Oct 28, 2013

Life like candy crush

it is november

raining season

life is like playing candy crush

think and look around for exploding bomb before take any move

constantly stay in comfort zone (exploding candies) and forgot about exploding bomb

end up not passing the stage

stuck at stage 147 for couple of months now

are you addictive to me and forgot about your real life?

almost succumb into the addiction
 avoided the addiction by not requesting life from Facebook friends.

5 life is all I need to make me fall asleep. Anything more than 5 keep me awake.

It will be bad for working hours. Eyes will beg for a nap and mind will stop working.

It is life.

Oct 7, 2013

Romantic Bullshit

In Judith Mcnaught's novel, he always potrayed her heroin as educated lady which was very rare in old days. Hero will find ordinary ladies as boring subject. When he met her, who is different from other ladies, that is what attracted him to her. She is never a boring subject and always has some ideas in her mind.

I spent my 20s believing in this rubbish. What a rubbish!

Man actually prefer weak and simple ladies with no opinion or ambition. Or ladies who knows how to hide their cleverness, and pretend to be stupid.

Oct 3, 2013

Love is in the air

For some time now, I was too too busy till I did not update my news on my friends (a.k.a. stalking FB).

Suddenly so many get married, found boyfriend or girlfriend, getting engage, etc.

It is love in the air!

So happy that many found someone who love them. So romantic.

Congratulations to all!

Careful, it is contagious. Be prepared!

Oct 2, 2013

In forest reserve

Recently being in forest reserve for many many days, legs bitten by mos mos, badly scratched by me.

Being in the forest reserve does not mean I am staying in the forest. I stay in staff houses. The staff houses used to be logging house for logging contractors, so it is not in very nice condition and the company also built  some nice staff quarters.

There are phone line and internet service, but have limited coverage.

such a boring post.