Jan 26, 2011

Trip to saloon

FINALLY a chance to cut my hair. my hair is in disaster mode after 6 weeks~~~~~

am given a lappy to surf, consider a luxury as ths is a very small city (bandaraya). fyi, kota kinabalu is a bandaraya. please dont b cheated by the word bandaraya. it is just a word. the truth is that miri is just a friendly town, with suckk secret recipe.

current location; kelvin hair prof.

stay tune... i neeed to pee

no pain, no gain, no loss
the pain of hair straightened... many told me that when they met me 2 years ago, they are surprise to see an asian with curly hair. 2010 and 2011, curl is 'in' fashion among asian. but now I am into straight hair.
'Different is unique''

scalp and hair treatment is the best. was told that the brand is TIGI. soo cooling.... so icy..... it's peppermint.
care for a lick?

the torment started...

 Here is the outcome, upon Caroline's request.

Jan 15, 2011

All my childhood's anime appeared after the plane skidded....

So happy to see all my favorite anime again. Welcome to the real world!

Ultraman and the monster!! Tu Tu TU and BZzzZZZ!

Doraemon!!! Power Puff girl!! And Rambo!!!
Powerpuff girl is funny!!!
Don't know how Rambo fit into the Anime group. I am sure he can fit in by squeezing into some white space in between advertisement.


FYI these pics are from Facebook

Jan 8, 2011

1st encounter in 2010

hmnnn... My 2011 started with an email from an unknown. Nevertheless it is a good start, a sign that 2011 is an interesting year. Soon one month of 2011 will be gone and a new year (according to Chinese lunar calendar), is coming.

In 2010, I lost my fang. In 2011, I am buying a fake fang.

2010 was said to be bad for me. It was not too bad. I can't deny that 2010 was full of spices and fragrances.
2010 was full of travel, and much less work than usual. 8 months without working, not complaining about it.

The year started with the best family gathering since 10 years ago. Finally all of us be able to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Coincidentally CNY 2010 fell on Valentines Day.


Along with all woman around the world, I celebrated my birthday on Women's day in TAIWAN!! Sure I am going back to Taiwan again, woohoo!!

1st time experience in Taiwan:
~ experience another kind of seismic wave, the vibration of earthquake
~ shower naked with so many women in a hot spring pool.
~ met sakura flower


I am Sarawakian for so many years, but this year is my 1st time to long house. It is very loooooooooooooong~~

Dad at long house

It is a shame to say this is the 1st time I get to celebrate Gawai (Harvest Festival), but not in long house. Just a normal village house in Kuching. I had the best time because 1st time 'mandi sungai' (swim in river). Coooooooooool~~~

Mandi Sungai

And Sabah~~~ 1st time join a trip with photographers. It is different when going out with photographers, because they actually paused for photos. Not rushing to go anywhere. It was amazing to be able to witness lifestyle of Bajau and Bajau Laut. Interestiiiiiiiiiiiiing~~

Semporna (11)

Finally, presenting the best photo of the year!!!

Lightning Chaser

2010 is a year of gain and loss. We will forever remember you...

And it was the 1st time I woke up at the last second of 2010, to wave a goodbye to year 2010, hello to a new year, 2011....

Jan 3, 2011

Rich man, poor man.

Poor man....  Poor as mouse....
Every month this poor man would count all his money.. 1000 1001 10002. . . . . . 5000
While counting, he would separate old and dirty money from the clean one.
After counting, he would throw all his dirty money into the oval bin outside his flat.
The poor man does not like dirty money. hufff

Rich man...
This rich man is the poor man's neighbour.
'Rich Man' is just a nick name given by the poor man to this little man with bald head.
The bald head explains the nick name.
Is this man really rich? If he is really rich, why is he still living in this poor and complicated neighbourhood?

Poor Man : Oiiii Rich Man! I see that you never work, but you still have money!
Rich Man : Hiek Hiek Hiek... It is because I have a Magic Bin. Every month my oval magic bin would provide me some money. Just enough for my simple living.