Jan 6, 2012

Cute comment at the end of 2011

Happy New YEAR!~

Best comment for the end of year 2011:

  • Your cuteness is 100%, however your prettiness is 0%.
  • Why are you so cute like sinchan?
  • I hate you but I love you.
  • Can I call you "sinchan comelku sayang" (my beloved cute sinchan)?
Yeah I am sinchan....


AmirFX said...

Haha.. Shin Chan cute what?!

[SK] said...

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. maybe when he/she meant you to be cute but actually thinks you are 100% BEAUTIFUL in heart~~ :p

Naomi said...

Amir, agreed with you.

SK, ya of course. 2 years ago, as cute as doraemon, now sinchan