Aug 8, 2010

Kuching Food

Kuching food, Kuching food!!

Most of those foods in shown in the youtube are not Muslim friendly, so many pork pork pork.

One of Kuching special food is belacan mee hun. I always thought it is in fried mode, but it turned out to be soupy. My friend brought me to a stall near Batu Kawa and ordered belacan mee hun. When my dish arrived, I opened my eyes wide wide, hard to believe the smell. I told my friend, it smells bad. He said if other people heard what I just said, I will get beaten. 

FYI, belacan is smelly shrimp paste. It is nice to cook with kangkung (a type of vege). If you plan to send belacan to your friend who live oversea, remember to send kangkung as well.

Did I mentioned that Kuching food stall tend to have funny names such as Fei Mao (Fat Cat), Ho say liao (Damn), and so on..... Usually those stalls with nice food, hide at somewhere which is hard to find. It is better do some research before searching for food in Kuching.

Feeling hungry now? I am graving for delicious wantan now. Nyam nyam.


chris federick said...

Belacan kang kung my fav and signature dish haha.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I don't read Chinese , that's why i do not know that those names are actually funny names. Muahahah!

Kelvin said...

Lol, "Ho say liao" XD
Is this the boss pet phrase?

[SK] said...

so sad.. my comment is deleted :(
let me try to recall what i commented and drop a new one lor..

[SK] said...

have only been to Kuching once, and that was like 7 years ago.. can't really remember what i had, only the kolo mee and another type of vege that taste slimy, if not wrong they call it something like sayur pilin..

Ghosty Nana said...

chris, my fav too.

Reptoz, everytime I pass the stall, I say ho say liaw

Kelvin, most probably hehehe

[SK], sorry and thanks for commenting again.
that vege is maybe midin, it is fern.

robin said...

OMGGG I am so gonna attack all the kuching food the next time i return to Kuching !!!