Aug 7, 2010

Contact lense left in my eyes

This news is related to what I am experienced today.

This morning while wearing my contact lense on my left eye, Once the contact lense is in my eye, I felt sharp sensation. So I try to took it out. Then suddenly the contact lense dissapeared.

I felt something is in my eyes. It is under my eyelid. By relaxing my eyelid, lifted my eyelid, suddenly half of my contact lense came out from underneath of my eyelid.

It looks like this. The mystery is where is the other half? I try to find it on my clothes and floors. I still feel something in under my eyelid. Then I decided to cry for 'Mama!!!'

My mum drove me to emergency at government hospital. Lying on my blindbed, a young doctor check my eye with torchlight. He can't find it. Lucky he went out looking for more experienced and older doctor. When the older doc came, so many people suddenly surrounded me. The experienced doctor was so good. He found it after his 2nd try of exploring my eye. He kept apologising whenever I said ouch.. ouch..ouch. My mum said they use small sharp object to make the lense came out.

After the scary ordeal, I went shopping with my mum. Somehow spending money can be good healer.
I almost go blind, be thankful that I can still spend money... 

Until now, my heart still beating faster than normal. It is a narrow escape experience. 

So please forgive me because I totally canceled all my plans for today.

Now I won't put anything into my eyes anymore.


chris federick said...

Ouch! mine once tore and almost went in. Luckily i saved it or i will end up blogging bout it too. :) The contacts r easy to tear when its alrdy 1 month old, or u hav fingernails. Careful ya.

[SK] said...

oh, have to be extra careful when putting on or removing contact lens.. don't even use force because contact lens are very fragile..

[SK] said...

lucky that you are ok.. and still able to spend money shopping.. haha!!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Ouch! That hurts! I still prefer to wear glasses.

Kelvin said...

I never trust contact lenses, heard and see to much case of eyes injuries.

ken said...

never worn contact lenses before.. dont dare to touch my own eyeballs..

glad everything is fine =)

Ghosty Nana said...

chris, so you still wear contact lenses?

[SK] sound like a pro now. Have to calm myself after the trauma. scaryler.

Reptoz, saham turun kalau pakai glasses. Mataku yang cantik kena disembunyi dan sukar mahu mengeluarkan tenaga electic dengan glasses.

Kelvin, I seldom wear contact lenses too. Now scare to wear it.

ken, there is no need to wear if unnecessary.