Jan 19, 2012

Overview of my 2011

2011 is eventful yet too personal to go into details.
Not to forget last year is very family oriented. It was all about family and transformation for me.

January was just an ordinary month, preparing for Chinese New Year in February.

February is the month full of red and angpow. Was in KL for Church Conference in subang Jaya with my youngest sister. Then met my friend and backpacked to Melaka. In Melaka, met my friend, whom I promised her I would visit her again, fulfilled my promise with a brief overnight.
In Melaka, met the handsome cendol hawker in front of A' Farmosa. 
Biggest lion made from toilet brush.
After peninsular Malaysia, went to Sabah to meet long lost relative, including this uncle. The uncle who likes to laugh. Happy uncle who lives at Lok Kawi. Met many more long lost relatives at an auntie's open house.

Not to mention last valentines day was with a bunch of friends. Met new friends too. :)

Proceeding to March, a family reunion and my birthday! My parents get to have their 2nd wedding. My mother's dream to wear a wedding gown finally came true. For RM 10, they took their wedding photos.

April! Backpacking around IndonChina with 2 friends 2 - 21 April 2011.

Then Guilin, China with family... Tiring.....

May, my mum helped charity sale on Miri city Go green day.
Hin Ann Tata mee
And my parents get married 2nd time.

June, went to Keningau for my cousin' engagement..
Kadazan costume, one of the dowries.
July.. working!
Tide gauge

August, my mum underwent a small surgery. She is fine now. By now, I know how to cook...

September, Dad was 50! A surprise for my dad with the presence of my sisters.

Oct, witnessed flushing job.


December, Keningau!

That's all


[SK] said...

pretty interesting huh!! and i see throughout the year, you only have 1 month working, how nice!! haha.. spending most of your time traveling.. and that doraemon cake, heaven!! :D

Bengbeng said...

You do so much traveling. It all sounds so fun. I wish I travel around more but Mrs BB doesnt like to leave th ehome for long. :)

CWMartin said...

Your parents make a very handsome couple. And that cake cracked me up!

Ghostynana said...

SK actually hv few months working. Tat cake was my sis idea. We also fan of Doraemon

Ghostynana said...

Mr BB its in the gene. My parents like to travel, i just follow. Should i say my mum wan to travel because she wants to go home in Sabah

Ghostynana said...

Cwmartin, they are pretty couple. Be happy!

FiSh SzeHui said...

the month with angpow is here again! :) happy CNY and enjoy with your dearest family

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Bengbeng said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family. :)