Aug 25, 2010

Watch out for notorious driver with big car, ME

I love driving Big car! Today is my first time driving my mother's Innova around the town. It is so fun driving. There is one reason.... That is... THERE ARE BIG MIRRORS!

Very big mirrors compared to salon car. Innova is a MPV, a.k.a. family car. With all those mirrors, I can see everything going around the car, except anything small behind  the car. Vroom.. vroom... vrooooooommm.

No wonder my mother loves big car. WE felt SUPERIOR on it.

I think many men will get annoyed by woman with big cars now. hehehe.

Once you have a taste driving big car, your next dream car perhaps will be a lorry! Of course this is just a joke. Lorry is too long. A battle tank is a much better option.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

argh! i will never drive again! haha! i tried drive ninja king n seriously wont make any move!! lmao!!

Kelvin said...

Grrr...women can't drive in watever car!!!

Danny said...

m driving a toyota rush .. when i switch care with sis.. felt so sempit ;p

[SK] said...

i hate BIG woman driving BIG cars wearing BIG shades with BIG voices~~ :D

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I drove a toyota Hilux before. Wow, i felt great. The size of that car really made me felt stronger on the road. I know how you feel. But still Ghosty! Obey the rules. Don't break the rules. Hahahah

foongpc said...

LOL @ SK's comment! : D

I don't like to drive big cars cos it's harder to park in tight places!

AmirFX said...

I go to battle tank... Like wise will drive carefully around kuching town.. haha..

Jay said...

Good morning. R u still im miri?

Ghosty Nana said...

Caroline, why can't it move? Is it because you have not start the engine or release the hand brake?

Kelvin!!!! hahaha, we should drive in BIG car only!

Danny, big car always very bossy!

[SK], you forgot curly hair.

Ghosty Nana said...

Reptoz, I am a good girl, of course will obey the rules. But don't forget photographers have to break the rule to produce amazing work. hahaha

foongpc, parking is always troublesome with big car. sometimes can park the space, but can't get out.

AmirFX, battle tank is good, crush every car in sight. nanti kuching jadi kuching penyek.

Jay, morning, yes I am still in Miri