Nov 24, 2010

Your life or his life?

Is your life controlled by what you read or heard?

There is an application on Facebook, Daily Horoscope Advice. I used to get my horoscope advice published on my FB wall everyday. All of it sounded very good. Somehow I felt something amiss.. I tend to fulfill what it wrote on my wall.

I found it is ridiculous.. My everyday life was controlled by something I read! Then I disabled it.

When I was in Taiwan, a 'wise' man told me about my life destiny based on my chinese name in chinese character. According to my name, I have a life which does not sound good for my ears. And that day was my birthday!

All I can do is laugh! It is hard to resist from laughing when I know my life is much better than what he read from my name. 

My life is not belong to anyone but God.
No mortal should read my life.

It is better not to read such nonsense reading. 

Nov 22, 2010

Public Park in Miri

I am someone from Miri. A small town. I wrote about Miri for a contest before, you can read here
I love Miri because it is so small, but too small.

In Miri, whenever friends and relatives come visiting, we would bring them to visit parks. I used to bring my friend to library....

Among many parks in Miri, I like this park. No special reason for liking it.

In this park, their water fountain is int the shape of 'donkey's head. 'Donkey' is a drilling equipment for land oil drilling. You can see many 'donkeys' in Brunei. However in near future, these 'donkey' will start appearing in Miri.

In this park, there is a high tower which looks like an oil rig. It kind of looks like Grand Old Lady, first oil well in Malaysia. Many couples came here for dating because it is very dark up there at night. It is romantic to date here with the stars and no one can recognise them.

Here comes the interesting thing. I like this slides because it is high. Around 5 years ago, my dad and I played the slides. I know we were not young. But who says only young kids can play slides. It is extremely exciting when turning at the corner. wooooooofoooooooooooo.... IT was very fun.

This can be a nice place for wedding photograph, if only there are no rubbish hanging around. Can't figured out how someone would throw the rubbish up. Are they testing the rule of gravity?

Actually the main attraction of this park is their hanging bridge. There are many hanging bridges connected with each other. Really can sweat a lot walking around this park. Not a good park for those who are acrophobia.

The name of this park is Taman Awam (Public Park). The park is sending the message of 'Keep Clean' by arranging many many rubbish bins in front of the sign. This is my favorite photo because of all the rubbish bins. I love rubbish bins. 

Nov 17, 2010


Today is public holiday, Hari Raya Haji, in Malaysia. However too bad, I have to recuperate at home. I am sick.
I can only blame myself for it.

It started on one evening with..

a jog from 5 - 6 pm.
swim from 7 - 8.30 pm
go for a meet up at Afresco.
I called this triple shot in one night.

This triple shot brought me to a meeting of 1 enemy,3 brothers and 5 friends.
One of the 3 brothers is extremely cute, made a fool of myself by giggling like a schoolgirl. Hehehehehehe

I think I catch a cold that night.

The lucky numbers are 5, 3, 1.
3 activities on 1 night, met 1 enemy, 3 brothers with 1 very cute, and 5 friends.


Nov 14, 2010

Why I would like to visit Guilin?

CONTEST #3 This is a little harder, but the prize is better. Write a short post on your blog about why you would love to visit Guilin (if you have not visited before) OR why you love Guilin (if you have visited before) and link back to this post. The post which I like best will win! I will keep the prize a secret for the moment. This is for contest #3 panda's blog.

I would love to visit Guilin because I am curious Why is the Panda doing there? 
Is it because there are many bamboo shoot?
Is it because there are Guilin Gao there?
hmnn... are there any Guilin Gao there?

Another reason is so that I can write about Guilin for one year......

I am very fond of nature bu dislike hiking. Guilin would looks like a good place for sightseeing. Guilin is full of interesting nature features and terrain. Although there are mountain, I don't have to climb it to enjoy the mountain. It would be the best to be under the huge rock formation.

We know Elephant can signify many object. In Guilin, it is Elephant Trunk Hill. It would be cool to enjoy the trunk by camwhoring with the trunk, knock the trunk with my hand, tickle the trunk, or perhaps hug a part of the trunk.

Great places comes with interesting people. I am sure their lifestyle are different from Malaysian. Learning how to live in simplicity and how their compromising with the nature would be marvelous. Simplicity can be the best.

It is known that natives from Borneo are actually originated from China. Guilin can be the perfect place in this research, because Guilin seems protected from globalisation. Truly China.

As selfish as I am, I hope Guilin remain untouched by modernisation for year to come, so all its unique characteristic remain attached. Even if modernisation left Guilin alone, global warming would destroy Guilin by rising up of the water. Hence, let's love our nature by reducing burning of fuel, practise 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce). 

Nov 13, 2010

Shh.... I am actually back to blogspot.....


I am actually back to blogspot....

This wordpress is too materialistic. Everything is about money here. I am not going to pay just to post Nuffnang's Ad.

I know.. I know.. I only earn RM 3 after 1 year blogging. But there is the fun of watching my Nuffnang Ads disapearing most of the time, and reappearing like magic. It makes my life full of surprises. I know I can't see the Ad most of the time, it is a satisfaction that I am connected to an ad. My earning from Nuff is not even enough to cover it.

Wordpress layout is too professional and no fun. this is my hobby. Hobby supposed to be relaxing and fun, with no restriction. So wordpress bored me...
So bye to wordpress, back to blogspot.

111111 Single Day

On my way to a farewell dinner tonight, radio DJs are talking about lightning wedding in just 20 days after the 1st meting
There was a quiz. From this quiz, supposed that we can know if one day, we are going to have an emergency wedding, what would be the reason.
QUESTION: Among these answers, which advance from a man would make you think it is sexual harassment? (For ladies, I suppose)
(A) Touching at your waist       (B) Touching your face       (C) Pinching your butt     (D) Touching your hand
(A) Lightning wedding from true love.
(B) Lightning wedding due to circumstance. Some get married to save the relationship, or to ensure the relationship is getting stronger even in bad environment.
(C) Lightning wedding due to pregnant.
(D) Get married just because of rebellion instinct.
This quiz is not reliable at all. Pinching the butt is sexual harassment obviously!!
anyway, 11 nov is single day for man according to this site So I am safe

Couple face

Mind is shutting down as the eyes are starting to shut down...
But fingers are still continue the typing.
Recently I went to Sibu, a small town for my cousin's engagement.
Something came to my notice. Many couples around me have couple face. Couple face is a term used when a couple looks like each other (Even if there is no such word as couple face).
My parents are the best example. My mother actually is younger version of my dad.  My cousinsssss and their partner is their own mirror.
It is common that human prefer someone who looks like them. It is something from our unconscious mind.
However do you know that there are more than one person who looks like you!
When someone is having affair, that someone can use the excuse of losing control because the someone found many person who looks like the someone. Just blame the appearance. Or blame plastic surgery.

Things come and go as memory faded

Ignorance is a bliss...
Waiting is a kind of wasting...
Action speaks louder than talking...
Sweet talk is bullshit...
Bitter talk is the fact....
Running away is the short cut...
Dealing with it... The Q is how to deal with it?
Amnesia can be the best way!

Nov 1, 2010

Changing to wordpress

After some trial and error with wordpress, I had decided to change to wordpress. In wordpress, it is more user friendly. I get all the features I always dream about.

But it is still in a mess because I am still tidying it up. Still trying to clean up my bad beginning.

Please welcome to the new ghostynana in