Sep 29, 2010

Sorong Airport, but without kereta sorong

Before talking about getting laid, let's talk about my arrival in Sorong, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.
Lucky for me to be seating at window seat when arriving at a foreign place while fully awake.
From high above Sorong looks very nice. The town is Sorong, not because there are many kereta sorong (trolley). I like the first imprssion of Sorong. It feels peaceful, with so much green and no pollution.

hmnnnn... Weird thing start to happen.....
There are school kids walking along the airplane strip...
Looks like they just cross the road which we just landed.....
Locals with vehicle waiting beside the road....
Waiting to cross the road? or the airplane's road??
It is airport, but I think it is open for public.

Airport Sorong.

 Guys in blue and orange uniform are airport's porter. As you can see, the carousel is static.... and there are no luggage trolleys. Eventhough the town is called 'sorong' (push), there are no 'kereta sorong' (trolley). Hence I am confident that kereta sorong is not the reason for the name 'Sorong'.

While we are waiting for our luggage, porters asking for our luggage tag. But we dismissed them because we were very protective of our luggage tag. Only when luggages start to come out from a hole, I realised that we should give our luggage tag to them to get our luggage. Good system because it make sure no one took the wrong luggage. That is one of the reason they need many porters, to distribute luggages. For people with big luggages, porters can help in carrying them. With tips, you don't have to carry big luggages by your own.

It is a small airport, with clean toilet, and efficient luggage system.


Sep 26, 2010

MIA again for a while

Reasons of MIA from blogging:
@ busy until working 6 am - 8 pm most of the days. After work, too tired to online. When working, no time to online.
@ Recently, can't facebooking.
@ Can't accesss many blogs. So I read blogs using google reader. Hence can't comment.
@ Brain is always dried after work.

Sep 22, 2010

Happy 1st Aniversary of the blog

It is so fast that my blog is one year old now, 22 Sept. I don't feel old, I think I get more mature and prettier since I started this blog.

Ghostynana??? It does not mean anything at all. It is ghostynana because I have no creativity. I started this blog when I was working in Angola. During that hitch, almost every Sunday, I would changed my Facebook profile photo to a ghostly photo of me with my hair covering my face. If you really look into my profile photos in my Facebook, I think I still keep that photo. My friend commented and called me ghosty nana. Conveniently I wanted to start a new blog and I have no idea with the name, Without even exercising my brain cells, I used ghostynana since then. Now I am thinking of changing the name of the blog. Nana sounds so boring. And ghosty is so ghosty.

I was very immature when I wrote my first post. I started to write because I was angry of smoking people, smoky chair and all the smoky smell. It was irritating and I did all my best to rid of my anger. I complained about the smoky chair. I shouted at the smoky chair. I refused to touch the chair. However it was not enough, so blog about it seems like a way too. That chair was taken from smoking area to our office due to the lack of good chair. That is the history of Smoking.

Any interest on the blogger?? I guess no. Ok that's all.

Happy birthday to you, blog. No present for you.

Sep 21, 2010

A say to a hope 2

A say to a hope.
A sigh to a hope.
A mental slap to a hope (or myself).
It is just a hope anyway.

A life with hope is not same as a life with no hope.
Hope is something that is attainable.
What if that hope is unattainable?
With hope, we have something to live for. Without hope, life is just simple.
Perhaps no meaning?

With hope, there are many risks.
With hope, there are many emotions.
Wth hope, it is hard to sleep.
With hope, face is brighter with shining smile.

Without hope, there is no need to face dissapointment.
Without hope, life can be happy as always.
Without hope, no risks.
Without hope, life still goes on.

What is the conclusion?

Is there any conclusion?

Hope or no hope?

Time will tell


Due to some reason, I can't access most of blogs. If you think Streamyx is slow, it is much slower here the the gym. 

Sep 20, 2010

A say to a hope

I don't know. Really don't know.
Maybe it is better not to know.

Bye and hope to see you again in future.

It will be much better if it is more realistic.

Anyway, see you again and hope it is not a farewell.

wish you all the best in your life!

signing off,

Sep 14, 2010

happy or cry

Last night I was so happy that I had a hard time having a good sleep. When I am too happy, I can't sleep. When I am sad, I can't sleep. Neigh... Actually I usually sleep very well after a good cry. Do you think it is better to live without emotion. Everything can be so peaceful when I don't have any drastic change of emotion. No big thing to be happy about, nothing to be sad about. This life can be a tasteless life.It would be like a bland food, without any spices.

But I won't think so when I am sad. I would pray that whatever cause the sadness  be rid away. So typical human.

As the cook kept telling me, "it is life... It is life...."

Sep 13, 2010

Homesick cook

Someone is missing home. That's our cook. 

Starting tonight, he will prepare midnight breakfast for us. When I was having my late night supper beside him, he was showing his photos on his HP laptop.  He show me his daughter's photo more than once. She is a very pretty lady. She must be his precious. If not, he won't be looking at her photo for so many times. After working for 27 years, as cook on vessel, he is planning a business. (*envy mode*)

He had no choice but sleep late and wake up very early to prepare foods. Hope he won't be too tired tomorrow. I already ate instant noodle for few days, so tonight is a much better meal than usual. I won't want to wake up 8am just to satisfy my hunger. (Bear in mind, my working shift is noon to midnight.). 

