Sep 8, 2010

sea and the sky

Looking to the sea, why are you so serene and blue?
Looking to the sky, why are you so messy and blue?

They complete each other. As if they are sharing their blueness.
"Is it too blue? Let me cover some sunshine for you", says the sky to the sea.
"Is it too blue? Let me give you more water for the clouds", says the sea to the sky.

Isn't it wonderful that they complete each other?

None of them are perfect, but they accommodate each other lack.

Perfection is only in your dream. Now you can start sleeping.


Kelvin said...


Ghosty Nana said...

what a perfect world. hahhaha

[SK] said...

errr, the sky is messy and blue?? hmmm, i always like to see blue sky with clouds, it's indeed a very "perfect" view for me.. :)

Merryn said...

ok i go sleep.. muahahhahaa... nites :D

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], messy with white patches everywhere bah. I guess depend on the mood.

Merryn, don't sleep too long. hehehe