Sep 29, 2009


Today i am so overwhelmed with luv or love or... call me emo!

Somehow it is very warm, so warm that my heart's vein almost burst out of love...

Saw so many photos of my friends hugging their babies...
Saw so many photos of people getting married...

My friend told me her friend get a bouquet of blue rose with a teddy bear...
My friend told me she attended a wedding meeting this morning...

Someone told me he dislike hugging a round girl..
OPsssssss! This really spoiled the mood!!

But who cares.............

So warm...
So happy for all....

Hope this love will continue flowing to everyone's heart.....
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Sep 28, 2009

I like barang buatan Malaysia E=MC2

Mong cha cha about why so many South East Asian ladies tend to jump on every western guys?

I think I should re-size my scope of South east Asian to only Malaysian.

Let me re-phrase it:

Mong cha cha about why so many Malaysian ladies tend to jump on every western guys?

What is so good about western guys except their rumored 'big banana'?

               Malaysian men also have rumor of their 'hard banana".

Is it because of skin colour? Since ancient time, fairer skin is always considered more superior than darker skin. Even the legendary 'Snow White' bed time story also emphasized fairer skin is more beautiful than just fair skin. Fair skim prompt to get skin cancer.

Their different eyes colour? Ok... Nothing can defeat a cute green eyes... Also rumored that they tend to get colour blind too..

So many rumors....

This post is making me mong cha cha....

Stay tune for the re-write of this topic....
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Sep 26, 2009

26 sept 09 - Dolphin day

A memorial Saturday morning, a school of dolphin appeared near our vessel!!

I have been working in this crew since March, and I always heard people said they saw dolphins. But seems like I am the only one who have not witness any dolphin. Quite irritating!



Around 7.40 am today, a school of kind dolphins generously swim around our vessel. It is so near that I was scare that they were going to crash into our big vessel and hurt themselves. Nancy and I just ran up to higher level to take photo of them. We keep running up, port side, starboard side, and down just to take their photo. Nancy with Canon 500D and me with my Sony compact. Many bad photo due to my unstable hand, or I prefer to blame it on my old camera.

Just blame the equipment when not capable to produce good stuff!! Don't learn from me! :P

The dolphins seems like playing around the vessel, because it keep swim back and forward... maybe thought Crest Diamond is a big dolphin....

Thanks for spicing up our boring Saturday!
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Sep 23, 2009

Me look like Dorami....

once a guy said I look like Dorami, cause I stay forever cute...

But who am I to believe that...

Everyone knows whoever be described as Dorami or Doraemon, this mean that whoever is very round. I am not denying I am round. I have a round face like moon, and shines like a moon too when it is oily.

As an ex science student, I would like to do 2 experiments.

Procedures No.1:

1. To those who do not know who is Dorami, the picture above is Dorami.
2. Comparing Naomi with Dorami, and make a list about it.

Dorami Vs Naomi:

a) Dorami is round; Naomi is round too, nice to hug like "bantal peluk" (bolster).

b) Dorami is yellow; Naomi's skin is yellow now, because water is yellow.

c) Dorami have that flying copter and she is flying; Naomi always fly via plane over continents.

d) Dorami is cute; Naomi is cute too

Procedures No.2:

1. Repeat procedures No. 1 but use Doraemon instead of Dorami and use "the guy who said Naomi looks like Dorami" instead of Naomi.


Doraemon Vs "the guy"

a) Doraemon is older than Dorami; "the guy" is older than Naomi... old man

b) Doraemon have round tummy and slightly big; "the guy" also hv round and slightly big tummy.

c) Doraemon have round hand; "the guy" did have round hand for a while.


1. Naomi is round and cute like Dorami, and adventurous too.

2. "The guy" looks like Doraemon

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Sep 22, 2009


Last night, I was reading a local forum and it is all about smoking.

That one thread alone have 30 pages, and it is all about smoking and of course other unrelated stuff such as love juice. I do not see any connection between love juice and smoking. The only connection between smoking and love juice is that smoking decrease the quality of love juice.

Somehow I still see many smoker produce male heir. As gender of fetus is usually determined by X or Y-chromosome carrying sperm which will fertilize the egg. Y-chromosome carrying sperm which will produce male heir usually weakened or die easily if the man is a smoker.

But still many heavy smoker have sons! Haiya!

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