After eating those food, now I am wondering when will I start to go to gym?

Someday, I have to lift my butt and working out at the treadmill.

Sep 12, 2010

Great British obsessions from The Star

Taken from The Star News

just something that made me laughed today. Enjoy.

Monday September 6, 2010

Great British obsessions


Tea, booze, the weather, tea ... more tea – these are a few of a Brit’s favourite things.
THERE are many things that British people can be obsessive about: football, fish and chips, scones and cream, tea, alcohol, DIY, queuing, the state of the national health service, World War II, bingo, quiz shows, the weather ... the list goes on.
If you are a foreigner on British soil keen to be accepted by your local neighbours, or a tourist trying to strike up a meaningful conversation in the breakfast queue, or an overseas student trying to impress a prospective date at your college, all you have to do is embrace a local obsession or two and you will be instantly accepted.
For example, upon meeting a British person for the first time, do talk about the weather as a means of breaking the ice. The British love to talk about clouds, and cold fronts, and nips in the air, and passing showers, and frosty mornings that are “cold enough to freeze the b*lls off a brass monkey” – a common colloquial expression.
Talking about the weather is also acceptable on a first date. Can you imagine not having to come up with witty insightful comments about things like British foreign policy, declining interest rates, and the calorific content of a deep-fried Mars bar? As you clutch nervously at your date’s hand across a candle-lit table, all you have to do is mumble a few simple words about isobaric pressure shifts, or the effects of coriolis in the northern hemisphere, or the necessary pre-conditions for the generation of hurricanes.
On second thought, perhaps talking about Mars bars might be easier.
If you really want to impress a certain, older demographic on a really hot day, all you have to do is mention the summer of 1976, during which woods and heath lands burned and rivers became nothing more than a trickle. The mere mention of that drought-stricken season will have natives sucking the still air through clenched teeth and looking skyward for signs of impending nimbostratus clouds.
Being able to identify the different types of clouds (stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, etc) can also be useful, as can learning a few other weather-related expressions, like “hot enough to melt the nose off a brass monkey”. A course in amateur meteorology might also come in handy.
Talking about the weather might be an activity that has little appeal to many non-Brits, but certain British obsessions need to be strictly observed by visitors to Britain, chief of which is queuing. British people love to queue in orderly lines for everything, and anyone not observing strict queuing etiquette will be told in no uncertain terms that it’s time to go home.
Since coming to Malaysia in 1982, I have learned to say “Please queue up!” in three Asian languages. Whenever I see someone trying to jump a queue, I just have to point out the error of their ways. This rather foolish and often futile activity sometimes lands me in trouble. However, I can no more jump a queue or stand by and witness others doing the same than I can smoke a joint in a church.
Besides, queuing need not be a hugely boring activity. You can always strike up a conversion with a fellow-queuer about the Malaysian weather.
But I digress.
Back in Britain, you would do well to remember that the favourite British beverage is tea. Although more and more people are giving up tea in favour of coffee, Britain is still a nation of people obsessed with the stuff. They drink tea first thing in the morning, while on the train to work, the moment they enter their work place, and at regular intervals thereafter. They drink it as soon as they get home too. Then they forget all about tea and start drinking alcohol.
Any British celebration wouldn’t be complete without alcohol. If your neighbour has just finished mowing his lawn, you have a drink to celebrate; if your spouse enrols in Alcoholics Anonymous, you have a drink to celebrate; and if you’ve managed to abstain from alcohol all evening, you have a drink to celebrate.
On any given Friday or Saturday night, you’ll find numerous British people lying flat on their backs in a drunken stupor outside a pub. Hardly able to speak, they’ll likely want to tell you about Manchester United’s latest victory (football – the king of all British obsessions).
If you were to prod them to get up, they’ll probably say something like, “Bloody awful weather, don’t you think?”
To which you can respond: “How about a nice cup of tea, then?”

Sep 10, 2010

10 Sept 2010 - Summary of past Adventure with blokes and ladies

I guess not many get the joke of the melon in my previous post.

'If you get the joke, say Ha Ha,
If you don't get the joke, say Huhhhh,
If you really don't get it, it is really fine,
because it joke from a drunken master'

Nice song? It is a song if you haven't realise it.

The melon joke will only be perfect if you know the person.

I am actually planning to write something interesting about Irian Jaya souvenir, koteka.
Somehow, my mouse is still hibernating in my backpack and it is hard to watermark my photos without my mouse. 

Somemore, the author of the blog is homesick. Try to imagine staying at home for 8 months and suddenly have to stay so far from home, it is so homesick. If I was pregnant in the start of my last leave, I will be due by the end of this month. And my smelly pillow is not with me. My smelly pillow is actually a pillow I stole from airlines, either SIA or MAS. What else can I write other than my homesickness? What about seasickness?

When I was working at Angola, I had to traveled for 2-3 days. Angola is south Africa. So far, right? Now working in Indonesia, I still have to travel for 2-3 days from home. Indonesia is not so far comparing to Angola. Indonesia is Malaysia's neighbour country. But... but... but... I still have to travel for so many day to get to Irian Jaya. Crumpy and sulky mode.

