Jun 30, 2010

Shorter legs Vs. Longer legs, World cup 2010, South Africa

29 July 2010, Japan Vs. Paraguay, 10pm local time (Malaysia)

Around 8pm, some support Japan, some support Paraguay.
Some bet on Japan, some bet on Paraguay. 
Some bet with money, some bet with McDonald Value Meal.
I am a bookie, so I win no matter who win.

I am not a fan of football. So far I have not even watch a football match since World Cup 2010 started. But last night I have an instinct that Japan have mere chance to win. Logically, Japanese have shorter leg.

What are the chances you meet a tall Japanese?

Last night's result : Paraguay won with penalties 5-4.
Not too bad, even with shorter legs. Must be an exciting match. Relatively Asian have shorter legs, which mean have to work harder to be at the same level with longer legs. A salute to Japan!

Not letting other countries underestimate their short legs, Japan had proved that shorter legs does not mean will lose miserably. 

Just some thought from someone who have no idea about football.

Don't blame the floor when you fell down.

Jun 28, 2010

A Tragic Incident at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010, 27 June 2010 posted by Toh Yit Ming on Facebook

I would like to share a tragic incident that happened at Standard Chartered KL Marathon today…
When i was running my final 2 km on the 10km… as i was running along the road in front of Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, i saw a guy was sitting on the road side then soon enough he collapsed…

this incident attracted my attention as a guy(a training doctor, named Irkhan) that was trying to help him was shouting for medic..
as i was a trained EFR, i ran over to see what is happening.. (it was around 1 hour into the race for 10km runners)

i got to know that the guy (named Lim) has collapsed and was having seizure.. we tried to place him in recovery position… he was breathing very heavily and shortly and he was also biting his teeth very very hard… i was afraid that he will hurt himself (with either biting his own tongue or he closed up his airway).. so i tried to open up his jaw and tried to communicate wif him to have him relax and breath easily.. he then slowed down his breathing and taking deeper breath…

another lady (Pei Kheng) came to help and constantly monitor on his pulse… and Dr. Visva (was another participant in the run) came over to help…

Then suddenly, his pulse was gone… then we lied him flat and started on CPR procedures… we constantly check on his pulse to check whether his pulse has come back.. we did chest compression and also mouth-to-mouth breathing to Lim…
as we were doing the CPR procedures, we did not sight medic anywhere.. and we tried to shout as loud as possible for medic…

After awhile into the CPR procedures, "lady A" said that she could feel his pulse but was very weak.. then we stopped the CPR procedures to see whether he regain consciousness or not…
After i stopped the chest compression on Lim, i started shouting for medic services again with the hope that a medic services is nearby and heard us.. but unfortunately not… we only sighted 3 DBKL Officers(with big motorcycles) just stood by the road side and just stare… the did not come over to help or to check out what happened… (it was around 10 minutes that Lim collapse and had seizure)…

after a moment, Lim loose his pulse again.. we started CPR procedures again.. we still did not sight an ambulance or any EMS(Emergency Medical Services) around… after approximately 30 compression, Lim regained his pulse but was very very weak.. and yet.. there was still no ambulance or EMS sighted… and DBKL officers still stood there and did not came over to help… so I informed a passer by to run to the officers to tell them to call for an EMS soonest possible...

after we performed CPR procedures on Lim for the the third time, finally a St. John ambulance came after around 15 - 20 minutes after Lim collapsed…

we let the EMS officers to take over the CPR and First Aid… Dr. Visva asked whether do they have the AED(Automated External Defibrillator)… one of the person from the EMS said that they do not have it.. then I asked whether do they have a face mask with pump.. they also did not have it there… THEY PRACTICALLY HAVE NOTHING IN THE AMBULANCE!!!!!!!! -.-"

EMS took him and speed their way to HKL…

we were later informed that the Response time for EMS is 3 minutes but it took them almost 20 minutes to arrive… and later.. as I was reading through the Runners Guide that was provided in our running kit…
There is a statement (at page 15) that states that "Medical Assistance - Medical Aid is available every 4km and at the Finish Area. Due to runner's physical condition, Medical Officials are authorized to stop runners and remove their timing chip"

every 4KM MY ROYAL ASS.. I did not see any first aider, ambulance or any sort of medical officials along my 10km route… and if 4km was true.. it definitely will not take them SO LONG to arrive...


