May 27, 2011

Ouch Ouch souvenir from Vietnam

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

That is the only things that makes me remember that market in Ho Chi Minh.

2 stall hawkers hit me....

Countless hands grab my hand, leaving palm marks on my arm....

Hawkers trying to stop me from going to other stall by forming human barrier, while my friends are choosing HANDMADE tissue box cover.......

Trying to trick me into her stall by saying that she wants to ask me a question........

Finally, bought some rusty keychains...

May 23, 2011

Run before it is too late.... Fell for the wrong person

I don't know why...

Sometimes, most of the times, we can stop ourselves from loving the wrong person.

"We are just friends." This can be an useful excuse to be closer to the wrong person.

Perhaps I should say.... when there are married man/woman trying to be a friend, this can be the starting point of danger zone buffer.

You might argue that even married person need some friends.....

There is the need of boundary for such friendship. Going out 2 by 2 is a big NO~~~

Most of the time, we need to be cruel and rude to reject such advance from a married person.

In the beginning, we might be just friends. We might think there is no harm of being a friend. But from being just ordinary friend can lead to something and that something can hurt you and that person.

The most common phrase we heard is "I don't have any feeling for my spouse anymore."

Love is blind!

I don't believe love is blind! It should be:

Love is blind and deaf!

By the time we heard "I don't have any feeling for my spouse anymore", I believe that we are blind and deaf.

It is better to avoid than hurt ourselves with empty promises and short term happiness.

So run before we turn blind and deaf!

May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother was quite sad when I kept giving hint that her gift was our tour to Guilin. So no more gift for her. 

On last Saturday, Mother's day, we had steamboat for dinner. Suddenly my sister and I surprised her with a big box and a carnation. My mother feeling like she is showing off carrying a big box out of the restaurant to parking lot. We purposely let her carry the big box. Who does not like carrying their own big gift around and smiling ear to ear?

Although it is a big box, it is not heavy at all.

It is a portable mini sewing machine. So our mother can mend our clothes. HAHAHAHA!! JUST JOKING~~~~~

May 7, 2011

The troubled teenagers (1)

"That girl committed suicide before. Most probably because heart broken."

"That boy who killed the girl was my schoolmate. We used to hang out together. But that was before he started to use drug. He is so pitiful."

"High school students nowadays even sniffing drugs at the back while teacher is teacher at front. The teacher can't do anything about it."

How many of us did not think of committing suicide before when we were teenager? Such as committing suicide by flushing us down the toilet, eat Panadols, etc. But we didn't dare to do it. Suicide had become a leisure thing to do when a teen in depression. Suicide is no longer an adult thing. Life has become 'priceless' as in no value to most teens. We can't blame them too. When someone have no one to turn to, to share their feeling, it can be very depressing. When they think their parents are their enemy as well, it makes the matter worse. Even a simple word can drive them to death.

"You are useless, you are as well die than live in this world!"
"You are meaningless!"
"I regret in giving birth to you!"

... to be continue

May 2, 2011

All about you

It is so funny when Mary created a crossword puzzle, it is all about Steve! How Steve's kiss taste like? What is the colour of Steve's eyes? It drove all her word puzzle fans crazy.

My favourite quote from the movie is "If you love someone, set him free; if you have to stalk him, he probably wasn't yours in the first place."

All about Steve!!!

Still don't get it??

The title of the movie is "All about Steve".

I always love Sandra Bullock. How not to love Sandra when she is so not normal.

She loves her red boots. The boots make her toes feel like dancing.

I love you!

*Crazy mode*