Apr 16, 2011

7 pm 16 April

Just came back from Fairy Stream, Fishing village, White Sand dunes, Yellow Rock Valley  (not sure) and Yellow sand dunes tour (2.30-6.00 pm).

Full of sand and my foot is smooth after a nice scrub from sand. However no more snow white princess, we are now brownies.

Reporting from Mui Ne

CW Martin, disturbing as we were welcomed by someone who suddenly talked to us loudly, telling us that the driver is willing to take us to the hotel with 3 USD, but if if we pay 2 USD we can walk to our hotel by ourselves... Stunned!!! Stupified! because he is just a passenger of the minivan too.

Found out that is how Vietnamese talk.

When we stop over at Hue, we had our very 1st Vietnamese milk coffee. When we were served with small cup of coffee with milk, the coffee is only one quarter of the small cup. We thought they going to pour hot water. So we wait... we wait... No hot water.. Instead she gave us ice. Then she she teached us how to drink by using her hand to grab the ice and put into the cup. The moment we drnk the coffee..... WOW! Nice, thick but not bitter. It is smooth and yummy. We drink it in a dirty coffee shop, so it tasted more deliecious than normal coffee. It is not just coffee. It is coffee with sweat.

Currently resting in hotel in Mui Ne. Going to Sand Dune tour and continue to sleep on bus tonight.

Btw, we smelled like cockroaches after sleeping with them and their corpse for 2 nights.

Apr 13, 2011

13 april 2011 - Updating from Vietnam

Hello!!! I am currently reporting from Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is my 4th country so far and have one more country to finish up before heading back to Malaysia.

Vietnam is a surprising country, as we travelled to Thai, Myanmar and Laos before Vietnam. Vietnam is so different from the other country. 3 country before this was very serene, soft spoken people and not as disturbing as Vietnam. When we first arrived in Vietnam, we had a bit of culture shock and headache. AND it is sop much expensive in Vietnam. No shopping spree so far.

In 1 hour, we will start our journey to south of Vietnam, hoi An and Mui Ne and lastly Saigon, before move down to Cambodia. Expected to overnight in bus 3 nights continuosly, which means no shower for 3 days.

How would I smell .like after 3 days without shower?? like buffalo? like pig? like chicken? or like rubbish bin?