Jan 19, 2012

Overview of my 2011

2011 is eventful yet too personal to go into details.
Not to forget last year is very family oriented. It was all about family and transformation for me.

January was just an ordinary month, preparing for Chinese New Year in February.

February is the month full of red and angpow. Was in KL for Church Conference in subang Jaya with my youngest sister. Then met my friend and backpacked to Melaka. In Melaka, met my friend, whom I promised her I would visit her again, fulfilled my promise with a brief overnight.
In Melaka, met the handsome cendol hawker in front of A' Farmosa. 
Biggest lion made from toilet brush.
After peninsular Malaysia, went to Sabah to meet long lost relative, including this uncle. The uncle who likes to laugh. Happy uncle who lives at Lok Kawi. Met many more long lost relatives at an auntie's open house.

Not to mention last valentines day was with a bunch of friends. Met new friends too. :)

Proceeding to March, a family reunion and my birthday! My parents get to have their 2nd wedding. My mother's dream to wear a wedding gown finally came true. For RM 10, they took their wedding photos.

April! Backpacking around IndonChina with 2 friends 2 - 21 April 2011.

Then Guilin, China with family... Tiring.....

May, my mum helped charity sale on Miri city Go green day.
Hin Ann Tata mee
And my parents get married 2nd time.

June, went to Keningau for my cousin' engagement..
Kadazan costume, one of the dowries.
July.. working!
Tide gauge

August, my mum underwent a small surgery. She is fine now. By now, I know how to cook...

September, Dad was 50! A surprise for my dad with the presence of my sisters.

Oct, witnessed flushing job.


December, Keningau!

That's all

Jan 18, 2012

Toboh Laut, Keningau

Last year, 2010 Christmas and New Year was well spent in a small village in Keningau, Sabah. It may be small, but the name is not small. It is Kampung Toboh Laut. Laut mean sea. No idea what toboh means. Maybe it is Kadazan word. (The Kadazans are an ethnic group indigenous to the state of Sabah in Malaysia. They are found mainly on the west coast of Sabah). Beware that there is Kampung Toboh in Tambunan. 

Vast sea of padi farm. 
Walking on small path among padi farm. Carefully not to fall in the farm, and have a shower with blood sucker leeches.

This is raw rice.

A long walk....

Aaahhh... DISLIKE!!! I don't want shower with leeches!!

When I was in Vietnam, small bridges were built across small stream for small 'spirit' to cross it. This remind me of it. Here this bridge is for small human.

This well supplied water to farm and houses located near to the well. There are many black pipes flowing from this well to houses. The water is refreshing cool.

Opsss... I forget to bring sarong! In small villages, some houses does not have 4 walls bathroom. You might need a sarong to cover you decency while having shower. Advisable to bring 2 sarong. 1 to use when showering, changed into another sarong, so you won't wet your your clothes while changing.

Jan 12, 2012

I phone with an IPhone





I accept the fact of unable to resist temptation of lust for
Finally I take a bite on an Apple,
apple in the form of flat touch screen phone.

I phone with an IPhone.
How it even rhythm!

Complication with IPhone:

1) Autocorrect! It took me twice longer time than using keypad phone to type a sms.. Quick Annoying. I wish I can turn off autocorrect mode. 
bukan=butane, haiz=hair....
Even my sighing can be hair, even chemical came out in my sms. My friends must be wondering why suddenly I had become such an intelligent lady.

2) My plump finger need to lost weight. Not easy to type 'n', my finger keep poking 'm'. Perhaps my finger is craving for M&M.

3) I have yet find a cute pouch or cover. My friend have a cassette for her samsung. I mean cover looks like cassette. Do you know what is cassette? I know I am so old school.


 4) Battery ran out very fast. The battery must be wearing Reebok sport shoes, that's why it run very fast! I have to time it, so I can be home when it ran out.... I better buy a Reebok sport shoes too, but not available in Miri!!!

5) I want to be free from Facebook.. but I can't run away from FB. Because of Facebook App...... Because I don't have Reebok sport shoes.... 

Relationship status: Complicated

Jan 6, 2012

Cute comment at the end of 2011

Happy New YEAR!~

Best comment for the end of year 2011:

  • Your cuteness is 100%, however your prettiness is 0%.
  • Why are you so cute like sinchan?
  • I hate you but I love you.
  • Can I call you "sinchan comelku sayang" (my beloved cute sinchan)?
Yeah I am sinchan....