I got a call from Dr. Visva a moment ago.. he went to HKL to check out the condition of Lim and he informed me that Lim have passed away on his arrival to the hospital… T__T

Lim is only into his 20's and was running the 10KM distance…

P/s: please share this note to as many people as possible.. we will hope to create awareness on the inefficiency of EMS, DBKL officers and organiser of standard chartered KL Marathon 2010...

we also want to create an awareness that this kind of inefficiency have caused a life of a young man...
we will hope that the marathon organisers will take responsibility and make EMS a top priority in their planning 

Jun 26, 2010

Wait with action or be a patient?

Actually I am waiting for my blog anniversary... My first post was written on 29 Sept 2009. Still long from now and so far I wrote more than 200 posts. Still waiting.. I am practicing the virtue of patience.

Actually it is very hard for me to sit and wait for something to happen. When I want something, and if it requires waiting, I will wait but wait with action. Wait with action is just a fancy term for not waiting or being impatient.

Taking applying a job for example. After you submit your resume along with your cover letter, do you just wait and see? When you are determined to enter into certain company, will you still wait and see?

Looking back to the time when I was applying my first proper job, after sending my resume, I kept my mobile phone with me all the time, and kept it fully charged, waiting for the call for interview. After the interview, I was so eager to know the result. From time to time, I would look at the number of the boss, with my thumb on the call button. Every time I almost make the call, I would tell myself that he need some space and time. Giving him the duration of 2 weeks... When the times is up, I called to know the status of my application. 
 When you call to ask the status of your application, you can actually annoyed the employer. So I wised up by saying I need to give my boss one month notice before I can quit the current job. Good boss would understand that.

Wait and see is a torturing task. I tend to wait with action.

However as the number of the age kept changing, same goes with attitude.
When you are sitting in a waiting room, just wait, staring in the blank space, with opened mouth, saliva drooping from the side of the lips, doing nothing.

This behaviour make it easier for evil stuff to possess you, so don't wait in this behaviour.

Wait with eyes open, looking around, not talking much, be alert with things happening around, writing notes, drink a cup of coffee, keep a smiling face, make small talk, giving the impression that you are smart and full of mystery.

Is this better?

This is called wait with observation or so call be patient and not becoming a psychiatric patient.

Here is a bench, please sit and wait. Photograph taken in a homestay in Sabah, It is a longhouse.

Jun 25, 2010

Desperate post - big fleas

No viewer after half day. Viewer's statistic is showing graph of going down. And it is not even weekend.
A bad sign. It is time for a desperation post...

Saw something very disgusting today. It is the size of flea on a dog's body. It is so BIG!
Its diameter is around as wide as a head of a chopstick, around 5mm. SO HUGE!
Never imagine it can get so big. Furthermore it is not one flea, there are several fleas on the dog.
So visible as if it is buttons on his body. 

Lucky my mum is very brave in holding dogs. we put some flea killer medicine on the dog's neck.

Originally the dog was not a stray dog, he belongs to our neighbour whom we are not familiar with. Only these few days, we noticed that he is locked outside. From his size, we guess he is still a puppy, big puppy.

Pitying him, I fed him some rice, then my mum noticed those fleas on his body. Those big fleas...

If can't take care of a dog, better don't start having one.

Jun 22, 2010

Nana lawak about Salawak (Nana joke about joker?)

Was checking Uncle Goldfish's reading list, then found this!

Translation: Nana joke about joker....

It just sound so funny!!!

Ok back to unfunny writing..

Goldfish Uncle's recent post reminded me of zipped foreskin there are many people are looking for job.

I don't know why people always ask me to help in looking for job. I don't have much connection, but I have useful connection. I used to help many people in this matter, either in offering my knowledge of the industry or some email addresses.

I don't know why did I help them. Maybe because I inherited my dad's gene. Maybe because I believe in karma. Maybe because someone helped me before in this matter. Maybe because I like to 'kaypo' (busybody). Maybe because it is nice to get a chance to talk so much (people will be extra friendly when they ask for help). Maybe because I help because someone ask for the help.

PHOBIA - Phohuntjobia

The title of this post is about phobia. Phobia of helping people in job hunting, Phohuntjobia.

Lending a hand in this matter can be risking. If the one you help is actually not capable in performing the job, it can stained your image and be labeled as H.O.D. of incapable labourer supplier. It is a BIG risk.

