Jun 22, 2010

Nana lawak about Salawak (Nana joke about joker?)

Was checking Uncle Goldfish's reading list, then found this!

Translation: Nana joke about joker....

It just sound so funny!!!

Ok back to unfunny writing..

Goldfish Uncle's recent post reminded me of zipped foreskin there are many people are looking for job.

I don't know why people always ask me to help in looking for job. I don't have much connection, but I have useful connection. I used to help many people in this matter, either in offering my knowledge of the industry or some email addresses.

I don't know why did I help them. Maybe because I inherited my dad's gene. Maybe because I believe in karma. Maybe because someone helped me before in this matter. Maybe because I like to 'kaypo' (busybody). Maybe because it is nice to get a chance to talk so much (people will be extra friendly when they ask for help). Maybe because I help because someone ask for the help.

PHOBIA - Phohuntjobia

The title of this post is about phobia. Phobia of helping people in job hunting, Phohuntjobia.

Lending a hand in this matter can be risking. If the one you help is actually not capable in performing the job, it can stained your image and be labeled as H.O.D. of incapable labourer supplier. It is a BIG risk.

I quit from the task of helping people in job hunting, or maybe try not to be too involved in it. Superficial is good enough.
The sequence of asking of help procedure can be very funny. Here it is:
1. Usually encounter the event virtually, so it is in chatting mode.
2. Asking how am I? Very friendly mode. Talking about job, then approaching the topic of jobless or looking for new job.
3. Then I asked about education background.
4. At this moment, most possibly I talked about potential field to involved in, (if kaypo-busybody) I google for such vacancy, or giving email address (mine or not).
5. After the goal achieved, conversation turned cold, not much reply from the other side (perhaps the person already at the 'other side' *eerie*)

In many of my cases, many disappear without a thanks!
One even told me I should not ask for a thanks when I help someone! 

That's how I get Phohuntjobia.

Sorry, I can't help you anymore. You can ask Google for help.


[SK] said...

hmmm, but with your talent, perhaps you should first get rid of that phohuntjobia, and venture into the headhunters/ recruiting agents industry?? haha~~ :p

[SK] said...

hahaha, hilarious Goldfish Uncle!! he actually change your name accordingly to the title of your blog posts?? d*mn~~ LOL :D

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], I thought of that too, becoming recruiting agent, selling off those who come to ask for my help.
Yes, he did that. wonder how he did it. he is very funny, sharing his chikopek stories.

Kelvin said...

Ask them to find themselves. Are they so useless to even find a decent one?

bluedreamer27 said...

agree to kelvin.... opportunities do not jusy knock on your door you have to work hard for it too...

so kind of you on helping them to find the best opportunity for them....
just sad, they dont know how to appreciate it

have a great day nana and happy blogging

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin, usually human relationship make it faster in job hunting. Even in my company, mostly hire relatives of an employee or friends.

bluedreamer27, welcome back to blogging world. Just help when I can help. But I stop doing it anymore.
Have a great day and all the best tomorrow.

Goldfish Uncle said...

Nanarama, for a while there limpek was confused with the bloglist on your blog description and your blog post! Thought blogspot kisiao liao...

Eh you headhunter ar? know any openings for estate manager where limpek only need to tend cows and goats everyday? Bugger kelvin dont liddat, maybe nana owns a major estate sumwhere? then limpek can be lazy and useless in searching

Garfield said...

some people, do deserve to help,
if u see they are capable enough and they are those kind of grateful person.

or else, just ask them to settle themself.

Ghosty Nana said...

Uncle fishy, I am not head hunter and no owner of any estate. You want tend cows? You can go find this job in Sabah. Serious! At Kundasang, have local milk producing farm, and Sabah popular of rearing buffalos. good business because many people get married and they need buffalo for dowry or feast.

Ghosty Nana said...

Garfield, I also agree some ppl deserve to help. However you won't know their true face when they ask for help, they usually be extra friendly when asking for help.