Jan 10, 2016


2015 can be concluded as interesting and stressful year. 

Life is interesting and fun. I participated in many activities and 

1. Pick wild fern - midin

2. Decorate cake competition - won 1st place

3. Finished 1st charity run - 5 km 

3. Watched 24 Festive drum competition

4. Play Escape Room - it is like the game application

5. Cousins' wedding dinners in Sabah and Sibu. 

6. Went to pick durian and rambutan in Sibu. Killed 3 mosquitos in a slap.

7. a friend came from KL - spent overnight with her and visit a uni senior

8. Went to Kuching and KL for a day.......

9. Travel from Miri to Kuching with many senior ladies and gentlemen, by bus.

10. Know many new friends

At the end of 2015, God gave me what I need. :)