I quit from the task of helping people in job hunting, or maybe try not to be too involved in it. Superficial is good enough.
The sequence of asking of help procedure can be very funny. Here it is:
1. Usually encounter the event virtually, so it is in chatting mode.
2. Asking how am I? Very friendly mode. Talking about job, then approaching the topic of jobless or looking for new job.
3. Then I asked about education background.
4. At this moment, most possibly I talked about potential field to involved in, (if kaypo-busybody) I google for such vacancy, or giving email address (mine or not).
5. After the goal achieved, conversation turned cold, not much reply from the other side (perhaps the person already at the 'other side' *eerie*)

In many of my cases, many disappear without a thanks!
One even told me I should not ask for a thanks when I help someone! 

That's how I get Phohuntjobia.

Sorry, I can't help you anymore. You can ask Google for help.

Jun 21, 2010

having coffee while looking at lizards

Let's have a coffee break and play with trapped lizards.

Fresh coffee comes with shit.

Tips to make the shit sink faster to the bottom:
* Put coffee and hot water 1st, then put in sugar. I haven't try but you can.

Many spoiled brats may not need this tips because they have the modern coffee making machine. When spoiled brats ran out of paper filter, they will cry, "arghhh... no paper filter, no coffee for me. uwarg uwarg (brat's crying sound)."

This coffee making machine was introduced to me by my Brazillian colleague, whose mind only filled with Curitiba.  Yeah, he is a spoiled brat. Thanks for his good persuasion to our manager, we got a coffee machine in our office. The advantages of its existence in our office is that we can always have fresh coffee, there is no need to walk to the kitchen for coffee break. The disadvantages of it are that everyone in the crew came to our office for coffee, including clients, so we have to behave ourselves all the time. We can't gossip, we can't be slacking, we can't play minesweeper, we can't Friendster-ing (Facebook was not popular then), we have to pretend that we are working. Torture.....

Mini coffee maker
 Then another kiwi colleagues brought a mini coffee maker. She is not a spoiled brat, because she doesn't cry over lack of filter paper. After lifting the top cover, make coffee in this cup-look alike-coffee maker. Then pull the iron button so the whole stick lifted to the bottom of the cover. Next, cover it with the top cover. Then slowly put down the iron button to the bottom of the cup. It works like a filter. Now you can pour out your fresh brew coffee.

Whatever tool you use to make coffee, you won't affect the quality of your coffee. It is the coffee that counts.

Jun 20, 2010

It is Father's Day, so skip a lizard's post

May and June is parent's months. Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June.

Normally when parent's months are coming nearer, my dad will look sulky, complaining 
  • mother's day is always more significant comparing to Father's Day 
  • complaining children will only call mother when they reach a place safely (my dad is a taxi driver, so he always see passengers calling mother only), no matter how old that children is.
Then we will know Father's day is coming or his birthday is coming soon. We usually celebrate Father's Day earlier because we usually are busy on Father's Day. haizzz......

My dad had worked hard to see all of us graduated from university. It was never easy to earn a living to raise 5 children. Lucky for my dad to marry such a smart wife, wise financially. Frankly, money is never enough. It is only by spending wisely, money can be enough.

Ok back to my dad. 

My dad is very strict with my brothers and rarely laugh with them, but he always joked with us, his daughters. You may think taxi driver is ignorant people, but my dad knows everything on street. I actually learned a lot from my dad. He used to tell me all his ancient stories, his life without mother, how he met my mother, his working experience. He once told me that I can write a biography of his life. So much to learn from his experiences.

When we were small, we will call "PAPA" when he came back home, and he will answered us with a sweet, "oiiiiiiii". Now only have our dog welcoming him when he came home. Thanks to my bro, having spent time to celebrate Father's Day in our place. Sorry, Dad.

It is my parents who taught me how to be a person who is street smart. Although they can be too controlling, still they are parents. My dad said we children are always baby in parent's eyes.

My dad won't be perfect without my mother. Hence, it is quite hard to write about my dad without mentioning my mother.

That's my dad when we visited my friend's house (longhouse) in Sibu.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!

Cute trapped lizard

Let's continue talking about lizard in this post. Introducing the main subject... 

Deng Deng DENG!!

It is all about trapped lizard.

Finally, I understood their feeling, trapped lizards' feeling. Being confined in a restricted compartment and feeling lost.

