Sep 26, 2009

26 sept 09 - Dolphin day

A memorial Saturday morning, a school of dolphin appeared near our vessel!!

I have been working in this crew since March, and I always heard people said they saw dolphins. But seems like I am the only one who have not witness any dolphin. Quite irritating!



Around 7.40 am today, a school of kind dolphins generously swim around our vessel. It is so near that I was scare that they were going to crash into our big vessel and hurt themselves. Nancy and I just ran up to higher level to take photo of them. We keep running up, port side, starboard side, and down just to take their photo. Nancy with Canon 500D and me with my Sony compact. Many bad photo due to my unstable hand, or I prefer to blame it on my old camera.

Just blame the equipment when not capable to produce good stuff!! Don't learn from me! :P

The dolphins seems like playing around the vessel, because it keep swim back and forward... maybe thought Crest Diamond is a big dolphin....

Thanks for spicing up our boring Saturday!
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