Aug 31, 2015



'Amoi' is a  way of calling female Chinese descendent in Malaysia. It is a very casual way of calling someone. Sometimes it is too casual to the extent of becoming rude.

You may try google for the word 'Amoi'.
Most of the Google results are related to female as sexual object.

How to tell everyone that I do not like to be called 'Amoi'?

I just changed my Facebook status.

Simple and yet dangerous. How would people take my rejection of the casual way of calling me?

I will see it in near future.

Aug 9, 2015


Idea idea idea 


It is raining day. 

Had a nice noon nap and left me emotional unstable.

Perhaps I am hungry. Hungry always make me emotional unstable.

When I am showing bad or weird temper, just feed me with delicious food. It is just that simple to solve my grumpiness....