Sep 6, 2010


If you going to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), remember to prepare a raincoat.
Remember to get your meal voucher and 10 S$ voucher for shopping.

Don't believe the guy at Raffles Mall, who will tell you that you will only get the meal voucher if you buy from him. Don't believe him when he said it is cheaper to go to Sentosa with taxi from Singapore city.

You must go for the Mummy Revenge if you looking for the most Xtreme!!
 I almost ran out of breathe in the mid of my screaming session. IT IS A BIG X!

More to come in the next post hopefully. My batt is flat. Till then, people.


[SK] said...

wow, so nice, you went to SG these few days, thot you MIA already, haha!! errr, i went to SG but didn't go to USS, too expensive, i no money to go~~ :(

Ghosty Nana said...

was in Singapore, but now I am at Irian Jaya

Kelvin said...

USS is for white skin tourists one lah.

Our gahmen loves them very much.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said... far ah you travel?

Why need a raincoat at Singapore studio? blurr...ah.

And i think $10 isn't enough liao for shopping.

p/s :Next time bring your cable la...then you got enough battery.


AmirFX said...

Wasehh.. Amoi pergi singapore ka? Jgn lupak ole2 ya.. haha.. Happy holiday...

Ghosty Nana said...

Kelvin, seems like Singapore is designed for tourist. Singaporean doesn't enjoy Singapore as much as tourist. hehehe

Reptoz, far lor. Raincoat because there are games with water. 10 is enough to buy fridge magnets, small items.

My lappy out of batt, and so lazy to climb up to my room to take it. Dasar malas.

AmirFX, tak cukup duit untuk beli oleh oleh, semua pakai untuk makan dan jalan jalan.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

How are you days like in IJ? May be send a few of those with XXX. Let Lily and Indai Ipis kekekeke..

Have fun. Met any Heeehheeeeheee already?

The two ladies and I have not been out these two weeks. Midterm exams coming up.

God bless.

Ghosty Nana said...

Sarawakiana@2, I found the XXX underwear, koteka!! Heeheehee not looking for them, hahaha.

So all busy with school... I am on vessel now, coping with the life