Nov 13, 2010

Couple face

Mind is shutting down as the eyes are starting to shut down...
But fingers are still continue the typing.
Recently I went to Sibu, a small town for my cousin's engagement.
Something came to my notice. Many couples around me have couple face. Couple face is a term used when a couple looks like each other (Even if there is no such word as couple face).
My parents are the best example. My mother actually is younger version of my dad.  My cousinsssss and their partner is their own mirror.
It is common that human prefer someone who looks like them. It is something from our unconscious mind.
However do you know that there are more than one person who looks like you!
When someone is having affair, that someone can use the excuse of losing control because the someone found many person who looks like the someone. Just blame the appearance. Or blame plastic surgery.

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