Sep 10, 2010

10 Sept 2010 - Summary of past Adventure with blokes and ladies

I guess not many get the joke of the melon in my previous post.

'If you get the joke, say Ha Ha,
If you don't get the joke, say Huhhhh,
If you really don't get it, it is really fine,
because it joke from a drunken master'

Nice song? It is a song if you haven't realise it.

The melon joke will only be perfect if you know the person.

I am actually planning to write something interesting about Irian Jaya souvenir, koteka.
Somehow, my mouse is still hibernating in my backpack and it is hard to watermark my photos without my mouse. 

Somemore, the author of the blog is homesick. Try to imagine staying at home for 8 months and suddenly have to stay so far from home, it is so homesick. If I was pregnant in the start of my last leave, I will be due by the end of this month. And my smelly pillow is not with me. My smelly pillow is actually a pillow I stole from airlines, either SIA or MAS. What else can I write other than my homesickness? What about seasickness?

When I was working at Angola, I had to traveled for 2-3 days. Angola is south Africa. So far, right? Now working in Indonesia, I still have to travel for 2-3 days from home. Indonesia is not so far comparing to Angola. Indonesia is Malaysia's neighbour country. But... but... but... I still have to travel for so many day to get to Irian Jaya. Crumpy and sulky mode.

During our transition period in Indonesia, we Malaysian have to pretend to be Singaporean, due to Indonesian's hatred to Malaysia. Everyday news are talking about Indonesian's demonstration against Malaysia. Hard to pretend that we are Filipino or Thai, because we don't have the slang. Singaporean is the best option. It is so weird, when my friend and me were in Singapore, Singaporean thought we are Filipino. Maybe because of our Malay Language is similar to Sarawak-Malay Language.
News related.

Singapore (2 nights) - visited Universal Studio Singapore
                                    - reached the entrance of Casino
                                    - walking around town center.
                                    - tasted Vagabond.
Jakarta (1 night) - visited Manga Dua shopping complex (saw an entrance to Chinatown,    
                                 but there is no Chinatown. It is just decorated with chinese element.
                               -foot massage at teh airport, because we stay at Jakarta Airport Hotel.

Sorong, Irian Jaya (3 nights) - learned how to play pool.
                                           -  drank mineral water as white wine, hung over from it.
                                           - documented a series of funny moments. ( no worries, your secret is
                                              safe with me.                      
                                          - ate a lot of spicy food.

 Today is Eid from Muslims. Happy Eid! Now is my turn to start fasting. It is hard because our cook is so good in cooking. Have fish keropok (cracker) everyday. I even blame him for cooking so nice.

Of course I took many photos. Just realised I am getting cuter! Cute like Mashimaro.

Suddenly I remember that I had a Mashimaro stuffy 5 years ago, at my final year of Uni. Now where is it now?


Kelvin said...

Why indonesians hate malaysians?

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin , something dispute related to border and many thing.

AmirFX said...

Mashimaro cute what?! haha..

Keith said...

I have been to Indonesia, but never to Malaysia. I do know that as an American, many of my people have traveled the globe, claiming to be Canadian, Australian, or English... It seemed fdor a while that no one country liked us.

Having learned a touch of Bahasa Indonesia, My Malaysian f5riends will say, "Ohh, uh we don't talk like that!"

Terima kasih for your blog.

Kelvin said...

Thanks for the link :)

[SK] said...

Huhhh, ok i don't get your joke in the previous post..

wow, so you've been travelling a lot and very packed schedule indeed.. hahaha!! good, sometimes we also like to say we are Singaporeans when going aboard, and you know the reason (if not for safety reasons), kekekeke~~ :D

Ghosty Nana said...

Keith, Keith, I think I heard of that too. And when American go to a country of South America, American have to Q up, while other nationalities have no trouble at immigration.

Hahaha yes Indonesian language is different. When I first talked to my Indonesian colleague, they can't seem to understand me most of the time. Sama sama. Terima Kasih for your comment.

Kelvin, welcome.

[SK], yalor. But to be a singaporean, you have to master the art of Singlish.

Ghosty Nana said...

AmirFx, memang kiut. Tidak dinafikan. Fakta yang kukuh sekali.