Recently, attended a photographers gathering, mostly talked about cameras, lenses and photos. Admitting that I am not a good student, havn't do my revision for a long time. When they photographers talked about lenses, cameras.... 

I had only small idea of what they were talking about! 

Although I work with numbers, I still have problem with numbers. 
So not acting smart or pro, I just kept quiet while googling the numbers in my limited database (mind). Lucky my processor still working fine and silent. 

'ok... this number comes with a D... This must be camera model. Yes, mine is still 500D'
'This number so familiar, and very big... must be a zoom zoom lense.'

I still love photography. It is just that I was infected by lazy bug, thus abandon my camera when I am at home. Is this a good excuse?

Almost all of my photos (some from google) in this blog was taken by me. I took photo of everything with my digital camera, since I had a digital camera 5 years ago. At last, all those photos come in handy for this blog.

Although the gathering is a challenging session for me, I still will attend such gathering in future. Thanks for inviting me, Ann Ann.

Dear readers, hope you all enjoy the photo of trapped lizards.

WARNING! Prepare a plastic bag before you read this post. You may feel disgusted and puke.

This warning comes too late?

Jun 18, 2010

Click me, I am interesting a.k.a syok sendiri

I am so intrigued  by the Link within of my blog.
 Just noticed that my posts are titled with beautiful words, which always aroused my curiosity of its content.

My mind is like hypnotized with the word
'Click me... click me..... I am interesting....'

My blog is so chicky, even dare to usurp its own author to read her.

Naughty, naughty ghostynana. You better behave yourself.

Posts without photos are so boring, with a boring grey box as its icon.

Hence, every post should have a photo of itself to make every one of them with pretty icon.

Introducing the icon of the post.....

Deng.. Deng .. DENG!
quite scary, isn't it?
It is still a mystery while we sisters like to make this pose when someone took our photo. 
That half face lady is my younger sister, then my creative youngest sister decided that she looks like that dino lizard. I was reminded that accidentally I made the same pose of my sis in that photo.

So are you confused now with how many sis I have, who is who, and who make what, and why is it related?

Ignore the confusion, just click my on old post at the linkwithin and enjoy the craziness of my blog.

Jun 17, 2010

Pretty lady by the road

If you are ladies...

If you are a guy who looks feminine....

If you are a guy who looks like gigolo...

If you are a guy who looks like a bully...

Never ever stand by the road around Kampung Air (Water village) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, at night.

Don't be deceived by the name of Kampung (village), because it is not village at all. It is located at the center of the city.
Along the road, there are many prostitutes, transvestites and motels.

Last time, my brother, my lady friend and me was standing by the road waiting for our friend. Suddenly a car drove passed by us slowly, and even wink at my friend. Whenever my brother come out from hotel with us girls, people will give my brother a weird look, maybe thinking my brother is a pimp.

This time, going out with my cousins from the age of 14-17. Whenever they saw ladies standing by the road, they said they are prostitutes.

As a kindhearted blogger, I warned you!!

Jun 16, 2010

Bad blogger in promoting good stuff - Freshlook illuminates contact lense

I am a bad blogger, always give outdated information to my readers.

Haizzzz (sighiiinnnnnnnnnng).

In the beginning of May, I found a site which was giving out 3 pair of contact lenses for free. Ironically, I knew it when I found it accidentally in someone's blog. I supposed to blog about it, but I totally forgot about it. Another excuse is that I was not sure it is real or not, as there is no free lunch in the world.

APPARENTLY, There is a free lunch, not a free lunch but 3 lunches exactly.

Fresh look was promoting  illuminate contact lenses, it is disposable. It can enlarge your eyes. Its site is http://www.freshlookilluminate.com.

That time it gave out 3 pair for free, by just answering 2 easy questions. But now no more such offer.

After waiting for almost a month, on 24 May 2010, I received an envelope with 3 pairs of contact lenses.

It is a miracle that the cases still in good condition, guess no one sat on them.

Along with it, I get a coupon which due in July.

As nerdy as I can be, I seldom wear contact lenses.

So I only wore it on 12 June, on my cousin's wedding day, at Tuaran, Sabah.

It makes me look like my sister who has bigger eyes. If you look carefully, you can differentiate my iris from the contact lenses. My eyes are more brown.

Too bad no more offer for 3 free trial pair, which is a better bargain comparing to one pair of free trial.

