Sep 9, 2010

how much is enough for traveling photos?

Try read this,
It is not easy to have good photographs when traveling with non-photographers. Whenever I go travel, my camera is always with me and I took photos of almost everything. Believe me. Even my colleagues said that my next generation would go through an evolution and be born with only one eye, can be zoom out and zoom in. Then it would saved them a lot of money from buying camera.

When we travel, we tend to move very fast as time = money is flying as it passed. We won't have much time to stop and admire something. Our eyes, and also memory won't catch as much details as a camera does.

@ preference of cameras
I usually carry around my compact camera and DSLR. DSLR is not very convenient when I am alone and around complicated neighbourhood. It is a big risk to be mobbed. It is very good to carry a compact camera when visiting places that forbid camera. Once I went to pyramid, camera is not allowed in the pyramid. My camera was nicely hide in my pocket and the guard didn't try to touch me because I am a lady. For guys, it is better to hide it in your underwear.

@regret or not.
It is very recommended to browse through your photos everyday with a bigger screen than your camera screen. Then you would realise how few your photos are and what pose you look best. It is much better to regret for one day then regret after 1 week holiday.

@quality VS quantity
Average quality for more quantity is my principle. Interesting details may slipped out of your finger when you are trying to capture the beauty of your mole. Capture photo with flash help prevent blur, somehow not applicable when shooting through window panel.
When I travel, I always took photos of rubbish bins, as you already know. Did I wrote that rubbish bin can represent how the locals care for their hygiene? It is kind of hard to take photos of locals, without making them feeling like they are something from the zoo. It is highly recomended to smile to your subject, and small talk to make them comfortable before snap snap. After snap snap, show them their photos and praise them. It makes everyone happy. Or you can behave like a paparazi, hide behind a bush, pretend you are just holding your camera and not looking at your viewfinder and snap snap. Then quickly leave the future crime scene.

Remember to take nice photos of your face for Facebook profile photo. 
Remember that no one know you at the foreign soil, making funny pose is permissible.
Remember to charge battery everyday, and bring universal adapter whenever travel.
Isn't she cute? No posing, just natural. Just like her curly hair, hair colour, skin colour and her eyes. This photo was taken on my flight from Jakarta to Makassar.


Kelvin said...

Is she kissing the seat?

Ghosty Nana said...

she is leaning there, not sure bout kissing, but I am sure have bit of saliva. no tongue

[SK] said...

when i first own a digital camera, i was so stupid that i actually "save" the SD space that i really snap very carefully.. haha!! how silly i am.. but now, i guess better snap more and then just choose the one that look best.. just like fishing with a net and not a rod~~ :D

Ghosty Nana said...

[SK], i tried to save the space too, that's why I bought 4GB SD. :P
yess, shoot more so have more option. That net and rod sound so deep. I am trying to keep my mind straight when you mentioned rod. You can fish with nets too of course. :P yes I get what you mean. hehehe

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

mwahaha! i love snapping here n thr! n if possible must have me inside it! mwahaha such a camwhorer of me! :p

Ghosty Nana said...

You had reached the highest level of camwhoring, being able to camwhore with interesting background. So hard to camwhore and include the background. ayo