Aug 29, 2010

Meet or not meet....

What do you think of bloggers gathering?

There is the risk of losing readers after the gathering. When another blogger met you and found out that you are not as interesting as your blog, it can be a real turn off (as if that person turned on when reading your blog). 

My first meeting with a blogger (someone whom I never met before) was with Sarawakiana. What worries me before I met her was what if we have nothing to talk about...... Would we just make polite conversation, look into our coffee as if we can see our future in it, then look at our watch... and smile to one another? Lucky.. lucky. She is such a talker. Usually when I just know a person, I won't make any comment and try to be neutral in everything. Once warmed up, I would try to find a point to argue your opinion. Sound like a debate? True or not, you have to ask her. Despite our gap of age, we still have fun in talking and going out visiting Miri. I guess it is because I am a good girl. Ha Ha Ha HA!

If you want to meet me next week, come to Sorong. I will be there waiting for you... See you...hiek hiek hiek (evil laugh).

No need to worry much about Malaria because my blood is a bad breeding ground.

Are you lonely tonight? *wink*

"The last thing I want is to live and die alone", by T(H)(B)

I am sure that no one wants a lonely life.

Somehow many singles do not feel lonely
.....until someone around asked about it
.....until when everyone is busy with their family and left you alone
.....until you read an romantic article
.....until you are happy and no one to share it with
.....until you read this post
Only then you would wish that you are not lonely.

How many people dare to admit they are lonely?
Not many people dare to admit because no benefit out of the confession.

Bear in mind, lonely does not only happen when you are alone. Even when in the midst of a crowd of friends, you still can felt lonely.

When someone said he/she is lonely to opposite sex, it may possibly understood he/she wants a sex adventure. Hence when you see a person is laughing weirdly and having dreamy eyes, don't tell that person that you are lonely, unless you want sex from that person.

Lonely can be just a word used when the person needs companion and listener. lalalalala


Aug 27, 2010

Fishing tricks (behind the scene)

Rivers, wedding dinner, jogging path, gym, bar, swimming pool is a BIG no no.

Worms, sweet smile, battling eyelashes, nice smell, being fishy is a BIG no no.

Patient, respectable, confident, friendly, interesting, smart, hardworking, polite, talking too loud is a BIG no no, may scare away all the fish.

Rod (preferable a long and lasting rod), sharp eyes, horny eyes are BIG no no.

It's all depend on what you want to fish.

Aug 25, 2010

Watch out for notorious driver with big car, ME

I love driving Big car! Today is my first time driving my mother's Innova around the town. It is so fun driving. There is one reason.... That is... THERE ARE BIG MIRRORS!

Very big mirrors compared to salon car. Innova is a MPV, a.k.a. family car. With all those mirrors, I can see everything going around the car, except anything small behind  the car. Vroom.. vroom... vrooooooommm.

No wonder my mother loves big car. WE felt SUPERIOR on it.

I think many men will get annoyed by woman with big cars now. hehehe.

Once you have a taste driving big car, your next dream car perhaps will be a lorry! Of course this is just a joke. Lorry is too long. A battle tank is a much better option.

Aug 24, 2010


31 August, Malaysia Independent Day is coming. It may also be my last day of freedom from work.

I will be going to a place something related to genital stuck in long stick. You have to watch more Discovery or National Geographic channel to guess where is it. Or you can just type Irian Jaya at google search and click image. Now you know.....

I am only scare of one thing. MALARIA. I don't like to eat pills........ Risk my life or eat my pill? I prefer the choice of killing myself. If I am destined to die, I will die anyway. Sound dreadful, Isn't it?

According to dating tips, I can't complain about my life when I go dating. So should I create a fantasy work environment to talk about? Frankly work is not too bad, life is nothing anyway. You can even die in your sleep. 
Recently so many people died around me. I heard this words from my grandpa before, and I can't believe I just wrote it down. If someone is MIA (missing in action) for a while, the possibility of death may come into my mind. Perhaps this is how someone who had close encounter with death will think of. If you never fell from stairs, you won't think anyone can fall from stairs.

