Jun 20, 2010

Cute trapped lizard

Let's continue talking about lizard in this post. Introducing the main subject... 

Deng Deng DENG!!

It is all about trapped lizard.

Finally, I understood their feeling, trapped lizards' feeling. Being confined in a restricted compartment and feeling lost.

Recently, attended a photographers gathering, mostly talked about cameras, lenses and photos. Admitting that I am not a good student, havn't do my revision for a long time. When they photographers talked about lenses, cameras.... 

I had only small idea of what they were talking about! 

Although I work with numbers, I still have problem with numbers. 
So not acting smart or pro, I just kept quiet while googling the numbers in my limited database (mind). Lucky my processor still working fine and silent. 

'ok... this number comes with a D... This must be camera model. Yes, mine is still 500D'
'This number so familiar, and very big... must be a zoom zoom lense.'

I still love photography. It is just that I was infected by lazy bug, thus abandon my camera when I am at home. Is this a good excuse?

Almost all of my photos (some from google) in this blog was taken by me. I took photo of everything with my digital camera, since I had a digital camera 5 years ago. At last, all those photos come in handy for this blog.

Although the gathering is a challenging session for me, I still will attend such gathering in future. Thanks for inviting me, Ann Ann.

Dear readers, hope you all enjoy the photo of trapped lizards.

WARNING! Prepare a plastic bag before you read this post. You may feel disgusted and puke.

This warning comes too late?


AmirFX said...

cicak itew semua gumuk2 la badannya... hahahaaa....

Kelvin said...

Ewww, they are disgusting...i hate lizards.

Ghosty Nana said...

Amir, makan bagus, tidur bagus, maka gemukla badannya.

Kelvin, heheh, yes disgusting