During our transition period in Indonesia, we Malaysian have to pretend to be Singaporean, due to Indonesian's hatred to Malaysia. Everyday news are talking about Indonesian's demonstration against Malaysia. Hard to pretend that we are Filipino or Thai, because we don't have the slang. Singaporean is the best option. It is so weird, when my friend and me were in Singapore, Singaporean thought we are Filipino. Maybe because of our Malay Language is similar to Sarawak-Malay Language.
News related.

Singapore (2 nights) - visited Universal Studio Singapore
                                    - reached the entrance of Casino
                                    - walking around town center.
                                    - tasted Vagabond.
Jakarta (1 night) - visited Manga Dua shopping complex (saw an entrance to Chinatown,    
                                 but there is no Chinatown. It is just decorated with chinese element.
                               -foot massage at teh airport, because we stay at Jakarta Airport Hotel.

Sorong, Irian Jaya (3 nights) - learned how to play pool.
                                           -  drank mineral water as white wine, hung over from it.
                                           - documented a series of funny moments. ( no worries, your secret is
                                              safe with me.                      
                                          - ate a lot of spicy food.

 Today is Eid from Muslims. Happy Eid! Now is my turn to start fasting. It is hard because our cook is so good in cooking. Have fish keropok (cracker) everyday. I even blame him for cooking so nice.

Of course I took many photos. Just realised I am getting cuter! Cute like Mashimaro.

Suddenly I remember that I had a Mashimaro stuffy 5 years ago, at my final year of Uni. Now where is it now?

Drunken story - Melon

Drunks' conversation:

A: Slut is a woman........ with boobs like.... MElon.
B: Whaaaat kind of melon?
A:..... WaterMElon....

It is best read with drunken sound effect.

Sep 9, 2010

how much is enough for traveling photos?

Try read this,
It is not easy to have good photographs when traveling with non-photographers. Whenever I go travel, my camera is always with me and I took photos of almost everything. Believe me. Even my colleagues said that my next generation would go through an evolution and be born with only one eye, can be zoom out and zoom in. Then it would saved them a lot of money from buying camera.

When we travel, we tend to move very fast as time = money is flying as it passed. We won't have much time to stop and admire something. Our eyes, and also memory won't catch as much details as a camera does.

@ preference of cameras
I usually carry around my compact camera and DSLR. DSLR is not very convenient when I am alone and around complicated neighbourhood. It is a big risk to be mobbed. It is very good to carry a compact camera when visiting places that forbid camera. Once I went to pyramid, camera is not allowed in the pyramid. My camera was nicely hide in my pocket and the guard didn't try to touch me because I am a lady. For guys, it is better to hide it in your underwear.

@regret or not.
It is very recommended to browse through your photos everyday with a bigger screen than your camera screen. Then you would realise how few your photos are and what pose you look best. It is much better to regret for one day then regret after 1 week holiday.

@quality VS quantity
Average quality for more quantity is my principle. Interesting details may slipped out of your finger when you are trying to capture the beauty of your mole. Capture photo with flash help prevent blur, somehow not applicable when shooting through window panel.
When I travel, I always took photos of rubbish bins, as you already know. Did I wrote that rubbish bin can represent how the locals care for their hygiene? It is kind of hard to take photos of locals, without making them feeling like they are something from the zoo. It is highly recomended to smile to your subject, and small talk to make them comfortable before snap snap. After snap snap, show them their photos and praise them. It makes everyone happy. Or you can behave like a paparazi, hide behind a bush, pretend you are just holding your camera and not looking at your viewfinder and snap snap. Then quickly leave the future crime scene.

Remember to take nice photos of your face for Facebook profile photo. 
Remember that no one know you at the foreign soil, making funny pose is permissible.
Remember to charge battery everyday, and bring universal adapter whenever travel.
Isn't she cute? No posing, just natural. Just like her curly hair, hair colour, skin colour and her eyes. This photo was taken on my flight from Jakarta to Makassar.

Sep 8, 2010

sea and the sky

Looking to the sea, why are you so serene and blue?
Looking to the sky, why are you so messy and blue?

They complete each other. As if they are sharing their blueness.
"Is it too blue? Let me cover some sunshine for you", says the sky to the sea.
"Is it too blue? Let me give you more water for the clouds", says the sea to the sky.

Isn't it wonderful that they complete each other?

None of them are perfect, but they accommodate each other lack.

Perfection is only in your dream. Now you can start sleeping.

Sep 6, 2010


If you going to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), remember to prepare a raincoat.
Remember to get your meal voucher and 10 S$ voucher for shopping.

Don't believe the guy at Raffles Mall, who will tell you that you will only get the meal voucher if you buy from him. Don't believe him when he said it is cheaper to go to Sentosa with taxi from Singapore city.

You must go for the Mummy Revenge if you looking for the most Xtreme!!
 I almost ran out of breathe in the mid of my screaming session. IT IS A BIG X!

More to come in the next post hopefully. My batt is flat. Till then, people.