I think the title of this post should be DEATH! No? Yes?

I guess it is normal for a teenager to think how to kill itself. Flushing down into toilet? (too cartoon). Cut your vein? (Have to waste money to buy a sharp blade before I die?) Jump from a high building? (By the time I reach the building, I will lose my suicidal mood) Drink poison? (I don't like bitter drink)
I am scare of pain, so I won't commit suicide. Another reason that I won't think of committing suicide is because I am no longer a teenager.

Perhaps 'Careless with life' is a better phrase. I learned this phrase from Grey's Anatomy Season 4.

Whatever it is, just a phrase and rambling writing.

Rude me

Maybe I am just rude.
Maybe I like to be frank than trying to be polite.
Maybe I just like to talk the truth.
Maybe It is just me.

Aug 21, 2010

2nd hand sales at Dewan Suarah Miri

Every Sunday at Dewan Suarah Miri, also public library, at its compound, there are people selling second hand stuff. Too bad they will do it until the end of August. Their reason ending it because some of them refused to pay for the rental. It cost them RM 10 for only 1 day. It is quite costly for them. If you like to see some antiques which are not quite antique, welcome to stop by at their site tomorrow.


They even take effort to make it pleasant to eyes. They don't look like pirate CD to me.

This is African plant if not mistaken. It is good for health.

Someone's bag with Sin Chan's sticker is on sale. This must be full of memory. It kind of remind me of hard cover bag pack we had when we were very young.

This is a cassette player radio, and recordable type. This is not antique yet, but hard to see this now. In 50 years in future, this is an antique.

Do you notice the brand? Heineken. Never saw this brand on any electronics before. Is it possible get it free for buying a carton of beer?

Now came the interesting part. A man selling his coin collection. He has many old coins that we won't see it anywhere again.


Rajah Brooke!!

BIG $1 coin. Before $ become RM.

I can't post  photo of the whole site because a ladyboss told me she was forbid by her son for  selling at there. So I have to keep their face confidential. Or else they will be in trouble. Nothing much actually, and not many people know about them. I was there because I went there for a school's charity sales.

Aug 20, 2010

Hidden Beauty

When I was handing out my money to pay for my magazine, I looked up and saw a lady with burnt scar on her right ear. It is not her scar that surprised me, it is her confidence. Normally when a person met an imperfect person, that person will spontaneously focusing on that person's lack. I admit that I have the urge to look at her scar too. However when I met her eyes, I saw her as a person with high confidence and not self conscious. She is very pretty. It is easy to forget about her scar and focus on her.

When we were photographing fruits around food stall, a guy approached us and told us not to simply photograph. He is not ugly but we think he is an ugly guy. He is ugly because his heart is ugly.

Maybe I wrote about this before. I had a classmate who has imperfection on her lips. It is very obvious in the beginning. Before I graduated, I can't seem to find the lack on her face. Her whole attitude had covered up her lack.

Appearance is not the only factor when we define beauty. It is the heart and attitude which can alter your beauty. If you can live without communicating with others, you can enjoy being praised for your pretty face. Are you lying to yourself when you think your pretty face is enough?

The image of the lady at magazine booth had left a deep impression in my mind. She left a confident and sweet smile. She didn't even try to cover up her scar. Her hair were tied up into a ponytail. She is my model.

Aug 19, 2010

Content or Font?

Is it the content or is it the font?

I think it is the BIG CAPITAL FONT.....

When you chat with someone virtually, only with typed alphabets, font is an important factor in expressing you. BIG CAPITAL font can intrigued sense of annoy easily, as if you are looking for a fight with your font.

Recently chatted with someone with BIG CAPITAL font, I felt very annoyed. And it was intensified with the content.....

Next post is THE HAIRY ONE

Aug 18, 2010

Feet quiz

Your Feet Say You're Slightly Stubborn

You are pretty average in your expressiveness. You can express yourself well, but you don't always want to.

You are a somewhat passionate person. A few things get you very fired up, but you're usually pretty laid back.

You are an assertive person at times. You'll pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it's worth it.

