Jan 3, 2011

Rich man, poor man.

Poor man....  Poor as mouse....
Every month this poor man would count all his money.. 1000 1001 10002. . . . . . 5000
While counting, he would separate old and dirty money from the clean one.
After counting, he would throw all his dirty money into the oval bin outside his flat.
The poor man does not like dirty money. hufff

Rich man...
This rich man is the poor man's neighbour.
'Rich Man' is just a nick name given by the poor man to this little man with bald head.
The bald head explains the nick name.
Is this man really rich? If he is really rich, why is he still living in this poor and complicated neighbourhood?

Poor Man : Oiiii Rich Man! I see that you never work, but you still have money!
Rich Man : Hiek Hiek Hiek... It is because I have a Magic Bin. Every month my oval magic bin would provide me some money. Just enough for my simple living.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

alamak! is dat means all the while those money that put by the poor man is actually goes to the so called rich man??

AmirFX said...

RIch man got creativity on his own... haha..

Bananazஇ said...

Where to get the oval magic bin? Need one as well.

Eric Lee said...

I'm moving into that neighborhood for sure!! =P

Garfield said...

for me, i saw the moral of the story.
nowadays, people just focus on those big projects, big business. and these people neglected those small business/projects which is actually spend less time and effort.

while ppl like the "Rich Man", he actually willing to take up those business that other ppl dun wan, and since those jobs is simple, ppl like "Rich Man" able to do a lot and ends up earn more.