Sorry. Sorry.

Jun 15, 2010

Weirdo's confession

I just don't get it...
Do I look like stupid?


nay nay naaaay ne. Once is enough for me. No need to see a ghost twice to know the ghost.

Asking for my help... but sound like scolding me...........

Dude, I had quit from the world of foolishness. Am not applying for any vacancy in that industry.
I can't help you, dude. Maybe Mr. Google can help you.

I am just a weirdo who knows nothing, sees nothing, and hears nothing, like the monkey.

You are welcome to call me names, because I like names.
You are welcome to message me, because I will keep it confidential.
You are welcome to text me, because I don't really keep my mobile phone with me.

When you ask me a question of yes or no, it means I can say either yes or no. Logic?

When you treat me rudely, I can just ignore you and let you disappear from my world. Why be bother by something worthless?

A weirdo can't help you. So don't find weirdo for help, dude.

Jun 8, 2010

09 June 2010 - Jogging companion

08 June 2010.

Nice day, sunshine day. Good day for a hill walk, or jog with walking on a small hill.

I am not alone today for the walk. At least before my companion was chased away by couple of fierce male dogs.

She is my companion today. I tried to shoo her away before crossing a busy road, however she was so stubborn, kept following me, even to cross a busy road with me.

She is someone's dog in the neighbourhood with two puppies. I was so scared that she will be hit by cars when she walk by me along a busy road. Lucky she didn't get hit. Along the road, she kept peeing, leaving tracks, so she won't get lost.

When entering another neighbourhood with many dogs, suddenly two dogs coming out from a house chasing after her.

Last photo taken before chased away by male dogs. 

She is safe back in my neighbourhood now. Smart girl.

I guess she likes me because I have dog's smell on myself, and also my family fed her and family.

Jun 4, 2010

Gawai Holiday / Harvest Festival

Did you miss me?

Since last Friday, it is another festive season for Sarawak (a Malaysia state in Borneo Island).
28 May Fri - Wesak Day. It is Buddha's Day celebrated by Buddhist and it is public holiday.
             Sat - Public holiday.
             Sun - Public holiday.
            Mon - Working day
  1 June Tues - Gawai Festival (Harvest festival). It is public holiday 
                     in Sarawak only! 2 Days!!
            Wed - Gawai!!!
          Thurs - Working day
               Fri - Public holiday, replacement for Our Yang Di-pertuan Agong's
                     birthday which fell on Saturday.

Without much analysis, you may noticed that there are only two working days for the week. Naturally people will ask for two days leave to get the whole week for holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooohoooooooooo Yahooooooooooooo!!!
Why am I so happy when I am not working???????? Happy for people is also very happying!!

Of course I am happy because I get the chance to celebrate Gawai in Kuching! My good father willing to drive to Kuching for my mother's sake. My uncle is Bidayuh ethnic and he is celebrating Gawai in Kuching this year.

My uncle's hometown is in Bau. Bau means smell in English. Bau is the only place that has gold. Hence when you go Bau, you can smell gold. Yeah, you better don't trust me on the smelling gold part.
View of the village. Not longhouse style.

 When in village, with clean river, with no shit in the river, with many people who likes to swim in river, with kids, OF COURSE it is a must to go for a swim. It is actually my first time to swim in a river. Yeah we swam at Pedaun River. So cooling.....

It had to be cooling. If it is warm, you can start suspecting someone is peeing up the stream. This photo is the only photo which is not showing anyone with underwear. hohohoho.

After swim, get hungry? Then eat. nyam nyam. not nom nom.

Have to walk up hill everytime we went visiting. Why all uncle's relatives like to stay so high on hill? The atmosphere of Gawai is same as Chinese New Year, Eid Festival or Christmas. Everyone dressed nice nice, and many food to eat. For Gawai, the host always cooks for visitors, leaving visitor sitting outside talking to ourselves. Maybe they dare to leave us sitting in the living room by ourselves because we are their relatives. The rice they prepared usually is Dayak rice. It is like sticky rice and tend to make stomach bloated. So don't eat too much if you have gastric problem. Just eat small portion at every house, because there will be food at every house.

Nice wallpaper???

Finally, start our 13 hours journey back to Miri, including stop for meals, and careful driving. Saw many accidents on our way back to Miri.

Happy belated Gawai and Tadau Kamaatan!