You don't fall in love easily. It's hard for you to connect to people, and you don't have many attachments.

You are not afraid of anything. You are brave and courageous, even when most people would be terrified.

You are intellectual and philosophical. You are more concerned with thoughts than action.

You are an amazingly hard worker. You aren't spoiled and you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

You are not easily influenced by other people. You hold your ground and are true to your beliefs. 

Take the quiz here. taken from toemail.

Whether it is real or not, I don't know.

Aug 17, 2010

Meeting with William Ting After 3

After having disconnected from virtual world for some time, suddenly found out that I was featuring in williamting's blog.

Actually almost every week, sarawakiana and I would go out together in search of interesting object to blog about. Her connection with bloggers are vast comparing to mine. She does not just have virtual contact with the bloggers, She actually met most of them in person. So last week, she introduced me to the person behind williamting's blog. Mostly we snap snap photos.


Isn't he very mysterious? You can always get updated news of Miri from his blog, as if he is everywhere in Miri. Beware of the shadow of the dark alley... Don't worry, he is not Clark Kent.

After3 Junction

This is a new eatery in Miri. Miri spended whole lot of our money for this. Once upon a time, it was carpark. Then transformed to a typical open air cafeteria with RM 1 Sarawak dried noodle. Lately it had became a luxury-like air-conditioned eatery with RM 1 small kopi-o (black coffee), exclusive of 5% government tax. Perhaps in future it will become carpark again with RM 1 parking fee.

A3 worker eating

A3 kitchen

You are welcome to inspect their kitchen.

A3 Tree

Original big tree is not cut down, and it still stood proudly penetrating the roof of the eatery.

A3 Bamboo
The eatery is surrounded by small bamboo and it is so pleasant to the town. I am sure foongpc will enjoy eating here

Did you noticed there is a sedan chair in Willian Ting's blog? Here are some of the photos of it, excluding the cute girl in it.
A3 Hee

A3 red sedan chair accesory

Traditional ancient Chinese marriage always carry the bride to bridegroom's house using the sedan. It is no longer practical unless it is not a long distance between their house. Around 2 years ago, a family married off their daughter using this sedan. Bridegroom's house is just across 4 lanes of road opposite of the bride's house. Hence it is not a tough job to carry her to her future husband house, and also no need to sedan-sick for too long.

Aug 11, 2010

Just chatted with a hacker

Here is a chat conversation between me and my friend's msn.

A: hi
A: Recently I took an IQ quiz. I found that I am smarter and I scored 101
Me: Is this a spam?
A: No
A: You can have the quiz here *link*

100% sure this is not from my friend!
I never thought I can chat with a hacker.
I guess with current technology, computer can be intelligent and even chat as it is alive.
Even it is from a friend, it can still be a spam. BEWARE!

Fast fast fast, not the speed but it is all about empty stomach

Today is the first day of fasting month for muslim. I never fast according to muslim rules before. As much as I know, I only know that they have 'Sahur' at early morning and open fast at late evening. Between Sahur and late evening, those who fast can't eat and drink. During sahur, they would eat sufficiently to endure fasting period. Open fasting time is the best, because we can eat as much as possible. Yes including me.

My 1st open fast during my 1st year in uni, my friend brought me around the open fast market, educating me with all Malay cakes and food. As a newbie to Peninsular Malaysia, I was lucky to have a muslim friend who introduced many Malay cakes to me. As 'sakai' as I can be, I was amazed by the blue rice, BBQ chicken with funny name, the hot food, if I was alone, I won't buy any of those food. They just look bad for my stomach. Since I ate kuih lilin, I kept waiting for fasting month. Hard to get a good kuih lilin in Miri.

My favourite is kuih lilin (candle 'cake').
Fasting month is kind of good to me today. As early as 4.30am, who would be awake to entertain my insomia. I get to have a nice chat with my friend just because she have to wake up for Sahur. Lucky me.

Fasting month indicating Eid is approaching!!! Too bad no green angpow for me.

Happy fasting! You are welcome to DHL kuih lilin to me.

