May 30, 2015

Heng hwa noodle

Tata noodle / heng Hwa mee sua

It is my mother's version of the cuisine. 

During our trip to Putian, China. We had this noodle everyday and almost every meal. 

Recently, we went to Kuching and bought some Heng Hwa noodles. 

When you are boiling the noodles, you have to have patience. It is not delicious unless it is as thick as shown in the picture. I prefer it to be thick and soggy.

For the soup, it is important to have pork, preferable pork with bit of fat.

May 29, 2015


Magician performs magic, able to pull out rabbits from a black hat. In those days, foods are scarce, many was hoping the rabbit is their dinner. They were very disappointed when the rabbit disappeared. There goes their best meal since a while. Where does the rabbit goes? To the magician's hot pot?

Magician usually travel in a horse cart. Now everyone can fly, including magician. Travelling from asia to Europe, the magician performs his best magic show and disappeared in a poof. Alas, the plane disappeared along with the magician. *poof*

May 9, 2015

Cheapest Haircut

Cheapest best haircut ever. Only cost me RM 7....

I perm my hair on new year 2015. Last week, I had my 1st haircut after the perm.
Just cut, no perm, my hair turned out to have more curl.

My hair just bounce whole day without using any chemical.

Just loving it.