Feb 19, 2011

Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

After 4 years, at last I set my foot on Melaka again. I always wanted to eat Melaka chicken rice ball. It seems only Melaka chicken rice vendor have the time to roll the rice into balls. Other place than Melaka, you can't find that kind of rice balls.

Melaka is a touristic town. Do you see me queuing up for it? The length of this Q is nothing comparing to other stall. We were so hungry, so we just settle for the first Q we saw.

Tips for traveling: Only eat at stalls packed with locals. If you see it is packed with foreigners, start doubting the taste of the food.

We ordered 3 set of set A.
Fried egg with tofu
This dish is very interesting and looks nice too. It is fried egg with tofu at the base. Deep fried and it is bad for the throat.

The steamed chicken is smooth and tender, with fat bean sprout. I enjoy the bean sprout because it does not have the bad smell.

Here is the main point of this meal. Chicken Rice Ball. Hmnnnn. They tasted like sticky rice. Rice sticks to each other to form a ball. Can't really eat this kind of rice ball too much. It cause stomach to bloat.

The most interesting about this stall is that seems like every kids that just finish their meal here.... walking out... making chicken sound!! Cock coc cockoo!

Feb 17, 2011

Happy Chinese Valentines Day! Who want to pick up my orange?

Today is Chap Goh Meh,
15th day of Chinese New Year,
the last day of Chinese New Year,
and also Chinese Valentines Day.

Today, every family would have a big dinner. As usual, crowds of people flooded the wet market. In the wet market, sellers not only sell raw meat and vegetables, they also sell braised pork knuckles and other cooked foods.

A stall of fishmongers have a sweet thought by putting some candies for all to take.

In ancient chinese custom, today is the day singles looking for their love one. The ladies would write their name and contact details on a mandarin orange. In the old days, they didn't have mobile phone or house phone line, perhaps they write their house address on the orange. Then they would throw their mandarin oranges into a lake.

No worries! The guys already await for the oranges by the lake/ in a boat with a net catcher. They would try to pick up the orange from the lake. Whichever orange they catch, the owner of the orange is their destined love. Sweet, isn't it?

Feb 10, 2011

Things that made my whole body sore (3-8 Feb 2011) - CNY

Something that happen during first 6 day of CNY (3-8 Feb 2011)

 Holiday Villa Subang Jaya



Welcome to visit my house!

Feb 2, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year! Enjoy the decor! - 2011

If some of you still remember, last Chinese New Year, I posted a youtube of me singing (http://ghostynana.blogspot.com/2010/02/homemade-chinese-new-year-greeting.html). I am sorry that your ears are spare from my voice for this year. 

This year I have no voice.
This year, I am a decor.

Happy Chinese New Year!! rbit.. rbit...Happy Rabbit Year!