Aug 10, 2010

Interesting Blog Award.

I got this award from Ting Tong Teko.

1. Thanks and link the person that tagged you.
ting tong Teko a.k.a as AmirFx, Thanxy. Ting tong tong (thanks in teko's language). Teko=jug.

2.Tag 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think fantastic
This one is hard, I will do it later.

3. Contact that blogs and let them know they 've been tagged 
I will do this later too.

4. State 7 things about yourself.
a. My favourite colour is green, but I don't wear green.
b. I don't like to eat sweet.
c. I have a dog at home.
d. I like to laugh.
e. I love Miri but not Malaysia
f. I think my dog can talk to me.
g. I am cute.

IF you think you are cute, you have to get this award without anyone giving you. Are you confident enough to accept this award? 

Aug 8, 2010

Kuching Food

Kuching food, Kuching food!!

Most of those foods in shown in the youtube are not Muslim friendly, so many pork pork pork.

One of Kuching special food is belacan mee hun. I always thought it is in fried mode, but it turned out to be soupy. My friend brought me to a stall near Batu Kawa and ordered belacan mee hun. When my dish arrived, I opened my eyes wide wide, hard to believe the smell. I told my friend, it smells bad. He said if other people heard what I just said, I will get beaten. 

FYI, belacan is smelly shrimp paste. It is nice to cook with kangkung (a type of vege). If you plan to send belacan to your friend who live oversea, remember to send kangkung as well.

Did I mentioned that Kuching food stall tend to have funny names such as Fei Mao (Fat Cat), Ho say liao (Damn), and so on..... Usually those stalls with nice food, hide at somewhere which is hard to find. It is better do some research before searching for food in Kuching.

Feeling hungry now? I am graving for delicious wantan now. Nyam nyam.

Aug 7, 2010

Contact lense left in my eyes

This news is related to what I am experienced today.

This morning while wearing my contact lense on my left eye, Once the contact lense is in my eye, I felt sharp sensation. So I try to took it out. Then suddenly the contact lense dissapeared.

I felt something is in my eyes. It is under my eyelid. By relaxing my eyelid, lifted my eyelid, suddenly half of my contact lense came out from underneath of my eyelid.

It looks like this. The mystery is where is the other half? I try to find it on my clothes and floors. I still feel something in under my eyelid. Then I decided to cry for 'Mama!!!'

My mum drove me to emergency at government hospital. Lying on my blindbed, a young doctor check my eye with torchlight. He can't find it. Lucky he went out looking for more experienced and older doctor. When the older doc came, so many people suddenly surrounded me. The experienced doctor was so good. He found it after his 2nd try of exploring my eye. He kept apologising whenever I said ouch.. ouch..ouch. My mum said they use small sharp object to make the lense came out.

After the scary ordeal, I went shopping with my mum. Somehow spending money can be good healer.
I almost go blind, be thankful that I can still spend money... 

Until now, my heart still beating faster than normal. It is a narrow escape experience. 

So please forgive me because I totally canceled all my plans for today.

Now I won't put anything into my eyes anymore.

MIB for Toastmaster

Wonder why did I MIB (missing in blog) for a while?

I was preparing my Toastmaster speech. Hard to focus on blogging while thinking of serious speech. As ritual, before I start digging into google for ideas, I blogwalking but I rarely drop comments. Though, there are some exceptions. I had been actively commenting on foongpc's post because he was having a competition of commenting. As kiasu as I can be, I tried to be top 3 in commenting. My fierce rival, [SK] had took the last chance to write the last countable comment at midnight last night. So cheeky~~~

Now I am back, still learning how to multitask in between serious and frivolous writing. During my blogwalking, I saw many toes in toemail, I have many foot photos too. Maybe I will try find one with toe to make the blogger happy. Another new commenter who always cover interesting event in Sabah, who called himself son of corn. This son of corn seems to have interesting parents, If not he won't write their names on his profile. However I don't know them.

Back to my toastmaster speech preparation, it was hard to find a topic to start my preparation. After 2 titles, finally I chose 'The Hairy One' as my title. Curious about the content?