Jun 30, 2010

Shorter legs Vs. Longer legs, World cup 2010, South Africa

29 July 2010, Japan Vs. Paraguay, 10pm local time (Malaysia)

Around 8pm, some support Japan, some support Paraguay.
Some bet on Japan, some bet on Paraguay. 
Some bet with money, some bet with McDonald Value Meal.
I am a bookie, so I win no matter who win.

I am not a fan of football. So far I have not even watch a football match since World Cup 2010 started. But last night I have an instinct that Japan have mere chance to win. Logically, Japanese have shorter leg.

What are the chances you meet a tall Japanese?

Last night's result : Paraguay won with penalties 5-4.
Not too bad, even with shorter legs. Must be an exciting match. Relatively Asian have shorter legs, which mean have to work harder to be at the same level with longer legs. A salute to Japan!

Not letting other countries underestimate their short legs, Japan had proved that shorter legs does not mean will lose miserably. 

Just some thought from someone who have no idea about football.

Don't blame the floor when you fell down.


Eric Lee said...

I thought the saying is suppose to be "cannot shit then blame floor is hard"...ok it is direct translation from cantonese la...XD

Shorter or longer legs doesn't matter but one leg shorter than another, it matters...why? David Beckham is like that and look at him. Best Free Kick Taker EVER...XD

Isley Chang~ said...

the Asian team can't beat the GUAY team~

[SK] said...

yalah, how can we blame for shorter legs and physical incompetence?? we should always know our strength and weakness, and then work the best out from them right??

Kelvin said...

Short legs run faster XD

Ghosty Nana said...

Eric, ha.... like that also have ah... Not letting impairment defeat his determination.

Isley, almost beat guay ler. Maybe next time, there will be many Asian countries.

foongpc said...

I want to be a bookie also haha!!

Yeah, shorter legs is a disadvantage just like swimming too. But then, Asians normally work harder and that's good! : )

Ghosty Nana said...

foongpc, bookie is the only one win in gamble! hehehe.
Yeah, Asian always have to work harder to catch up.

Garfield said...

For me, I believe that human can do whatever they think they can do.
As long as a chance is given to them...

Ghosty Nana said...

Sometimes it is all about chance.