind :)